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never forghetti

Welcome to my page, Ive been here for a little while and I'll usually edit a thing or two, usually on pages that are mostly finished but need a little correcting or extra information. I first played the game in 2014 somewhere, and then eventually the device I played it on(being a tablet at the time) stopped working. After losing 'so much' progress(literally right before chapter 3 moon and no uber) I gave up on the game. Then on 2015, July 31st. I saw a video of one of the youtubers I watched at the time playing it, me, being ignorant and foolish of the contents of the game at the time, thought that I'd immediately get crazed after beating chapter 1. I downloaded the game on that same day, beat chapter 1, and was met with the cruel realization that it simply wasn't the case. I however, continued playing. Over the years I've obtained many ubers and beaten many stages. As of now, I have completed every 1,2,3, and 4 star SoL stage, every UL stage. I've beaten every other stage in the game, every single one. I have every non uber/legend and non collab cat. Most of the damage/health based ones are all at least between level 40 and 50. and for rares, +20 to +30, for super rares, around +5 to +10. I wish there was a way to de-level cats or set them at a certain level going up to what you currently have them at because thanks to how high level the cats I have are. A lot of stages seem to be rather easy now. I often go into the new UL stages and Advent stages without any sort of plan, strategy, or even knowledge of what's in the stage to challenge myself a bit and find enjoyment until the game eventually progresses to the point where stages prove difficult. A few here and there are a little challenge, but for the most part they're a breeze. This game is indeed, quite fun.

I know virtually everything there is to know about the game,ranging from stats, abilities, mechanics, enemies/cats. I'm not big on interacting with strangers on my wall just for casual conversation and answering questions about the game. nor one for caring about some random internet person's emotional state. Don't expect, or feel entitled that I'll be nice to you out of the kindness of my heart. Doesn't mean I'll always be mean, just not friendly.

Ubers that I have.

These are my ubers, all listed as the highest form i have them in. Some arent TF because i got then recently, or didnt feel the need to TF because I didnt have any use for them.

Ice Crystal Cat

Cat Machine MK 3


Cats in the cradle

Heartful Nurse Cat

Cat Quest Heroes

Ultimate lasvoss

Immortal Yukimura

Immortal Keiji

Wargod Masamune

Immortal Kenshin

Divine Windy

Divine Thundia

Divine Kuu

Divine Kai

Seashore kai, type u

Divine Coppermine

Divine kalisa

Divine Twinstars

God Emperor Megidora

God Emperor Sodom

God Emperor Vars

God Emperor Kamukura

God Emperor Dioramos

The Death Moon

Jizo's Mega Castle

King Gamereon


The One-Hit Wonders

Shadow Akira

Ultimate Catman

The Black Cat

Mad Doctor Klay

Akuma Hayabusa

Section Chief Gravicci

Nighthunter Saki

Almighty Zeus

Almighty Anubis

Almighty Aphrodite

Almighty Amaterasu

Almighty Ganesha

Almighty Poseidon

Almighty Chronos

NEK-02 Air Citadel

Orbital Annihilator Ragnarok

Subterra Sentinels



Living Legend

Chun-Li CC

Dhalsim CC

Eternal Reika

Ultralan Pasalan

E. Kubilan Pasalan

Lufalan Pasalan

Piccolan Pasalan

Mystican Pasalan

Papalan Pasalan

Wind Dancer Valkyrie

Pai Pai DX

Diabolic gao

and as for legends: Gaia the Supreme