aka ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • I live in in a wiffle ball
  • I was born on July 20
  • My occupation is bending demons over my knees
  • I am straightflying

Hi! Im Despey! I am glad to help with any level and i will make you a custom setup that can help. Just put your cats you have on my message wall and the stage you need beaten, and in about 5 minutes, my set will be done for you!

I love to be messaged on my wall!

The good people of this wiki:

JTH studio: we like cracking jokes together

puffer EX: also chill and complimented me on my wall :)

Classikal3: we became friends because i helped him beat a level. Also he said i was great at making strats

Marcsalv1821: he just chill, like me. Over about 30 min. We became great friends. Also we both hang with JTH studio cuz we the meme team (all our profile pics are memes) also my best friend on the wiki

Ionic777: very nice, has a simmilar laid-back tone that i do and i like chill people.

red anvil: just pretty nice in general, knows a lot about the game.

Mqnic: he is INSANELY underappriciated for all of the work he does. He is one of the most active users here, and he is really nice. I am super glad to see he became content mod, but he honestly deserves admin.

The not so good people on battle cats wiki:

Master froun: go to another wiki woth your rp i mean come on also he said crazed ninja cat is real. If your not here to teach people or learn about something, why are you here? Its just pointless.

My life outside my life of wikipedia:


I am 12

My name is spencer

I play lots of games

I am short (4'7)

Im in 7th grade

I live in pensilvania (its boring here)

Thats basically it for my life.


Balalalalalalalalan pasalan (A+)

Ultralan pasalan (SSS)

Yukimara (SSS)

Wargod Shinigen (S)

Lufilan Pasalan (S+)

Dioramos (SSS)

D'artnyann (SSS)

Gao (A+)

Matima (S)

Megadoria (SSS)

Balrog Cat (SSS)

Mina (SSS)

Feel Free to ask me why i like any of these units and/or why a certain unit is not here, i will respond soon!

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