aka A human

  • I live in In a HQ
  • I was born on October 28

Hello catmanders, welcome to my website. I am a kind off active person on this wikia and is also pretty new. Below, you can find out how I am going with the game and what I will do in the future.

Small bit about me

  • I am 13 years old turning 14 years old
  • I am Australian
  • I love mathematics and enjoy playing chess with my friends.
  • I wish to help people in this wikia and will be editing strategies, troops etc
  • I don't use ubers for SOL one star.

Favourite cats

Normal cats

  1. Eraser, very stable and a very good defender
  2. Dragon: Has helped so much, highest level basic cat so far
  3. Jameria: Bad against long rangers, but an amazing cat against supporters.

Special cats

  1. Awakened Bahamut, such fun and a speed running beast
  2. Ururun, High dps and good range
  3. Holy valkyrie/Catdom, Both good and bad in some parts, Valkyrie has good dps and ability to stop but still dies easily against certain enemies. Catdom just wrecks some of the most annoying enemies ever with his range, but lower dps.


  1. Paris, level 45, do I even need to continue?
  2. Jiangshi, it is like 2 meatshields for a cheap but efficient cost, good.
  3. Dread Pirate Cateley, Amazing against red enemies, a must for one of your true form anti-red rares.

Super rares (excluding crazed)

  1. Ring Girl Cat, disposes of black enemies very easily, with high dps and outranging most black enemies, she is a beast.
  2. Maglev, cheaper and more spammable Awakened Bahumet, bottom line.
  3. Luxuary Bath Tub Cat, Long range, 30000 damage against reds and 4 seconds between attacks only, very good for a super rare..


  1. Maedi Keiji, true form is the most helpful unit in the world.
  2. Kachi-Kachi, cheesed so many stages, notably Saint Red Fox and ITF 3 Floating continent.
  3. Momotaro, got him lately. Very useful and makes angels a joke.


  • Sea polluter without all true form basic cats
  • I've only played for 10 months and my progress is very high
  • Got Akira and Coppermine both from uber fest, 2/3 of the tickets
  • Completed Refined Palate(Xp Megablitz) without any ubers or battle items.
  • Destroyed 2 star Great Escaper first try.
  • Beat 2 star Underground first try without ubers.
  • Beat 2 star Saint Red Fox without ubers.
  • Can beat Catfruit Jubilee using a speedrunning set
  • Beaten all Manics and stages like No Plan A.


  • E.O.C: All done
  • Itf: Chapter 1 48/48 All treasures
  • Chapter 2 48/48 All treasures (Thanks Kachi-Kachi)
  • Chapter 3 48/48 All treasures collected. gotten all timed except for Chapter 3 Floating Continent.
  • SOL*: Completed, I am not spoiling chapter 35 for myself.
  • SOL**: Learned to love, Weak and Mildly Acidic
  • SOL***: Birdwatching, Intrepid Cats.
  • Basic true forms: Finally got them all.
  • Crazed: All
  • Manics: Killed them all
  • Cyclones: All destroyed except for Zyclone.
  • Rares: Lumber is all that is left. (Regular rare cat capsule).
  • Super rares: Swimmer, Kotatsu, Bath, Nerd, Sushi cat, Sniper the heavy, Castaway, Professor Cat Jobs, Hip Hop, Weightlifter, Dancing Flasher, Cat Base Mini, Gold cat, Fgure Skating cat, Rich cat, Neneko, Gloomy Neneko, Cat Base Mini, Delinquent cat
  • Ubers: Dioramas, Kachi-kachi, Maedi Kaeji, Akira, Coppermine, Princess Kaguya, Waifus(Aphrodite), Super Galaxy Cosmo., Momotaro, Togeluga, Hallowindy, Lilith cat, Wargod Shingen and Mighty Kat-a-pult.
  • User rank: 4461 (11/12/2016)
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