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  • I live in stalker much?
  • I was born on June 10
  • My occupation is being a (vocaloid) trash
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Update: since now I started going to uni I am struggling to find free time for the wiki. So I can't really remain active anymore.

Now I ain't gonna waste your time with long paragraphs, life stories or my personal cat rankings. Truth is, my time here is limited, who knows when I will vanish again. So untill that happens I want to:

For wiki:

  • Finish adding translation template 
  • Add new pages if nessecary (and if DarkenedXavier doesn't add them first)
  • Upload pictures of enemy bases for Cats of the Cosmos stages (Thanks for idea DimetrodongoldAlt)
  • Moderate for vandalism


  • Beat Cats of the Cosmos (chapter 1) (47/48)
  • Acquire all the tf for my units
  • Collect more waifus
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