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  • My occupation is calling you at 3am

Hello fellow Wikia editor and non editor, it's a pleasure to meet you on The Battle Cats Wiki. I am a long time The Battle Cats player, who is rather up to date with any new content that has been released in any version of The Battle Cats.

I go as many names on the internet since Xavier is almost always taken, most of them being DarkenedXavier, DarkenedXav, Xavier5 or Xavier55, but I'm mostly known as Xavier.

I don't exactly have a playstyle for the game itself but I do try to do levels without any Uber Rares since not everything needs them or sometimes even no gatya. Although my other units are extremely boosted since I've had the game since late 2014/early 2015.

I do a lot of work on this Wiki from time to time, most of the time I just moderate the Recent Wiki Activity for any suspicious activity. But when I do work to expand on this Wiki I mostly:

  • Update the Cat Dictionary/Enemy Dictionary.
  • Add the new description template to Cat Units that are new or have received a True Form.
  • Add missing/higher quality Cat/Enemy pictures.
  • Creating pages of units that are exclusive to the Taiwanese or Korean version.
  • Removing broken redirects.
  • Update old Collaboration Stages to have better information.
  • Add missing map name images to pages.

But the pages I have most contributed are:

These also count as my favourite pages as I have contributed a large amount towards them within my own research, with the help of the references listed in the references tab of course.

You are able to find many more pages I have contributed to as I will be in the editing history either reverting false information, vandalism or contributing to the page by a small or large amount.

I was born on September in the year 2001, my star sign is a Virgo as I was born on the 1st of September, my current age is 18.

My sexuality is Pansexual and my gender is Agender. I would prefer that you use the pronouns They/Them to describe me in a situation. God please listen to this one, it's gotten to the point where I want to correct people for using "he/him" to describe me, it's not what I should do I know but it's 2020, what do you expect.

I currently go to college and have a job, so my activity is somewhat random due to that. If you want to get in contact with an Admin please go to a different one other than me.
But due to Covid-19 I am unable to access my college however my job has re-opened and given me rather long hours, my activity is still random as I would much rather do other activities, you must still get in contact with the other Admin if you wish to complain about anything, trust me, it's for the best.

Petty and mostly filled with spite, once you get to know me you'll understand why but overall on first contact I'm tame.



Thomas10SH: 1/3

Last Updated: 7th June 2020
Here is where I will be putting my progress of my English account as I use my other accounts for updating the Wikia whenever something new is released.
User Rank: 25,934




The Legend Begins: ★★★★ Clear!
Passion Land: ★★★★ Clear!
Glucosamine Desert: ★★★★ Clear!
Swimming Cats: ★★★★ Clear!
Risqué Terrain: ★★★★ Clear!
Western Street: ★★★★ Clear!
Sea of Tuna: ★★★★ Clear!
Bamboo Island: ★★★★ Clear!
Squishy Cave: ★★★★ Clear!
Volkanos Volcano: ★★★★ Clear!
Neverending Cat Story: ★★★★ Clear!
Castle of Fish: ★★★★ Clear!
Sushi Island: ★★★★ Clear!
The Scratching Post: ★★★★ Clear!
Parthenon: ★★★★ Clear!
Low Tide Beach: ★★★★ Clear!
Alcatraz: ★★★★ Clear!
Jail Break Tunnel: ★★★★ Clear!
Capone's Jail: ★★★★ Clear!
Silk Road: ★★★★ Clear!
Stairway to Darkness: ★★★★ Clear!
Prince of Darkness: ★★★★ Clear!
Dead End Night: ★★★★ Clear!
Battle Royale: ★★★★ Clear!
Scars of War: ★★★★ Clear!
Sea Polluter: ★★★★ Clear!
Body & Soul: ★★★★ Clear!
Weak & Mildly Acidic: ★★★★ Clear!
Intrepid Cats: ★★★★ Clear!
Shadow Cosmopolis: ★★★★ Clear!
Galapa-Goth: ★★★★ Clear!
Kombu Cape: ★★★★ Clear!
Axis of Evil: ★★★★ Clear!
Suburbs of the Dead: ★★★★ Clear!
Quarantine Isles: ★★★★ Clear!
Mouseyland: ★★★★ Clear!
Walk of Fame: ★★★★ Clear!
Cutpurse Coast: ★★★★ Clear!
Above & Below: ★★★★ Clear!
Windless Island: ★★★★ Clear!
IT Catacombs: ★★★★ Clear!
Grotesque Gallery: ★★★★ Clear!
Area 22: ★★★★ Clear!
Beyond the Savannah: ★★★★ Clear!
Blizzard Boulevard: ★★★★ Clear!
Singularityville: ★★★★ Clear!
Ends of the Earth: ★★★★ Clear!
The Legend Ends: ★★★ Clear!
Laboratory of Relics: ★★★ Clear!

