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  • I live in Leningrad, Russian SFSR
  • I was born on March 5
  • My occupation is an anti-capitalist ballistic missile
  • I am Shtallin
Normal Communist
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I don't always edit when I'm online. I have short bursts of activity throughout the day, usually chatting and sometimes editing pages. I mostly clean and add consistency between different pages. I may add strategies to certain stages, albeit I rarely make original strats. Since literally nobody changes the Gacha events on the main page, I'll do it myself.

  • I currently live on Earth.
  • I am quadrilingual.
  • I've played Resident Evil games, Ironsight, Krunker, Geometry Dash, Brawl Stars, and Battle Cats.
  • I have insomnia
  • This whole Communism idea is growing on me.
  • My activity depends on whether or not I feel like contributing.

  • All completed with 100% superior treasures
  • All outbreaks completed

  • All completed with 100% superior treasures
  • All outbreaks completed

  • All completed with 100% superior treasures
  • Fillibuster Obstructa completed

  • 1-star: 50/50
  • 2-star: 50/50
  • 3-star: 50/50
  • 4-star: 33/50

  • Done Again.

  • All Crazed stages completed
  • All Manic stages completed
  • Insane Rhythms completed
  • All Li'l stages completed

  • W-cyclone: Unit received, TF received
  • R-cyclone: Unit received, TF received
  • B-cyclone: Unit received, TF received
  • A-cyclone: Unit received, TF received
  • Metal cyclone: Unit received, TF received
  • Perfect cyclone: Unit received, TF received
  • Zombie cyclone: Unit received, TF received
  • Cosmic cyclone: Unit received, TF received
  • Super cosmic cyclone: Unit received, TF received
  • Primeval cyclone: Unit received
  • All Tornado Carnival stages completed

  • Legend Quest: 48/48
  • All 50 floors of Heavenly Tower completed
  • Hardest floor (for me): Floor 43

  • Primitive Souls Uberless
  • Manic Mohawk No 🅱️acha
  • Manic Eraser No 🅱️acha
  • Manic Macho No 🅱️acha
  • Manic Jamiera No 🅱️acha
  • Floor 30 Uberless/No Wave Resist/Immune/Blocker
  • Floor 40 No 🅱️acha
  • Floor 49 No 🅱️acha
  • Floor 50 No 🅱️acha
  • Finished Legend Quest with exactly 0 stars.
  • All Deadly Advents Uberless
  • Baby Fake Uberless
  • Flow Like the Stream Uberless
  • Insane Rhythms 1st attempt
  • Messier lv.20 Uberless
  • Refusal Type (Merciless) Uberless/No Metal/Eva Killer
  • We'll Meet Again Uberless/No Eva Killer

  • LemonCakeDude (Active): I think he's more active now. He made a nice BCEN tierlist which I believe is quite accurate. He is decent at maths (Calculator moment) and likes to write paragraphs.
  • 7GameMaster (Active): His username shares similarities with nn1. His debate skills also share similarities with nn1, the difference is that he knows when to stop and call it a day.
  • Blackiel Morningstar (Active): Fun user to chat with, although, if he were to fight debate he wouldn't lose to anyone. He's broken, don't believe me? Check the comments here. Don't worry he'll get nerfed next season.

  • NotNoob1 (Active): Also a debater, hard to win against, because he brings up some good points. His in-game knowledge is uncanny (funny joke). However, grammar wise...
  • Red Anvil (Active): A good, helpful user to give you tips in the game, in the wiki, and in life. Really tries hard to kill drama and keep the wiki in stable condition.
  • IAmGonnaDie (Active): A very diligent user that is keeping the wiki from turning into a hellhole. An IAmGonnaDie a day keeps the vandalizers away (and also cleans and formats pages).
  • Xavier (On a Walk): If there's a page you need help editing or you find an issue with, message him and he'll tell you how to fix it. However, he won't give you game advice as you are literally in a Wikia for the game. Also a Youtuber.

