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  • I live in In a rock
  • I was born on April 8
  • My occupation is Patrolling Battle Cats wiki
  • I am maybe Dagshund

"If you can't beat Razorback No Uber/No Bombercat, that means you suck at the game"

- Dreamy Cat                

Cotc 5a
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Good and Bad

Hello there and welcome to my profile. I'm a former Battle Cats player, since i beated all of the game, i got bored of it and i stopped playing it. Now i just create my own levels and stuff in Battle Cats Ultimate. I sometimes upload some of my custom stuff here. Though that doesn't means i'm not aware of regular BC content, and i can help out when needed, though i'm not the most skilled player out there.

You can simply call me Dreamy, though. My BC playstyle typically tends to be a combination of ubercarry (i still acknowledge the value of Rares and Super Rares btw), although i prefer to use the Ubers which are considered low-tier by other people, such as Coppermine, Kat-A-Pult, and Black Sun's God, to name a few, "the harder, the better", and anti-powercreep. What started out as Razor No Bomber ended up impacting my playstyle entirely and now i play on using as least as powercreep as possible. Also noting down, if you think ubercarry equals less skill than perma-freezing/slowing any strong traited you face in your way, think again (Unless you're using the 3 fest exclusives in each lineup). Fest exclusives automatically equal 0 skill.

Born in April 8, 2002, my current age is 17.


I'm a person who struggles to withstand a hard life. I've withstand most conflicts always looking things at the bright side, and planning well my future goals and ways to counter any flaw related to them.

Life hasn't been easy for me, since most of the time i keep my inner pain and struggles to myself without saying anything to anyone, and sometimes i've even thought of ending my life to escape of all my problems. Though, not anymore, as i've met new friends in internet and improved in my overall art abilities, now i have a much better view about myself, and helping out others in any way i can also makes me feel better of myself.

I treat people the same way they treat me, and most of the time, i listen their points unless they're too offensive or are just them trying to make themselves look like the ones that are right via the usage of lies, and try to solve any problem i've caused to them. I'm kind with those that are kind to me, and knowing i'm around these type of people allow me to express freely what i feel. Though i have a short temper and can easily lose my sanity.

My goals are to improve my art skills, develop videogames and make my own game development company, and try to spread positive messages to society in any way i can.

I'm not really good at communication, and outside of the internet i have nearly no friends, though, due to scars of betrayal that "friends" left me years ago. I don't worry about my past much, however, and i only aim to make a better future and a peaceful society. I see my cruel past as nothing but a speck of dust in the wind, that will be lifted away and never come back, while aiming to get a "beautiful finale".

As seen in personal quotes, i prefer to rely on myself for most of what i do. I also enjoy doing art, you can check my pixiv to see them.

Personal Quotes

- Rely in yourself as much as possible. Only get others' help when you can't do things on your own

- Don't see something like bad or good because of what other people say. You may gat proven wrong when you use said thing.

- Friends are those that in every single way, are kind with you.

Other Shid

  • I have Good/Above Average Drawing and Spriting Skills
  • I like Electronic Music
  • I play Disgaea a lot. I even find it better than Battle Cats
  • I have good story-making skills but lack of confidence prevents me from sharing my creations

Here in wiki, what i do is searching and adding information about new content, offering advice to newer players, taking down vandalism, and reporting any rule-breaking user to the mods so they swing in the hammer. I do have an actual life, so i'm not here all the time.

Currently, i'm also trying to add DPS and Backswing to all unit pages, and greatly improving the accuracy of TBA and ATK frequency, using BCU for data. (TBA =/= ATK frequency btw, a good example of the impact of backswing is comparing Jackie Peng and Gory)

Though honestly, this is pretty difficult considering there are like 900+ units in this game, and many of them have 3 forms.

Art sites where i exist

  • Pixiv (Most active, there's NSFW art in here, enter at your own risk although there's an option on pixiv to filter only sfw art)
  • DeviantArt (Extremely inactive (DreamyCatX))
  • NewGrounds (Very Inactive (Slumber Cat))
  • Me dead Discord server

Favorite Cats/Enemies

Favorite Cats

  • Ganglion - Epic LD Rusher
  • Rekon
  • Coppermine
  • Pizza Cat

Favorite Enemies

  • Razorback - At the beginning, i used to hate it, and i used to dislike it until i thought out of challenging myself to not use Bomber against him (and back in the day i tried that Pizza didn't even exist so it hurted to attempt so). After doing so, i've found out Razorback is actually very fun to fight against, specially with LD added in, since it basically puts you up to a challenge that makes me feel thrilled, while at the same time it doesn't takes 10 years to do, thanks to his average HP pool, high damage per hit, and good speed. Razorback stages are the ones i enjoy the most doing (except for TfV since that one is poorly designed), in fact. Bonus points for his good appearance as well.
  • Zuche - Epic variant of our lord Duche
  • Loris - Spices up the battle by removing powercreep from it, being a excellent counter against fest exclusives is enough for me to like it.
  • Mr. Puffington - To say the least, a interesting enemy in many means. Too bad Ponos sucks at using it.
  • Duche - Good in every aspect, fun to fight, not powercreeped, and sorta cute. Duche will always have a special place in my soul. (Razorback is still number one tho)
  • Rain D. - Rain D. is actually fun to fight against when paired with a strong enough frontline, thanks to his overall stats and knockbacks.