Floor 1: Clear!
Floor 2: Clear!
Floor 3: Clear!
Floor 4: Clear!
Floor 5: Clear!
Floor 6: Clear!
Floor 7: Clear!
Floor 8: Clear!
Floor 9: Clear!
Floor 10: Clear!
Floor 11: Clear!
Floor 12: Clear!
Floor 13: Clear!
Floor 14: Clear!
Floor 15: Clear!
Floor 16: Clear!
Floor 17: Clear!
Floor 18: Clear!
Floor 19: Clear!
Floor 20: Clear!
Floor 21: Clear!
Floor 22: Clear!
Floor 23: Clear!
Floor 24: Clear!
Floor 25: Clear!
Floor 26: Clear!
Floor 27: Clear!
Floor 28: Clear!
Floor 29: Clear!
Floor 30: Clear!
Floor 31: Clear!
Floor 32: Clear!
Floor 33: Clear!
Floor 34: Clear!
Floor 35: Clear!
Floor 36: Clear!
Floor 37: Clear!
Floor 38: Clear!
Floor 39: Clear!
Floor 40: Clear!

LEVEL 1: Clear!
LEVEL 2: Clear!
LEVEL 3: Clear!
LEVEL 4: Clear!
LEVEL 5: Clear!
LEVEL 6: Clear!
LEVEL 7: Clear!
LEVEL 8: Clear!
LEVEL 9: Clear!
LEVEL 10: Clear!
LEVEL 11: Clear!
LEVEL 12: Clear!
LEVEL 13: Clear!
LEVEL 14: Clear!
LEVEL 15: Clear!
LEVEL 16: Clear!
LEVEL 17: Clear!
LEVEL 18: Clear!
LEVEL 19: Clear!
LEVEL 20: Clear!
LEVEL 21: Clear!
LEVEL 22: Clear!
LEVEL 23: Clear!
LEVEL 24: Clear!
LEVEL 25: Clear!
LEVEL 26: Clear!
LEVEL 27: Clear!
LEVEL 28: Clear!
LEVEL 29: Clear!
LEVEL 30: Clear!
LEVEL 31: Clear!
LEVEL 32: Clear!
LEVEL 33: Clear!
LEVEL 34: Clear!
LEVEL 35: Clear!
LEVEL 36: Clear!
LEVEL 37: Clear!
LEVEL 38: Clear!
LEVEL 39: Clear!
LEVEL 40: Clear!
LEVEL 41: Clear!
LEVEL 42: Clear!
LEVEL 43: Clear!
LEVEL 44: Clear!
LEVEL 45: Clear!
LEVEL 46: Clear!
LEVEL 47: Clear!

Baron Seal Strikes!: Clear!
Baron Seal Strikes!!: Clear!
Baron Seal Strikes!!!: Clear!
Le'Grim Strikes!: ?
Le'Grim Strikes!!: ?
Le'Grim Strikes!!!: ?
Mega Menace!: ?
Mega Menace!!: ?
Mega Menace!!!: ?