  • Chalkosis (Active): A kid who suddenly got into jojokes. Likes to chat and has a sense of humor, however, he can be quite serious when the time calls. Would probably be good parent.
  • JTH (Active): Usually only chats with people with a high edit count and those who have helped out the wiki a lot. Lives in a fantasy land known as Australia.
  • Sundew (Active): Has changed his pfp too many times for any human to count. Has his wooosh moments, but can be funny sometimes. His voice has a enormous amount of bass.
  • Marcsalv1821 (Active): Had a long and controversial history on this wiki. Was blocked twice for spamming and sending verbal abuse. Has grown up since then, hopefully he doesn't continue.

  • PufferEX (Deleted): Has been on and off for the past month or so. Quite sad to see him go. He really helped popularize the all of the "Eat that Pizza" threads. He also has quite the sense of humor.
  • Riceslayer (Inactive): Irl friend of PufferEX. I didn't really get to meet him, but he seemed like a nice guy.
  • Cyclex (Inactive): A sophisticated being who was concentrated into a stickman. Chats, gives advice, tells jokes, and debates. Basically a generalist user. Sad to see him go.
  • SlimyBoi (Deleted): He was a quite a cool guy to chat with. With surprisingly good English skills for someone who lives in Japan. He disappeared for some reason and recently deleted his fandom account.
  • Ramiel (Blocked): We hope that no one like him ever enters the wiki again. Spamming, vandalism, obsession with underaged video game characters, and more toxic behavior. He also had around 30-40 alts: These are all the Ramiel alts accounts that I could find on the Battle Cats wiki.

  • Normal
    • All of them
  • EX
    • All Purchasable, Unicycle, Bombercat, Holy Valkyrie, Ayy Bahamut, Awoke Ururun, Skewlbus Nyandam, Awoke Mina, Awoke Musashi, Ultimate Bun
  • Rares
    • Jiangshi, Chill, Cyborg, Catasaurus, Maximum, Enchantress, Cataur, Sanzo, E. Duelist, Rodeo, Ramen, Cameraman, Catellite, Thaumaturge, Necro, Pyscho
  • Super Rares
    • CanCan, Roe, Cyberpunk, Octopus, iCat, Fishman, Pizza, Slapstick, Seafarer, Housewife, Luxury Bath, Juliet, Ultra JoJo
  • Uber Super Rares:
    • Balrog, CitC, Keiji, Yukimura, Shishilan, Ultralan, Sodom (Anti-relic talent), Vars (Anti-relic talent), Cat Machine Mk3, Immortal Kaihime, Ragnarock, Divine Kai, Paladin, Ganglion, Kalisa, One Hit Wonders, Divine Thundia, Divine Windy, 02 Code 777, Subterra, BCS Tigerclaw, Tecoluga, Ultimate Catman, Cat Machine Mk III

  • Easiest to hardest Manic stages imo: Manic Macho Legs (W. Anti-Shockwave) --> Manic Mohawk --> Manic Lion --> Manic Jamiera --> Manic King Dragon --> Manic Eraser --> Manic Island --> Manic Flying --> Manic Macho Legs (No Anti-Shockwave) --> Manic Dark
  • My alt just in case if things go wrong with this acc.
  • Floor 47 isn't that hard.
  • I'll let you in on a secret: Delete any strategy you see that uses more than 1 uber.
  • Another one: When making a strategy, think of how far people have progressed in order to beat this stage. Use units that you think those players would have. (e.g. Players fighting Ururun for the first time would not have Dogumaru)
  • Youtubers:

  • Nurse Wuffa (BOOOSTED UNITS)
  • Lucas IV

  • Anwar
  • Chillhola
  • XSkullBc

  • Regit
  • Mattshea


These are my Milestones

  • Reached 100 edits: 4/24
  • Reached 200 edits: 4/29
  • Reached 300 edits: 5/3
  • Reached 500 edits: 5/16
  • Reached 1000 edits: 5/31
  • Reached 2000 edits: 6/25
  • Reached 3000 edits: 8/9
  • Reached 5000 edits: TBD





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