Hello, and welcome to my nerd cave. I'm a devoted member of Battle Cats wiki, and I like to hang around the forums. Day and night will pass, seasons will change, and continents will move, but I will stay editing.

What I do

Well, I edit pages. I also like to hose down the forums with my ideas. Don't worry, though; even though I'm a cat, I'm not hosing down the forums with anything else. I also like to add images and descriptions when I can.

My Objectives


  • I aim to let everyone know exactly what you should do with every cat. This will let everyone know what the cats are used for, and to improve efficiency of the Battle Cats community as a whole.


  • No one will hurt the Tank Cat page and get away with it! Or any other page, for that matter! As long as there are people that seek to replicate the Togeluga incident, I will be there to protect the pages.

Serial Tweaking

  • Other than that, I make little miscellaneous edits to keep up the quality of the pages.

My friends

  • DukeOfDragonzz: The coolest guy on the wiki (besides me). He's pretty far ahead of me, but I'm catching up. He's one of the best BC players I know. Despite this, he's really nice and helpful.
  • BattleCatsAddict: Although he was annoying at first, now he's one of my best buds. A friendly SLOTH who doesn't let vandals live for long.
  • FilthyBones: One of the most diligent cat battlers here. He's dependable.
  • Heliskyoh: The grand patriarch of the wiki, He banned Karate-Chan. You are the ultimate god of cats and dankness. Please don't ban me.
  • The Cat Lord: He doesn't post often, but I'm tangentially a friend with him. He's great, and has some fine ideas.
  • Gold Duck: He's active in chat, and friendly. He's also quite good at the game. However, I will NEVER forgive him for getting Warlock and Pierre. JK brah, you're the dankest.
  • Darock1203: The best person here. He's conquered the Manic stages.
  • Mattycn: Very active, and quite friendly. He always takes the time to put in the effort.
  • BaoziDatanet: Your best artist. I less-than-3 (<3) your drawings!

My enemies

  • Karate-Chan: You know which one I'm talking about. Got banned, and there was much rejoicing.
  • Vandals: Although vandalism should be acceptable on April 1, anyone who destroys the pages should be terminated with extreme prejudice.

Favorite Cats

Normal: Eraser Cat

Special: Awakened Bahamut (natch)

Rare: Paris Cat

Super Rare: Manic Eraser Cat

Uber Rare: Divine Kuu

Least Favorite Cats

Normal: The Flying Cat

Special: Ninja Cat

Rare: Genie Cat

Super Rare: Rich Cat III

Uber Rare: Dioramos


  • User Rank at 4103.
  • Every stage in Into the Future beaten.
  • All Special Cats obtained. All Awakening stages beaten.
  • Every Gacha Rare Cat obtained.
  • Every Cyclone beaten. Every Cyclone Cat obtained.
  • Every Crazed and Manic Cat beaten.
  • Ubers: Kuu (39), Dioramos (29), Kaguya (38), Aphrodite (37), Archer-Bot 9000 (25).
  • Crazed Units: Mohawk (21), Eraser (40), Dark (30), Macho Legs (30), Lion (22), Flying (36), Island (38), K. Dragon (31), Jamiera (40).

True Forms

  • Normal: Mohawk (58), Eraser (66), Dark (53), Macho Legs (61), Lion (64), Flying Cat (42), Island (49), Dragon (54), Jamiera (54).
  • Special: Flying Ninja (30), Riceball (31), Pastry (30), Skelecat (30), Heavy Assault C.A.T. (30), Gato Amigo (30), Ultimate Bondage (30), Dark Lazer (40), Dancer (40), Beefcake (40), Unicycle (30), Loincloth (30), Lollycat (30), Hyper Mr. (30), Holy Valkyrie (30), A. Bahamut (30).
  • Rare: Jiangshi (36), Chill (32), Catasaurus (31), Maximum Fighter (30), Dread Pirate Catley (33), Goemon (30), Sanzo (30), Doctor (30), Enchantress (30), Cataur (30), Elemental Duelist (30), Cameraman (40).
  • Monthly: Prisoner (37), Gentleman Bros. (33), Genie (30), Olympienne (33), Kiss and Koi (29), Madame the Savannah (30), Call Center (30), Kite (30), iron Claw X (30), Rampage (30).
  • Super Rare: Bath (30), Tathagata (30), Catophone (30), Can Can (39).
  • Crazed: Mohawk (21), Eraser (40), Dark (30), Macho Legs (30), Lion (22), Flying (36), Island (38), K. Dragon (31), Jamiera (40).
  • Uber Rare: Divine Kuu (39), The Chaos Moon (38).

Currently Stuck On

Nope, I've beaten the entire (currently released) Stories of Legend.


Congratulations, you made it to the end. I just have one last thing to say. There was a time when I was pals with a Manic Macho Legs Cat. Then he *bleep* *bleep* *bleep*, and trust me when I say you'll never look at a shoe horn the same way again. I didn't even know that a cat's rear could be contorted in so many ways...

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