Mohawk Cat: 20+80
Eraser Cat: 20+80
Axe Cat: 20+80
Macho Legs Cat: 20+80
Lion Cat: 20+80
The Flying Cat: 20+80
Island Cat: 20+80
King Dragon Cat: 20+80
Jamiera Cat: 20+80

Jiangshi Cat: 50+80
Chill Cat: 50+80 Talents: 5/5
Cyborg Cat: 50+80
Catasaurus: 50+80 Talents: 5/5
Maximum the Fighter: 50+80
Dread Pirate Catley: 50+80
Goemon Cat: 50+80 Talents: 5/5
Sanzo Cat: 50+80 Talents: 5/5
Doctor Cat: 50+80 Talents: 5/5
Necro-Dancer Cat: 50+80
Enchantress Cat: 50+80 Talents: 5/5
Cataur: 50+80 Talents: 5/5
Elemental Duelist Cat: 50+80 Talents: 5/5
Rodeo Cat: 50+80 Talents: 5/5
Acrobat Cat: 50+80
Robocat: 50+80
Ramen Cat: 50+80 Talents: 5/5
Cameraman Cat: 50+80 Talents: 5/5
Corrupted Psychocat: 50+80 Talents: 5/5
Thaumaturge Cat: 50+80
Weedwacker Cat: 50+80
Ectoweight Cat: 50+80
Catellite: 50+80
Flamenco Cat: 50+14
Sifu Cat: 50+16
Rampage Cats: 50
Ritual Cat: 50
Xmas Pudding Cat: 50
Prisoner Cat: 50
Gentleman Bros.: 50
Nyalladin: 50
Wrestling Cat: 50
Kiss and Koi: 50
Madam the Savannah: 50
Call Center Cat: 50
Kite Cat: 50
Iron Claw X: 50
Creepmallow: 50
Cat Kart P: 50
Cat O'Lantern: 50
Cat's Gift: 50
So-Ran Cat: 50
Delivery Cat: 50
True Killer Cat: 50
Easter Cat: 50
Slugcat: 50
Quizmaster Cat: 50
Space Marine Cat: 50
Noodle Cats: 50
Puppetmaster & Charley: 50
Hoopmaster Cat: 50
Mochi Cat: 50
Green Shell Cat: 50
Curry Cat: 50
Macho Crystal Cat: 50
Vacation Cat: 50
Modern Cat: 50
Supercat: 50
Twintail Medusa Cat: 50
Jellycat: 50
Vodka Cat: 50
Assassin BearCat: 50
Quarterback Cat: 50
Phantom Cat: 0
Bakery Cat: 0
Celesse CC: 50+17
Nono CC: 50+17
Olga CC: 50+17
Norn CC: 50+11
Yoichi CC: 50+15
Serum CC: 50+18
Fuu CC: 50+14
Takuya & Lovely Yuki: 50
Readhead Lovely Yuki Cat: 50
Kano & Souma & Cat: 50
Stylish Souma Cat: 50+1
MARCO CC: 50+1
TARMA CC: 50+2
ERI CC: 50+1
FIO CC: 50+2
Funghi 'n' Cat: 50
Li'l Ultimate Madoka: 50
Tank Kyubey Cat: 50
Magical Girl Madoka Cat: 50
Magical Girl Homura Cat: 50+3
Magical Girl Sayaka Cat: 50+4
Magical Girl Mami Cat: 50+5
Magical Girl Kyoko Cat: 50
Li'l Shirou CC: 50
Dreaming Sakura Cat: 50+13
Mage Rin Cat: 50+8
Snow Faerie Illya: 50+10
Heroic Spirit Archer Cat: 50+7
Heroic Spirit Rider Cat: 50+8
Akio & Gunder CC: 50
Sairi Nijitani CC: 50
Misaki Conno CC: 50
Ren Katagiri CC: 50
Karin Nekozuka CC: 50
Mentori CC: 50
Plug Suit Shinji Black: 50
Giraffe Unit-02: 50
Ayanami Cat (TBC): 50+40
Apron Asuka: 50+35
Special Ops Mari: 50+40
Pokota CC: 50
Ovis CC: 50
Coco CC: 50
Black Betakkuma: 50
Ryu Cat CC: 50
Akuma Lion: 50
Miku Cat CC: 50

