Trench Warfare


Ginger Snache
Zang Roo
Lord Gravey 
Sir Seal


A Zang Roo comes out with some peons– Zoges and Ginger Snaches. The Ginger Snaches will stop spawning after awhile. When you the enemy base gets damaged enough, Lord Gravy comes out with a shockwave. Along with the Lord Gravey, a Bore and Sir Seal spawn with more peons– Ginger Snaches, Zoges, and Znaches. After that, peons will slowly spawn.
Strategy 1: Uberless
Eraser Cat, Maniac Eraser Cat/ Crazed Wall Cat, Ramen Cat (Optional), Weedwacker Cat, Maniac Macho Legs Cat/ Crazed Sexy Legs Cat, Crazed Bahamut, Ururun Cat, Housewife Cat, ICat, Roe Cat/ Fried Shrimp Cat.
Items: None, but you can use if you want
Step 1: Send out a Maniac Eraser and upgrade you worker cat. Once some enemies get close to you base, start sending out your meat shields. Throw in Housewife Cats, Weedwacker Cats, Maniac Macho Legs Cats, and Crazed Bahamit.
Step 2: As you push back, start spawning you anti-reds and the rest of your cats while keeping an eye on your money.
Step3: Keep spamming! 
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