"Whoever thought wiki's new UI was an upgrade has severe mental problems"

- Dreamy Cat                

はじめまして. I'm a former BC player that nowadays spends it's time here in wiki, trying to fix all of what makes it crappy, and using Battle Cats Ultimate to make fan-made content. Despite no longer playing the game, I am aware of the updates and stuff. I can give unit usage advice, but don't really rely on me for stage advice cause I tend to use boosted stuff and often ubers, which is why I don't fix strats. Generally, I'm not an active person in the BC community, since it has a massive amount of flaws that seem unfixable at this point, since everyone, whether oldfags or newer users, seem each other as flawless, and other stuff such as Discord (Though even then, in Discord, I'm only active in my server), art, and a relationship to keep on, these leaving me very little will to contribute properly.

Born in April 8, 2002, my current age is 18. My native language is Spanish, but I prefer speaking english way more. I've gone through a lot of conflicts, some of them being caused by my own dumbness/edginess, but I've eventually forgot about them and only aim to a better future nowadays. I'm more of a loner personally. Generally I despise constant arguments, and most of the time I'll rely on ignorance whenever I get involved, and when it's some people arguing for a while I just say something or do something to end it. I naturally have enough patience to ignore wusses most of the time and deal with problems without saying something stupid against anyone thankfully, but the unfortunate side of this is the grudges I generate from keeping my feelings hidden sometimes. I have problems when it comes to communication, they aren't as big in here as they are irl, but there's a reason why I sometimes don't reply to questions and tend to be lenient in my content. I'm not the best person to talk to neither, as I take a long time in thinking in what to respond and due to that I tend to be kind of repetitive and unfunny(?) when quick responses are required, but I can be serious and solve problems when the situation calls for them. I'm always up to listening to people unless their points are negatively biased, too harsh, or if their entire argument is just them trying to change my mind for no good reason, only because they disagree with me in a simple opinion I may have. Although it may not seem like it, there's a lot more things I like/hate than the ones I usually speak of (Which I sometimes vent of in Me Discord server ig). My interests are also, really limited, most of the time I lurk without saying something about a topic is that I have pretty much no interest in said topic, this is also one of the main reasons I almost never share my opinion around.

Future Goals

Not failing horribly at uni I guess lol

Currently, I only share the goals of becoming better at art, finding a place on the internet where I can enjoy being around, learning Japanese, learning to code and eventually code my way to making an Indie game dev studio (mainly for the sake of my ocs and stories), and forming a family at some point of my life.

"Always follow what you love and makes you happy. People being against it doesn't matters. There's no true bad or good when it comes to the path you choose, but on the actions required to fulfill this path. Play using the rules you want to put, and only change your rules when there's an uphill too big for those to clear. No dream is impossible to chase if you go beyond your fears."

During the beginning, I was just the dumb type that uploaded terrible enemy designs into forums, but eventually, I went more into making actual contributions.Implementing Money Drop on enemy pages was the first actual contribution I've made up for the wiki, as well as fixing up pages, updating information (Adding DPS and accurate attack cycle values to all enemy pages being the most recent example). Even now, I still come by at times to fix up stuff, and in rare cases, get rid of uber-reliant strats and replace them with strats that can be actually used as guides and have some sense onto them. Currently trying to improve stage battlegrounds and with the help of other wiki moderators (and some friends) improve the templates on pages.

My Discord Server - I use Discord all around, but It's Discord where I spent most of the time I'm online on, specially on my server. I post pretty much anything here, from BCU enemies and stage designs, to ideas, art WIPs, and stuff relating to my ocs. Pixiv - The place for me to post main finished art around, whenever I get inspired to do something. There's some nsfw there btw. I don't go there often so you shouldn't use it to personally contact me... Reddit - Welp I just use this to post a BCU enemy every 1 - 2 weeks, nothing special. Other than that I pretty much don't use reddit because reddit nowadays is stormed with shitty memes and pissy egg piss. Again, as I'm barely even here, you shouldn't rely on this to message me. Youtube - A bunch of shit and some content once in a blue moon I guess... Wiki - I come every once in a while to this place, not really active, just someone that patrols or something. You can leave something on my message wall, but don't expect a quick answer unless it's wiki-related. (The time I'm online ranges from 10am to 10pm (UTC -4:00), though in some cases this can vary)

EoC = 144/144 Treasures

ITF = 144/144 Treasures

CotC = 144/144 Treasures

Cyclones = 9/9

Manics = 9/9

Li'l TFs = 9/9

Advents = 12/12

SoL & UL = All Done


The Battle Cats Taste of Success (No Uber Rare Cats No Bombercat)-0


Ganglion - Gamer or gamers, fun to use to add up, great niche, and greatly balanced, overall a perfect uber design.