Can Can Cat: 50+63 Talents: 5/5
Roe Cat: 50+54 Talents: 5/5
Gold Macho Cat: 50+19
Metal Macho Cat: 20
Miss NENEKO: 50+24
Witchy Neneko: 50+2
Seaside Neneko: 50+13
New Year Neneko: 50+8
Hoppity Neneko: 50+5
Cat Base Jr.: 50+12
Prof. Cat Jobs: 50+21
Rich Cat Sr.: 50+13
Sniper the Heavy: 50+12
Power Driller Cat: 50+16
Power Piledriver Cat: 50+9
Power Cutter Cat: 50+16
Power Backhoe Cat: 50+15
Power Saw Cat: 50+22
Bad-Luck Ebisu: 50
Cyberpunk Cat: 50+70 Talents: 5/5
Octopus Cat: 50+53 Talents: 5/5
iCat: 50+62 Talents: 5/5
Fishman Cat: 50+70 Talents: 5/5
Luxury Bath Cat: 50+70 Talents: 5/5
Ultra Delinquent Cat: 50+48
Tathagta Cat: 50+70 Talents: 5/5
Juliet the Maiko: 50+55 Talents: 5/5
Pizza Cat: 50+70 Talents: 5/5
Slapstick Cats: 50+54
Catophone: 50+64 Talents: 5/5
Seafarer Cat: 50+69
Housewife Cat: 50+70
The Kitty of Liberty: 50+46
Medalist Cat: 50+1
Manic Mohawk Cat: 50
Manic Eraser Cat: 50
Manic Dark Cat: 50
Manic Macho Legs: 50
Manic Lion Cat: 50
Manic Flying Cat: 50
Manic Island Cat: 50
Manic King Dragon: 50
Manic Jamiera Cat: 50
Time Traveller Cat: 50
Catyphoon: 50
Bullet Train Cat: 50
Golfer Cat: 50
Soba Cat: 50
Aura CC: 50+9
Rei CC: 50+6
Alois CC: 50+6
Citrouille CC: 50+7
Artist Orthos CC: 50+5
Young Man Mola: 50
Hacker Geek Cat: 50
SV-001 CC: 50
Kyubey & Cat: 50+1
Reckless Belial: 50
Gilgamesh & Kotomine Cats: 50+16
Baseball Mask α: 50
Baseball Mask β: 50+4
Baseball Mask γ: 50+2
Plug Suit Rei: 50+6
Eyepatch Li'l Asuka: 50+3
Plug Suit Mari: 50+4
Captain Misato: 50+3
First Officer Ritsuko: 50+5
Awakened Ayanami: 50+4

