aka The Legend Rare Meatshield

  • I live in Inside of a golden cat capsule
  • My occupation is Protecting my fellos Cats
  • I am OP meatshield (hopefully)

Ubers I want:

  1. Warlock and Pierre
  2. Mighty Thermae D-lux
  3. Strike Unit R.E.I
  4. Marauder Cat
  5. All the Madoka Magica Ubers
  6. Any Eva Unit

My favorite Non-uber units: 1. Bullet Train Cat 2. Manic Island

Ubers I currently own: ( != good, %= situational, #=bad, $= well...) plus also in order of how I got them

- God Emperor Vars %= Now that I got the True Form, Its range is pretty good, helped me beat Vulcanizer with Aphrodite


- Shining Amateratsu != a cheaper gao, which is great

- Nurse Cat %= Last full purpose I needed her was in Underground. Sooo yea not very useful anymore

- Cats in the Cradle != Very good tank

- Posiedon #= dont need him

- Hayabusa $~%= i was hoping for a super rare or rare to get some free xp, but then i got this guy :/. i could've gotten better ubers like mekako or warlock and peirre, but i had to get this one :c, but he has helped me alot with those nasty crits.

- Shinji Cat #=wasted 750 cat food

- Lesser Demon Cat %= This uber is only on my backup account, and single target isnt very helpful when your in the early game

- Radiant Aphrodite (+2) !!= I'm glad i got her in the guaranteed 11 draw, next day I did random 150 and got her again, then I got a rare cat ticket and got her again. helped me through ITF and she helped me beat Manic Mowhawk and Eraser! She helps me beat soo many bosses and bases by sniping them!!

- Divine Thundia != Finally was able to beat Morning Rush hour... SUPER RED KILLER

- Li'l Valkyrie != WHOOO its a situational uber, but its soo good! I'm goona beat Manic Jamiera Titan with Wind dancer Valkyrie!

- Mighty Bombur %= A decent anti-zombie uber, at least i know I am guaranteed to beat Infected Kings (rip Big Sal)

- Urishima Taro != One of my favorites and a really good black and angel tank

- Mighty Kat-a-Pult # =not good at all

- Kuu != A pretty good uber against reds and blacks

- God Emperor Sodom != One of my most favorite ubers although not that great... it has the best TF design IMO.

- Ganglion the Unleashed %= Top tier TF design... my best Z-Killer so far


- Momotaro != I think its ability is not that bad

- Volta %= Not much use right now

- Mekako Sejini (+1)!= ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVS!!

- Kalisa != I like more anti angel units. Real cutie

- Mami Tomoe !!!: Mega cutie (currently my favorite uber of all time!), really good too. Megaphrodite for angels. (I watched her death scene and im sad about it)

- Dark Mitama (%~!): an exclusive is an exclusive, but she isn't really all too useful so I would give her a %, but since she did help me out with some stages (most notably Manic Island) I kinda have to give her ! .

- Eva Unit 02 Code777 !: Looks Bada$$ and pretty decent

- NervMoon #######: I can't complain cuz i got it out of a random ticket but still really trashy.

- Shishilan Palasan !!!: Amazing period.

- Drednaught ! : Not bad. I like it's first form design the best

- Tecoluga !: Boss killer :)

- Nekoluga #: Probably never goona use it

- Kasli the Scrouge !: So far it's holding up pretty good. Too bad not guaranteed knockback

- D'artanyan !!: One of my favs! Overall pretty good, but too bad its range is pretty darn short


- Cleared EoC and got all superiors

- Beat all of ITF and has all superiors

- Beat CotC Ch.2 and all Superiors

- Beaten All the Crazed Stages

- Beaten All Manic Stages

- Beat all 1 star SoL

- Lil Awakens Beaten: All except for Dragon and Titan

- Got Ururrun Wolf

- Got Li'l Nyandam

- Got Mina

- Got Musashi

- Got Mechabunbun

- Beaten All the Cyclones except for Relic

- Beaten All Revenge Cyclone stage except for: Zyclone and Star Cosmic

- I've beaten all the awakening stages

- Beaten Advent Revenge Boss: Angel Clione, Tapir, Hannyah (took more than 10 speed up, 20 rich cats, and like 15 sniper cats BUT FOR BULLET TRAIN IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!), Queen Bee

- Beaten All Regular Deadly Advent Bosses

- Highest Floor on Heavenly Tower: 34

- Highest Legend Quest: 39

- Mew Medals: 51

Things I'm struggling with:



My rank of easiest to hardest crazed stage:

Crazed Fish, Crazed Cat, Crazed Cow, Crazed Gross, Crazed Tank, Crazed Titan, Crazed Axe, Crazed Bird, Crazed Lizard

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