King Gamereon facts

gamereon is based off of gamera,a turtle like kaiju

King gamereon currently has the highest health in the game,it can take 108 hits from two can counting the shock waves

General battle cats Stuff

Knock back MONEKO.jpg
Shadow Akira.png

I play the battle cats... nuff said

-------------------->me when I see a R. Ost

favorite cats

ubers:guardian gamereon(2nd and true form)(aquired)

super rares:can can cat(all forms)(aquired)------------------------>first uber rare

rare:rocker cat(all forms)


special:hermit cat(first form)

normal:lizard cat(all forms)(aquired)

LEAST favorite enemies and favorite enemies

Least favorite:

metal doge:he protec,he attac,but most importantly,he annoying AF

Berserkory:remove all of korys saving graces,give him a red attribute,and now you have this guy

R. ost:annoying birb that will make you rage

brollow:do I even have to say anything?

Favorite(useful enemies)

Celeboodle & Mistress Celeboodle:low health,lots of money,might as well give you money and leave(also stopped that tanky duche boi from spawning)

owlbrow:easy to stall and gives you alot of money

metal hippoe: power creep

battle cats status

Stuck on:none

Hardest level beaten:floor 30

strongest cat owned:mitama the oracle

Currently: collecting manic cats


I have beaten all of stories of legend sub-chapters

I have beaten all cyclones

I Have beaten all story chapters

My stats

Cuz why Not

Blobby thingy
Health Attack Power Attack Range Time between attacks Movement Speed Knockback Attack Animation
10,000,000 12,000 300 5 3 1 5
Special Ability Attribute
Is able to summon random cats/enemies,takes triple damage from and does 1/5 damage to shadow boxer k Colorless
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