Ice Crystal Cat: 50+1 Talents: 5/5
Succubus Cat: 50
Cat Machine Mk 3: 50+1
Balrog Cat: 50+1 Talents: 5/5
Paladin Cat: 50+2
Cats in the Cradle: 50+5 Talents: 5/5
Joyful Nurse Cat: 50+5
Yule Knight Nurse: 50
Cat Quest Heroes: 50+1
Ultimate Lasvoss: 50
Immortal Yukimura: 50+2 Talents: 5/5
Immortal Keiji: 50+5 Talents: 5/5
Immortal Nobunaga: 50+4 Talents: 5/5
Immortal Masamune: 50+1
Immortal Shingen: 50+1 Talents: 5/5
Immortal Kenshin: 50+6
Full-Bloom Kenshin: 50
Immortal Yoshimoto: 50
Wargod Kaihime: 50
Divine Windy: 50+3 Talents: 5/5
Hallowindy, type α: 50
Divine Thundia: 50+3 Talents: 5/5
Spooky Thundia, type β: 50
Divine Kuu: 50+1 Talents: 5/5
Santa Kuu, type γ: 50
Waverider Kuu, type γ: 50
Divine Kai: 50+6
Frosty Kai, type μ: 50+1
Seashore Kai, type μ: 50+1
Divine Coppermine: 50+5
Holy Coppermine, type κ: 50+1
Seabreeze Coppermine, type κ: 50
Divine Kalisa: 50+4 Talents: 5/5
Tropical Kalisa, type X: 50+1
Divine Twinstars: 50+5
Snow Angel Twinstars, type Φ: 50
Myrcia, type ξ: 50
God-Emperor Megidora: 50+3 Talents: 5/5
God-Emperor Sodom: 50+2 Talents: 5/5
God-Emperor Vars: 50+2 Talents: 5/5
God-Emperor Kamukura: 50+5
God-Emperor Raiden: 50+5
God-Emperor Dioramos: 50+7
Ganglion the Unleashed: 50+3
Gladios the Annihilator: 50
The Peach Devils: 50+1 Talents: 5/5
The Chaos Moon: 50+3 Talents: 5/5
Jizo's Mega-Castle: 50
King Gamereon: 50+1 Talents: 5/5
Ultima Galaxy Cosmo: 50+4
Kachiyama Assault Brigade: 50+2
The One-Hit Wonders: 50+3
Kinrangers RoboForce: 50
Inferno Akira: 50+3 Talents: 5/5
Mission Control Mekako: 50+1 Talents: 5/5
Ultimate Catman: 50+5
The Grey Fox: 50+1
Midsummer Cat: 50+2
Mad Doctor Klay: 50+2 Talents: 5/5
Disciple Psychoduck: 50+1
Akuma Hayabusa: 50+3
Section Chief Gravicci: 50+2
Nighthunter Saki: 50
The Majestic Zeus: 50+4
Anubis the Unblemished: 50+4
Megaphrodite: 50+5
Glorious Amaterasu: 50+7
Exalted Ganesha: 50+3
Valiant Poseidon: 50+4
Chronos the Infinite: 50
Hades the Deathdealer: 50
CAT-8 Behemoth: 50+6 Talents: 5/5
B.C.S. Tigerclaw: 50+10 Talents: 5/5
NEK-02 Air Citadel: 50+7
Orbital Annihilator Ragnarok: 50+5
Subterra Sentinels: 50+6
Bazibastra: 50+7 Talents: 5/5
Mizuririn: 50+4 Talents: 5/5
Aervanta: 50+1
Gigavolta: 50
Wyvern Cat: 50
Revolutionary Hearscht CC: 50+1
Cornelia CC: 50
Holiday Juvens CC: 50
Mystica CC: 50+1
Naptime Michelia CC: 50+1
Todomeki CC: 50+1
Eyewaltz CC: 50+1
Living Legend: 50
Mystery Catgirl Yuki: 50+1
Crazed Catgirl Yuki: 50
Lost World Catgirl Yuki: 50+1
Souma & Cat: 50+3
HI-DO CC: 50
Madoka & Cat: 50
Homura & Cat: 50
Sayaka & Cat: 50
Mami & Cat: 50+1
Kyoko & Cat: 50
Nagisa & Cat: 50
Miraculous Mobius: 50
Saber Alter CC: 50+2
Rin Tohsaka CC: 50+1
Illyasviel CC: 50
Archer CC: 50+3
Lancer CC: 50+2
Rider CC: 50+1
Gilgamesh CC: 50+2
Sakura Matou CC: 50
Samba Saki CC: 50
Dark Subaru CC: 50+2
Baseball Mask δ: 50
Eva Unit-00 & Cat: 50+4
Eva Unit-01 & Cat: 50+3
Unit-02, Code 777: 50+2
Eva Unit-08 & Cat: 50
Toji & Kensuke Cats: 50+6
NERV Moon: 50+6
WWW Wunder: 50+2
Ryu CC: 50
Chun-Li CC: 50
Guile CC: 50+1
Zangief CC: 50+3
Blanka CC: 50+1
Dhalsim CC: 50
Ken CC: 50+5
Hatsune Miku CC: 50+2
Sakura Miku CC: 50
Kagamine Rin & Len CC: 50
Fox Queen Himeyuri: 50
Mer-Queen Ruri: 50
Eternal Reika: 50
Jester Queen Deale: 50+1
Opulent Verbena: 50
Ultralan Pasalan: 50+6 Talents: 5/5
Assassinlan Pasalan: 50+6 Talents: 5/5
E. Kubilan Pasalan: 50+1
Lufalan Pasalan: 50+2
Piccolan Pasalan: 50+5
Shishilan Pasalan: 50+2
Mystican Pasalan: 50+2
Papaluga: 0
Wind Dancer Valkyrie: 50+1
Dark Rider Valkyrie: 50
Pai-Pai Z: 50+2
Assault Unit R.E.I: 50
Afterschool Sakura: 50
Mighty Lord Gao: 50+1
Dasbolic Gao: 50
Mitama the Oracle: 50
Gothic Mitama: 50
Meow-sketeer: 50
Valiant D'arktanyan: 50
Ritual Saint Kasli: 50
Kasli the Bane: 0

