fine. in that case, here's my information.

Story Mode Progress:
Empire Of Cats

Battle Cats Rising(Chapter 1):

Levels: 48/48


Zombie Outbreaks: 48/48

Emperor Of Darkness(Chapter 2):

Levels: 48/48


Zombie Outbreaks: 13/48

Revival of Bahamut Cat(Chapter 3)

Levels: 48/48

Treasure: 28/48

Zombie Outbreaks: 2/48

Into The Future

Time Enough For Cats(Chapter 1):

Currently on Bermuda

Treasure: 24/48

Zombie Outbreaks: 0/48

Stories Of Legend

The Legend Begins: ⭐⭐⭐

Passion Land: ⭐

Glucosamine Desert: ⭐

Heavenly Tower

Floor 1: CLEAR

Floor 2: CLEAR

Floor 3: CLEAR

Floor 4: CLEAR

Floor 5: CLEAR

Floor 6: CLEAR

Floor 7: CLEAR

Floor 8: CLEAR

Floor 9: CLEAR

Cat Units

(⭐ indicates Evolved, ⭐⭐indicates True Form, ⭐⭐⭐ indicates MAX level currently because of my User Rank.)

Normal Cats

Mohawk Cat(20+11)⭐⭐

Eraser Cat(20+10)⭐⭐

Dark Cat(20+13)⭐⭐

Sexy Legs Cat(20+8)⭐

Giraffe Cat(20+9)⭐

The Flying Cat(20+12)⭐⭐

Island Cat(20+14)⭐⭐

Dragon Cat(20+7)⭐

Mythical Titan Cat(20+9)⭐⭐

Special Cats

(in release order)

God Cat(??)

Bondage CatNEO(14)⭐

Cat Gang(15)⭐

Miss MONEKO(20)⭐

Unicycle Cat(20)⭐⭐

Ninja Frog Cat(20)⭐

Devil Cat(13)⭐

Knight Cat(10)⭐

Madame Sumo(20)⭐

Samba Cat(12)⭐

True Valkyrie Cat(18)⭐

Crazed Bahamut Cat(20)⭐

Healer CC(20)⭐

Rare Cats

Masai Cat(10)

Chill Cat(30+2)⭐⭐

Paris Cat(16+1)

Jurassic Cat Sitter(9+1)⭐

Viking Cat(1+1)

Captain Cat(10)⭐

Thief Cat(1)

Bishop Cat(1)

Fortune Teller Cat(3)

Shaman Cat(1+1)

Cupid Cat(7+3)⭐

Sword Master Cat(14)⭐

Kidnapper Cat(10)⭐

Reindeer Fish Cat(3)

Adult Cat(5)





Super Rare Cats

Bodhisattva Cat(1+1)

Sadako Cat(17+1)⭐

Hacker Cat(10)⭐

Bath Cat(3+1)

Uber Super Rare Cats

Cat Machine(5)


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