aka Baldi’s Pet Mushroom

  • I live in a pineapple under the sea~

Theres nothing to see here, don’t scroll down


Well, except HIM

but please leave.

Oh wait, you’re still here? WELL OKAY THEN

Im not THAT far yet, and this is subject to change, so...

My Ubers

  • Kamukara (my first one, and one of my favorite Ubers
  • Pai Pai Z
  • Warlock & Pierre
  • Togeluga
  • Hayabusa
  • Archer (the Uber from Fate: Stay night, not the rare cat)
  • Windy

My (default) lineup

  • Macho cat
  • Wall cat
  • Paris cat
  • King Dragon Cat
  • Angry Delliquent Cat
  • Warlock & Pierre (lvl 18)
  • Togelan Pasalan
  • God Dragon Kamukara
  • Oni Hayabusa
  • Crazed Bahamut Cat
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