Level: Lv. 102 MAX
Helpers: 7 Assistants
Mellow Fields: Unlocked!
Shaolin Kingdom: Unlocked!
Dusty Desert: Unlocked!
Facility 999: Unlocked!
Caracara Marsh: Unlocked!
Tomb of Gold: Unlocked!
Eagle Fields: Unlocked!
Traitor's Trench: Unlocked!
Mt. Parabola: Unlocked!
Pacific Waves: Unlocked!
Kotatsu Tundra: Unlocked!
MEGABANK: Unlocked!
Hidden Armory: Unlocked!

Enhanced Base: 20/20
Slow Beam: 20/20
Iron Wall: 20/20
Thunderbolt: 20/20
Waterblast: 20/20
Holy Blast: 20/20
Breakerblast: 20/20
Curseblast: 7/20

Meow Medals completed will appear as their icon, if not it will appear as a question mark variant of said medal.

Medal 000 Medal 001 Medal 002 Medal 003 Medal 004 Medal 005 Medal 006 Medal 007 Medal 008 Medal 009 Medal 010 Medal unknown 002 Medal 011 Medal 012 Medal 013 CAFD2A9D-D8EC-4E3A-9011-2FB27211677C 43E4C6BE-22C6-4DD0-B113-8DFA119415B6 6AE1E144-1C75-4362-985B-AF709073229C 17B00423-0E08-48A2-8E01-74E4FD078643 0FE36043-1BA0-4C98-9B38-31FD8AC17F2E 4A05EF9F-1971-485C-8D84-7BCBDA95C172 C4A9DAA7-D61B-44A9-9370-20BED175A7D1 A68A6BED-601C-458C-8019-5C0A0596B9A6 57CA4094-4B69-4D19-B377-781DA6A9FEA5 7E4C66DD-5803-418B-A33B-E9D8A42AC57D 9A41660F-8B22-4D6C-AFC1-881CF5975532 50497E65-4B06-4DFD-8B66-B16CE53681CA 3030835D-C849-4CC9-B9A6-C61A99A92F8C A082DF32-2853-4477-8BA6-8AFA151F2E2D ECF1A223-B338-41AE-A4D8-0804BEF95041 D5029A9E-8322-4B5D-91AC-91C714E00ACA A1323194-9EB7-4187-B04A-76C1DD1096C4 AE8350CA-2E03-4159-939A-A393E638EC41 0455FBF2-95BA-4504-9F60-A473CA9FEAE1 7CF162AE-5B68-417F-AFB9-250C1DC073AB E0442F31-086C-45A7-8B43-0E800603A51A Medal 072 Okamemedal Angeldaboomedal Relicqueenbmedal Medal 075 Medal unknown 003 Medal unknown 003 17161D07-3739-4112-A15A-5A2861BB66F5 7077FA32-0510-4052-B676-B817B997BA31 Medal 074 E036C149-E35F-4D2F-B788-E8377F70CDC9 4E043A21-980E-448A-AE06-369614AAC109 CFF7EFDB-4B59-4461-B887-94EF57C502EC 455AAB55-6597-4589-AE25-833E2C7A3B7F 8A2CBE0C-99F5-4F87-A054-D60926405999 5339C48E-5BAB-4D17-9426-84FFC95CA7E8 74EC5533-3D7D-4B6B-B853-70EE9C3FC0A5 416C4A17-8ABB-47BA-B6B4-3A51A4B98C29 6F7EAA61-6D6A-42F1-8565-6FA370DB949C 2C6B3B0A-5F54-478E-A9FC-9C2B3E0611D1 0FD26F5E-9C16-4A91-9732-8F121CF234FA A4807331-4CDA-4D12-87D2-8DD9A35BB311 D50E32D0-B772-4B79-A89D-C5A861DB69FD Medal 050 64099A7B-0586-4447-B5FD-B5926342DB46 Medal unknown 003 A4DFD73D-44AB-40C8-BC1C-4ED888DE6D3C 96B50BE3-A692-44F5-80F4-283C7C3D307B 8296D4A3-139D-48B4-9DAD-C401A69BB2FE CC36986A-C218-4FCE-B030-C513C3E6F4CE 330962BA-4499-46F9-A3BA-D5A1BC1B1BC7 516F8E63-1964-4EC6-BB0B-9DD70B37781C 4A4DF643-9FD1-464E-ADD5-141D2A2373C0 900CDEF8-853F-4CC2-B408-071641E4DEDF AE792AFC-C886-4C97-8368-9A9C6968DE62 D6038B22-1C0C-4E0C-9B2D-55E0B6184AFE 1BF648C2-9A8E-411F-9918-E4E15C0820B2 33C3E375-D3B8-4B73-A220-8865EF7396CC EA3ACA76-399E-406F-9421-13252CBDCA0D 389823A3-BE66-4561-B6F3-A399AE5934F3 DB8F8A08-E5C8-4E9B-8AC1-9AAEBED20483 1F489336-C969-4332-9B1E-1BB63B35A913 BF7CEE6C-E7C0-4526-A941-9E91FA2B2C16 Medal 073

