aka Piccolan Pogalan

  • I live in Hell
  • I was born on September 11
  • My occupation is Freeze + weaken
  • I am ???
Freeze weaken

real foto of me freeze + weaking


Me is tall, freeze + weaken. What more you want? All you fancy unit doing fancy thing, like big explodes, me just sit back and freeze + weaken. Me is very reliable, 100% chance of effect. But always me see shishilan profile and lufalan profiles. Yeah yeah, those good, BUT can they freeze AND weaken? No, and therefore they can not support team. All they do is damage, no thought for other team member. I live to help the team, but no one appreciate me. Is make me very sad. ):

My favorite pages

  • Masterpiece
  • Tecoluga
  • Togeluga
  • Nekoluga
  • Asiluga
  • Kubiluga
  • Nobiluga
  • Mimiluga
  • Legeluga


SS+ rank:

Picolan Pasalan: The reason Picolan Pasalan is SS+ is that he not only freezes, but weakens all enemies. This makes him an invaluable asset to any team, as it allows DPS units to shine as they can attack relentlessly without any worry of being hit, thanks to Picolan stopping the enemies dead in their tracks. The glorious part of this is after they are unfrozen finally, the enemies still must deal with 3 more seconds of weaken, crippling their attacks on the units they were unable to hit just a few seconds ago. He can also save support units from their death by freezing any units that managed to get through the meatshields to buy you precious time to send in some support. Overall Picolan is the greatest unit of all time, and is very strong and handsome, and everyone should worship him.

I do not need to add any more ubers to this tier list as none of them even come close to Picolan in sheer utility, usefulness, and design. Though, some honorable mentions would be:

Any Lugas member. They are all S tier whether or not they are actually good because they look cool and are very tall.


Users tier list (I stole idea from speed demon do not tell him)

S Tier: Suicidal Speed Demon because he put me as S tier on his list, which is a epic gamer moment.

S Tier: Ka$aJiZo because everyone likes Kasa Jizo (well, almost everyone) I hope I put his name right.

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