aka Celestial Grab Sundew

  • I live in Pantala
  • My occupation is Being a LeafWing and killing HiveWings
  • I am a LeafWing

Hello there, now go away. I don't have anything to ask you.

Also, don't go to DarkenedXavier's message wall, rather ask Fredy or Heli or Dime

My Decks

Battle Cats Deck

General Lineup Deck. Notice that Maglev is in Page 1 so then the Cat Cannon Cat Combo can be activated

Angel Deck

Angel Deck. ik Catman is supposed to be Dark.

Red Deck

Red Deck

Metal Deck

Metal Deck. I recently got Catasaurus so this will change.

Black Deck

Black Deck. Will change after I get Nono CC to lvl 30.

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