Last Updated: 16th June 2020
Here is where I will be putting my progress of my emulated 3DS account. This is still a big Work In Progress as I forget about this game a lot.
User Rank: ?

The Battle Cats Rising

Chapters: 48/48
Treasure: 48/48

Cat Army To Japan!

Chapters: 48/48
Treasure: 13/48

Interstellar Invasion!

Chapters: 0/48
Treasure: 0/48

Last Updated: 7th June 2020
Here is where I will be putting the progress of my Switch account, everything will be set as Japanese as there is no international release, but due to the game being common to its mobile counterparts, you will get the gist of it. this is outdated, im lazy
User Rank: 2,594

にゃんこ軍団 日本侵略!!

チャプター: 48/48
最高のお室: 48/48

にゃんこ軍団 世界侵略!!

チャプター: 48/48
最高のお室: 48/48

にゃんこ軍団 宇宙侵略!!

チャプター: 48/48
最高のお室: 48/48

ぶっとびランチャー: 35,240
わんこでポン: 23,800
ネコネコダッシュ: 18,100
ネコつかみ大作戦: 19,600

I also appear on different websites, games and wikis other than here doing what ever I can to contribute to what the role is.

Patreon - I have a Patreon account, I will post my art here and hopefully be able to make a living off of it, feel free to donate to help make art, commision your character to be drawn or just general support.

Ko-fi - I have a Ko-fi account, like Patreon, I will post my art here and hopefully be able to make a living off of it, feel free to donate to help make art or just in general.

YouTube - This is where I post videos of The Battle Cats, that either being challenges or new things that arrive to BCEN. I also upload other types of games whenever I can be bothered.
Most recent video: The Battle Cats - Z-Onel Rises!

Twitter - This is another site where I post any art I have drawn, although not commonly, but what I do there is mostly retweet and like posts.

Pixiv - This is another site where I post any art I have drawn, although I post there rarely. Warning, NSFW art will be posted on there so enter at your own risk. If you are underage and decide to enter and complain, then you're at fault here for actions you shouldn't be doing.

Pillowfort - Another site where I shove my art I do, like Pixiv NSFW is posted here so be warned. - This is where I store all of my characters I have due to having a lot of them, if you ever want to draw them go ahead, don't compare or steal any of the designs that look preferable to you, that just ain't right.

Steam - This is where I play most of my games, ranging from platforming, rage games, rogue and many more.

GitHub - Although not a social media site, I do upload Battle Cats game files here for everyone to access. If you consider downloading them please make good use of them.

Discord: Xavier#3196 - This is my Discord tag, feel free to add and have a chat about anything.

