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Way way way way WAY more urgent

I should stop to do this, I not even keep my promises

Way way way more urgent

  • Update Cat Release Order (form)
  • Last pictures for stages, Cats, enemies
  • [...]

Way more urgent

  • Create new SOL stages
  • Zombies and such. Take a look at all the recent edits within the 2 past months if available...
  • Create new celebration event (Halloween II)
  • HQ pictures for Halloween gacha and such
  • Updated game files

Urgent work:

  • Design the Emoticons for the Chat + add emoticons + design the chat (current)
  • Fix Celebration and Collaboration events (names, redirects, organization).
  • Merge some Game Features pages together to remove some pointless pages and make a better Main Page portal.
  • Add "JP exclusive" gachas in the Category:Uber Rare Cats page with the same layout. done
  • Battle Cats POP! : one page for the game, one page for the event.
  • CSS: Staff tags, Main Page Portal.
  • Fix Staff page. done
  • Create a "Catfruit evolution" template. done
  • Fix daily stages (Cat Jobs, Sniper the Cat, etc) and their redirects.
  • Bye~