aka A Craney Boi

  • I live in a capsule
  • I was born on April 1
  • My occupation is a long-range attacker
  • I am a Boi

Hello. I'm Craney Boi. Welcome to my page. There's not really much to say about myself... I like anime, as you can see by my special moves. I also like wearing bird-suits, as they fit me quite comfortably. I'm currently single, because I'm only looking for Grils who share the same interests as myself.

That's basically it.

My Current Depression Level (Amount of Struggleness in-game)

  1. Done with eyes closed
  2. Done with eyes open
  3. Pushing a few buttons
  4. Pushing more buttons
  5. Pushing more buttons even faster
  6. EXTREME FOCUS <-------------------------Current
  7. Doubting myself
  8. Crying on the inside
  9. Crying on the outside
  10. Insta-loss
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