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Welp, here goes nothing


Hello! Ya may know me as ThatOneHorn, anyway, I’m very active here, so if I get A massage, I’ll probably reply in an hour or two. Not much more to say for now. And im staying this time idiots who think im leaving again (no offense)

The Good Souls

These are the people I have A generally good opinion about and I think they’re nice. (Sorry I don’t know how to do links to profiles)

JTH Studio- One of the first users I met since I joined the Wiki. JTH is A very nice person to talk yo and they know alot about Battle Cats.

Puffer EX- Puffer is A nice person who is really good with GENERALIST strats. I also think they are A great person to talk to and they are funny.

The I Don’t Really Know Them Too Well But I Kind Of Know What They Are Like Souls (Mostly Good People)

Ariel Ontiveros- Even though we hardly know each other, I’ve seen the effort and dedication they have put into the Wiki. Sadly, they have left.

Despey!- Sure Despey! Can be annoying sometimes (No Offense,) but they are just trying to be nice. Just because someone is annoying, don’t assume it’s on Purpose, they may not know they are being annoying.

SnowyCeleste- Celeste in an Administrator for the Wiki. They are one of the most active users here and they have helped with alot of the Banning/Protection of the Wiki.

Ninjayay- Ninjayay is kind of inactive. The reason why I put them on the list is because this person is very creative. If you see this then Keep Up The Great Work!

Ionic777- Another somewhat inactive user on the Wiki. Just like Ninjayay, one of the reasons I put them on this list is because they’re creative. They are also really experienced with the game and I like their videos.

Thecatguy1- We haven’t talked to each other much, but they seem nice.

Chalkosis- A very calm and laid back person who doesn’t just explode or argue with others that much.

The Not-So Good Souls

Master Froun- Although I haven’t seen them in A while, they don’t seem to play Battle Cats and they keep roleplaying (Many, many Times) on Ninjayay’s thread.

0w0shush- a n n o y

Update: master froun gone !!!11!!1!1

Other things I do

-Sometimes use the ancient WiiU and Nintendo 3DS to play Smash because bowser was too op back then

-Do homework which is about 90% of my life down the drain

-Play Terraria on my laptop cause why not

-Question the sole existence of this wiki cause we all know it’s going downhill

-Code my own games such as the masterpiece I made 4 years ago: The Ragequit Hippo Game.

My Progress

I am not very good, so don’t criticize me.

Empire Of Cats

The Battle Cats Rising

Stages done: 48/48

48/48 Treasures collected

0 Zombie Outbreaks left

The Emperor of Darkness

Stages Done: 48/48

34/48 Treasures collected

18 Zombie Outbreaks left

Revival of Bahamut-Cat

Stages Done: 48/48

28/48 Treasures collected

24/48 Zombie Outbreaks left

Into The Future

Time Enough for Cats

Stages Done: 48/48

45/48 Treasures collected

47 Zombie Outbreaks left

Alien Intrigue A Maiden’s Revenge

Stages Done: 23/48 (Currently on Great Abyss)

20/48 Treasures collected

48 Zombie Outbreaks left

Cats Of The Cosmos

Beyond The Exosphere

Stages Done: 1/48

1/48 Treasures collected

Stories Of Legend

The Legend Begins ★★★★

Passion Land ★★★★

Glucosamine Desert ★★★★

Swimming Cats ★★★★

Risqué Terrain ★★★

Western Street ★★★★

Sea Of Tuna ★★

Bamboo Island ★

Squishy Cave ★★

Volkanos Volcano ★★

Neverending Cat Story ★★

Castle Of Fish ★★

Sushi Island ★★

The Scratching Post ★

Parthenon ★


everything else but I forget the names of the chapters: NOT DONE

Fav Enemy

THE SLOTH: Not too hard, but can sometimes be hard

One-Horn: Do I have to explain?

Literally Every Single Angel Enemy: I like Angel enemies because for me they are extremely easy. (For Me)

Super Metal Hippoe: Always A challenge to me and I like it.


This is the bad user tierlist 1.0