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Current Goal
Edit Judge
Other Stuffs

Current Goal
  • Cleaning up some edits
  • Remove spams and trolls edits
  • Keeping stuff in order
  • Updates the wiki contents

Other goals:

  • Well BCCN now has official release from PONOS. Time to update the stuffs from there.
  • I am still learning how to extract the decrypt the game data.
Edit Judging For Anon and Registered Users

Anons :

  • Fixing a typo : +1 for the logged IP
  • Adding a relevant update(s) to a subject like cat image, stats, cons and pro, how to obtain, helping create the page and template etc: Depends on the update added. If vital updates like adding cat image or stats when there is none, The logged IP will be noted for the contribution. Cons and pros review are worth less usually.
  • Removed / fixed a vandalism: The IP logged will be noted for it, if any user in the future claims the IP and contribution, it will be noted as well.
  • Created a misstype or small bad edit which considered as accidental: -1, repeated mistake will be treated as intentional though = banning the IP if keep doing it
  • Intentional vandalism: The IP address logged will be banned with no extra option for few days. Still allowing registered user to log in for shared IP address.
  • Series of vandalism done on multiple IP: Full block with all extra options. To release the block, you have to contact one of the high-ups thru wikia community central

Registered users :

Pretty same like anons. But for intentional vandalism, instead instant block. The user will be asked and warned first. If the user fixed the vandalism by himself, it can be assumed of redemption act (ie: Your little naughty cousin used your PC which logged into your account to do vandalism, lel). However, your account will be put under watch grace period which if any vandalism happens again may result in account block with consideration whether there's redemption act or not beforehand. For multiple series of vandalism especially under short time, most likely the high-ups will block your account from editing. You can still send wall message to one of them if you have good reason for unblocking.

Other stuffs

Things you should know:

  • I randomly active. But usually during BCJP update, if I am not busy.
  • I live at GMT+7, mind the time when wall mm me.
  • I love editing CSS. To be honest, web designing is one of my hobby. Design is different with programming, got it?
  • The BG used is in this profile come from BCJP chapter 4 map!!
  • I am a really patient person.