Mighty Rekon Korps - Has always been my favorite uber ever since I got him, very powerful but balanced with a fair share of weaknesses. Not better nor worse than Amaterasu in terms of usage and stuff IMO, but outside of that he'll always be better in my heart.

Lasvoss - Looks, fun to use, can be effective if you actually know how to use him.

Coppermine - The one uber that made me learn than even the so-called low tiers are actually usable and how fun they are to have around, and some of them can even reach to be good in the right hands. Will always appreciate using her around.

Pizza Cat - Kinda overpowered against blacks when talented but that doesn't mean much in custom stages, it actually gives me more black stage-designing versatility. :GWchadthink:


Gobble - Gobble is a fun to use enemy, epic in every way imaginable.

Loris - Spices up the battle by removing powercreep from it, being a excellent counter against fest exclusives is enough for me to like it.

Zuche - Epic variant of our lord Duche

Mr. Puffington - To say the least, a interesting enemy in many means. Too bad Ponos sucks at using it.

Duche - Good in every aspect, fun to fight, not powercreeped, and sorta cute. Duche will always have a special place in my soul. (Razorback is still number one tho)

Rain D. - Rain D. is actually fun to fight against when paired with a strong enough frontline, thanks to his overall stats and knockbacks.

Razorback - Formerly my favorite enemy, using him on BCU stages constantly made me open my eyes to one thing I denied for a long time: Razorback's stat design is actual shit. Too much pushing power + too much HP without Black nukers means you have a very little variety of strategies to kill it, and generally just enforces strong anti-blacks for no relevant reason overall. Still, even with this, I find his physical appearance the best amongst the Bores


Broken CC units - Permastunning isn't fun and it's a really hollow strat, which in all honesty only gets worse when PONOS decides to balance stages around these. Mitama, Bomber, and Sanzo make some proper examples


  • Mesocosmocyclone - Mesocosmocyclone
  • Koronium - Get a crit before he kills Octo or your entire anti-metal stack dies (Unless you're lucky enough to weaken it with Mochi Cat)
  • Winged Pigge - Literally who doesn't hates it lol

  • NERV Moon should be C tier, not xD tier. Yeah he's bad, but not useless bad, plus there are units around his level of use already in C tier
  • iCat is actually overrated, as his pityful range and long-ish CD only give it one relevant enemy it can permastun are Bores and Berserkories. Though hey he's still good to have and I'd rather have a powerful unit with notable weaknesses than a broken one that can easily be stacked while hardly ever worrying about it dying
  • Croconator has massive potential since it can synergize with non-metals without enforcing crits
  • Elder Sloth is one of the scariest backliners in terms of stats
  • Cyberstacking is overrated. It's nearly a win-button if you get multiple punks, but it takes so much time and ensuring to keep the enemy frontline steady so you don't accidentally hit the base too early/sync the punks makes it less friendly than a regular strat. Also, it cannot be done if the actual threats appear before base hit, making it rather situational

The other game I play pretty frequently. Also uh Magic Knight best girl.

Played Entries (Sorted from best to worst)

Disgaea 5 - Having good story, characters, and humor, good OST, good gameplay mechanics and a lot of new ones, good difficulty which requires actual strats often, and good generic class choices, it easily earns the title of the best game in the series.

Disgaea 2 - Though the story stages are much more difficult than the ones in the previous entries, they're more enjoyable as well, and the storyline/characters are pretty solid, as well as being one of the longest games when it comes to story stages. The issues are the rather mediocre special skill animations, and like it's predecessor, the extreme grinding needed to get to what lies in the postgame.

Disgaea D2 - Though I haven't played this completely, it's good so far, and a sequel that is actually done right and adds up to some points Afternoon of Darkness didn't explain.

