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Im not THAT far yet, and this is subject to change, so...

My Ubers

  • Kamukara (my first one, and one of my favorite Ubers)
  • Pai Pai Z
  • Warlock & Pierre^
  • Togeluga^
  • Hayabusa
  • Archer* (not the rare cat)
  • Windy^
  • Imagawa Yoshimoto^
  • Balaluga
  • Kyoko Sakura*
  • Sayaka Miki*
  • Note: Asterisk(*) means it came from a collab, and (^) means I usually swap them, depending on the situation

My (default) lineup

  • Crazed Macho cat
  • Mohawk cat
  • Eraser cat
  • Ramen cat
  • Cyborg cat
  • Warlock & Pierre (lvl 18)/Windy

    All my bottom line units in action

  • Togelan Pasalan/Wargod Yoshimoto
  • God Dragon Kamukara
  • Oni Hayabusa
  • Crazed Bahamut Cat

Enemies I hate the most

  • Shadow Boxer K
  • Ursamajor (however Warlock & Pierre kill him easily)
  • Bore
  • LeMurr (same deal for Ursamajor)

Custom Enemies


Yes, I made this

Health: 500,000 Attack: 127,050 Knockbacks: 10 Time between attacks: 5.22 Type: Zombie Special abilities: Knockback, slow

  • Snache’ya gun

Health: 1,000 Attack, 387 Knockbacks: 1 Time between attacks: 1.0 Type: Alien Special abilities: None

  • Holy Bun Bun

Health: 812,192 Attack: 3,000 Knockbacks: 1 Time between attacks: 0 Type: Angel Special Abilities: None

  • Ultimate Nyandam

Health: 4,183,193 Attack: 999,999,999 (which means KEEP IT AWAY FROM YOUR BASE AT ALL COSTS!) Knockbacks: 913 Time between attacks: 20.5 Type: Angel/Zombie Special abilities: None

  • Boxing R.

Relic boi

Health: 1,000,000 Attack: 119,194 Knockbacks: 10 Time between attacks: 0 Type: Relic Special abilities: Curse (duh!) Freeze

  • Doge (joke)

Health: 999,999,999,999,999,999,999 Attack: 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 Knockbacks: 1 Time between attacks: -999,999,999,999,999,999,999 Type: White Special abilities: All of them (that is a joke, obviously doge is already in the game)

  • Killer Duche

Health: 1,000 Attack: 3,000 Knockbacks: 1 Time between attacks: 0 Type: Black Special abilities: None