Cats/Enemies i hate

  • Winged Pigge - We all can agree here, though i use him on many of my BCU levels cause i like hurting myself lol.
  • Ursamajor - On late game it delets everything once strengthened.
  • Gao - Though not as much as Black Sun does, but still i dislike him. It's also annoying when people just use it along with the other fest exclusives to then shout that your BCU work is bad. I had to make an enemy in BCU to use his wave immunity to his disadvantage to get rid of this.
  • Gardeneel Bros. - All your midrangers are now alone and dead. Thank you Andromeda, very cool.
  • Bombercat - ofc this one's the one i left for the last. I still wonder why did PONOS decided to like, make an enemy that just stunlocks blacks (iCat vs reds is pretty different, as reds often outrange him, he's vulnerable to omnistrike enemies, quite long CD too, and Seafarer isn't 100% proc and has generalist value). But blacks, many are melee pushers, and others are ranged units with a TBA big enough for him to blend in. And no, this isn't just about Razorback what has lead me to hate him (Though he's the most vulnerable one, as vulnerable as Dark Otter is), but Black enemies in general. The whole trait. Seeing said trait get clogged out, seeing PONOS balance lategame stages as if everyone in lategame were to have him, and making more than half the people in the BC community think that even a slightly powerful black enemy is "impossible no bomber". I'd remove this guy from the game if i had the power to do so tbh.

Favorite Stages

BC accomplishments

  • Fully beating the game so far
  • This:
    The Battle Cats Taste of Success (No Uber Rare Cats No Bombercat)-0

    The Battle Cats Taste of Success (No Uber Rare Cats No Bombercat)-0

The Good Eggs

There are many i can consider friends, but the people i can consider my closest friends are:

  • 2DBahamut - He's the best user i've met in the internet tbh. He knows when to be serious and when not to, is kind towards others and takes other people's feelings in consideration, and has a good sense of humor. People like him are the ones that make the internet a much better place to be on.
  • AnakinBahmoot - He's one of the few users from r/bc i can get along with very well. His shitposts are quite funny and moderate so they can't be considered spam neither. I've actually never seen him make fun of people that aren't Ramiel or Flabber, but hey those 2 act like shitheads so that can be expected. His taste on ubers is also good tbh.
  • Black Sun - I met her a while ago, and there's a lot in common between us. She's nice towards others, cheerful and has often motivated me when i'm feeling down, and has a good sense of humor, though sometimes she can say things out of place, and she likes Dioramos as much as i like Razorback. I like to spend my time chatting with her, and i trust her more than anyone else i know.

Basically, i can consider a friend those who accept me as how i am despite all my flaws, are always there to help you out, know when to be serious and when to not, accept those times where your opinion is different and they don't force you to agree with them at literally everything, and prefer laughing with others and not at others. These kinds of people are the ones i feel comfortable talking to, and the ones i call friends.

The Line

There are still people who I know well, but I cannot add them as enemies nor friends cause of some things on the way. However, I still try to understand how to act around them to get better with them.

  • Firstly on this list I would put in Timtams - He's not a bad person, he's pretty nice in fact, but sometimes he can be pretty harsh when critiquing (Although honestly, his critiquing was one of the things that made my enemy designs improve considerably). Other than that, he's fine. He leans more to the good eggs for me.

The Gordos

We can put here those who are just big assholes towards other people and/or enjoy making fun outta them, those who will start ranting against you when your thoughts or opinion are different to theirs, or those who act like whiny little children. Basically, people who don't contribute to the society in any positive way and only exist to make the lives of other people a living hell. Fortunately, many of those persons go away and become inactive, but unfortunately, some of them don't.

Overall, i try to avoid these persons at all costs, but some of them who are like bugs, they are pretty much everywhere, and regardless of how much you try to make sure they fade away, they'll always come back to keep messing with you.

Most of the time, i tend to forget about them or they go inactive, but there are a few i still hate even mentioning them...

Adler tho


Some shit cover for my YT. Might update it when i stop being lazy.

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