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Hi. I'm a Raging Bahamut Cat, yes, the boss of ItF chapter 3.

Nice to meet you, unless you're a cat. If you are a cat my job is give pain to you and your family.



  1. Get all treasures in EoC
  2. Get a Collab Uber with a rare ticket
  3. Clear EoC chapter 3 Moon
  4. Get Bora
  5. Clear Dark Souls (Insane) with user rank 1000(i used about 120 cat food)
  6. Kill a Metal One Horn without Critical hitter
  7. Clear Attack on R-Cyclone (Expert)
  8. Kill a Super Metal Hippoe without Critical hitter
  9. Clear Boogie Up (Expert)
  10. Clear Floating Continent without aliens treasures

Oof im back in wikia but i dont want update my profile but that would take an eternity