Disgaea 4 - Having improved the 3-year grinding issue it's predecessors had, which made the postgame actually accessible, improving movement system, and adding the interesting mechanic of monster fusion and IW pirates, it's a pretty solid game. Though some of the main characters have mediocre personalities (Except for Val, Emizel, and Artina), it at least makes up for a wacky party. Story is pretty short but (most) stages are fun.

Disgaea - The game's story starts mediocre but eventually gets good, as well as being a good start to learn about the series work, which makes it not the worst. Bigger issues are, Item World often has unbeatable stages, grinding takes forever, animations are very sluggish, and there are almost no characters with something that makes them unique. Many issues were fixed in the switch port, though many things are still to be improved.

Disgaea 3 - The story is too short and, though the quotes are pretty good in humor, the plot is lackluster, and the characters' personalities barely have any depth. Similar to previous entries, there's a ton of grinding without anything to quickly boost to endgame, which means after the literally 8 chapters of story the game has, there's pretty much nothing else to do but grinding massively or making your way with megamind strats. The OST is one of the better things it has but there are entries with better ost as well.

Anime tiddies What do I put here - Normal difficulty completed ig (Hard, Abyssal, Abyssal Overhaul Mod left)

BC but pain why do I play this anyways. Also shameless advertising but join the Discord server Japan : Complete, 153/153 superior treasures World : Stuck in Chapter 2 Malaysia because fuck Nobiagari, 53 superior treasures

URs owned

- Bird that takes two steps every 1000 years (Lv25)

- Yamatano Orochi (20+1)

- Kitsune (Lv19)

- Plane (Lv17)

- Minefart (Lv7)

- 南方妖怪軍団 (Southern Yokai Corps) (Lv9)

- Inuyama Mana (犬山真名) (Lv15)

- Agnes (Lv25)

There are many i can consider friends, but the people i can consider my closest friends are: 2D.Bahamut - He's one the best people i've met in the internet tbh. He knows when to be serious and when not to, is kind towards others and takes other people's feelings in consideration, and has a good sense of humor. People like him are the ones that make the internet a much better place to be on. AnakinBahmoot - He's one of the few users from r/bc i can get along with very well. His shitposts are quite funny and moderate so they can't be considered spam neither. I've actually never seen him make fun of people that aren't Ramiel or Flabber, but hey those 2 act like shitheads so that can be expected. His taste on ubers is also good tbh. Black Sun - Amongst the people I consider friends, Black Sun is actually the greatest and the oldest one that hasn't fallen into total inactivity, and the one I've built the most solid relationship with. As of now, it's been 2 and a half years we met each other, and time has only made our bond stronger. They're pretty much my soulmate, she's the only person that has supported me and my unpopular opinions and even has changed my perspective on many things (Like for example, the whole Dragon Emperors set), her optimism allows me to see things much better, they always strive to see me become better at what I do, and to an extent, Sun was even one of the reasons I am now the challenge-seeking Dreamy Cat nowadays when it comes to BC. She's also pretty good at using satire views to express serious points, which is a thing to admire on her, as well as how her unexplainably massive Dioramos obsession only grows bigger despite people shitting on Dioramos most of the time. Time and interactivity has actually made us go from friends to lovers, and I can't help but think of her most of the time... Basically, i can consider a friend those who accept me as how i am despite my countless flaws, are there to help you out, know when to be serious and when to not, accept those times where your opinion is different and they don't force you to agree with them at literally everything, and prefer laughing with others and not at others. People that actually know how human nature work, and don't act like if they deserved praise for existing. These kinds of people are the ones I feel comfortable talking to, the ones I call friends.

"7 billion of our kind are what makes this planet a mistake" - Black Sun (2020) Keeping grudges is not my thing, and I eventually tend to forget and learn if I'm the one that was wrong, but there are some people that are just so annoying that forgetting they exist and ignoring them is the only way to deal with them. These people? Those who are nothing but a massive cluster of selfishness, hypocresy, or immaturity. Those that think they deserve praise for existing, those who think they can come to a community or server and tell people what to do, only to whine when they get mocked or critiqued, and play the victim, as if anyone that mocked them was a heinous outlaw that deserves nothing but death. People who are too overflown with pride to admit they are wrong, and that as humans, they have flaws. Those who seek as if they deserved all the attention, as if their opinion was the superior one, those who enjoy ashaming people for doing something wrong, instead of guiding them in a decent way, and exist to be the opposite of common sense, contributing in zero good ways.

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