aka Mann Co. Sandvich Product No.49

  • I live in in a universe of rocket jumping and invis watches
  • My occupation is healing 300 HP
  • I am a female consumable

If you want 5 Bahamuts in your lineup, all you have to do is ask PONOS nicely.

Status update: hey guys im back ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

"Hello. I (occasionally) edit pages for (monthly) events."

-Magical Sandvich 2015 July

So you would probably wonder what I've been up to. I have become a lot more active on this wiki and sometimes edit pages due to vandalism, new update info or grammar/spelling mistakes.

You might be wondering where I am in the game, here is a brief summary of what I have (Updated 3/07).

All true forms and crazed cats (no crazed true form)

All Gacha Rares

Most Gacha Super Rares, Swimmer etc missing.

Spooky Thundia, Sodom, Momotaro+2, White Rabbit, Catman, Balaluga, Kakumara, Tecoluga, Togeluga

SoL up to 1st stage Weak and Mildly Acidic

If you need help with a stage, message me with the format: Stage, Cat Units, What you are having trouble at the stage. I will assume you will have 100% treasures on Empire of Cats and 100% Treasures on Anti-Alien Treasures.


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