aka Sunnwy

  • I live in adanaC
  • My occupation is Grammar Police
  • I am organized.
Gamatoto level 100.

My Favourite Gacha Units (that I've acquired)

My current favourite cat unit is Can Can Cat (40+2), with all talents unlocked and maxed out.

I appreciate the special events, collabs, and special daily rewards implemented sometimes by PONOS in The Battle Cats. Thanks!

Credit to Akuma (LR) for helping me right now. Also thanks Castaway for early game carry.

Currently I am playing SoL Axis of Evil.

I have all manic cats except the single target lion...

I grind XP Colosseum and Merciless XP for my 55 000 000 XP.

Best ubers:

Plus best collab units:

The games I play are badminton, minekwaft, and teh batul catz.
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