4331-6085-3146 - This is my Switch friend code if anybody has a Switch feel free to add and maybe play together if we have any games in common.
The games I own:

- Super Mario Odyssey
- Splatoon 2
- Pokemon Sword
- Pokemon Shield
- Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
- Yoshi's Crafted World
- Super Mario Maker 2
- Luigi's Mansion 3
- Kirby Star Allies
- Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu!
- ふたりで!にゃんこ大戦争
- Animal Crossing New Horizons

vRNwzc4W - This is my Magia Record ID, feel free to add me as a support for your battles.
Support Team:

All: Himika Mao ★★★★★ - The Hand Arisa Grasped, N/A, N/A, N/A
Flame: Karin Misono ★★★★☆ - Where I Can See Everyone, N/A, N/A, N/A
Aqua: Yachiyo Nanami ★★★★★ - Attitude Toward Art, Lightning Strike, Sunlight Shining Down, I Will Solve the Problem!
Forest: Kaede Akino ★★★★★ - Ryushin-Ryu Assistant Instructor, Fateful Mornings, As Many Times As It Takes, N/A
Light: Kokoro Awane ★★★★☆ - In the Light as its Birth, N/A, N/A, N/A
Dark: Homura Akemi (Glasses) ★★★★★ - Food Stall Paradise, Hope's Light, Free from Despair, I Will Protect This Perfect Body, N/A

145,080,618 - This is my Fate GO ID, feel free to add me as a support for your battles, this is outdated don't listen to it.
Support Team:

All: Katsushika Hokusai ★★★★★ - Conquering the Great Sea of Stars
Saber: Altria Pendragon ★★★★ - 500-Year Obsession
Archer: Emiya ★★🏆★★ - Another Ending
Lancer: Altria Pendragon ★★★★ - Origin Bullet
Rider: Astoflo ★★★★ - Maiden Leading Chaldea
Caster: Nitocris ★★★★ - Pharaoh Xocolatl
Assassin: Shuten-Douji ★★★★★ - The Merciless One
Berserker: Ibaraki-Douji ★★★★ - Before Awakening
Extra: Sessyoin Kiara ★★★★★ - The Star of Camelot

Ionic777 - Ionic777 is a great and friendly person, he doesn't hold a grudge at all, he contributes as much as he can for this wiki and I appreciate it.

2D.Bahamut - Really helpful towards this wiki, although I only see him doing updated description templates and sometimes the new tabber template, big thanks for lowering the number of descriptions that was left to do.

Mqnic - Mqnic is very helpful on the wiki, he has been making and updating a lot of the recent SoL and UL and Main Chapters, but only when a new version arrives though.

Chalkosis - Has a pretty good sense of humour and will always solve drama that is currently happening within the wiki.

Red anvil - Massive help to this wiki, cleaning up many enemy, unit and stage pages to not seem so empty. Reverting vandalism that goes unnoticed and overall an extreme help towards this wiki.

7GameMaster - An extreme help towards the wiki, helping provide higher quality pictures for units and cleaning up pages.

JTH Studio - JTH Studio is very helpful towards the wiki, dealing with any drama situations that occur as well as expand onto pages that need it the most. Although he acts rather questionable half the time, not questionable enough to end up on The Bad which is good.

Ninjayay - Ninjayay doesn't do much on the wiki other than upload new levels to his custom sub-chapter threads, but when he is expanding the wiki it's updating enemy appearances.

Classikal3 - Classikal3 is active in both forums and pages, they also seem like a nice persona and make/remove any additional/unneeded information on pages.


These users have sadly become inactive overtime but still deserve an honorable mentionable for when they shone in their time being here.

Ariel Ontiveros/Ariel Ontiveros Ortega - Ariel Ontiveros was very helpful on this wiki, he's had been making pages that have been needing to be made, such as unit or enemies. Was very helpful towards this wiki. Now as he has left, he will always be remembered.

Xvenom10 - Xvenom10 is also an alright person, although he isn't active here anymore unlike on the Discord server (of which is he rather inactive on), I still find him pretty alright.

Yuwailam - Yuwailam is one of the best vandalism removers I know of, I appreciate what he does.

Gold Duck - Gold Duck is probably the biggest saint on this list as he has helped me be able to decrypt The Battle Cats files for sprites, he isn't active due to university but I thank him none the less for showing me how to decrypt.

Kopikris - Sadly, he has gone inactive, my opinion of him has been up and down but by the end of it he was a good user, very sad to see him go as he was the one who helped with the Bikkuriman Collaboration Event page.

PufferEX - PufferEX seems like a nice person, I've only seen them active in forums whenever I bother to be active, they also contribute to pages sometimes.

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