Hello. I am the mighty Maglev Cat. I don't know what I should write here. Just, I love this game, and I guess I will just start rambling about my ubers. This is the order in which I got them.

Kuu- My first uber. I got her in a 3 capsule draw during the Red Busters event. She was not very useful early game, but she does insane amounts of damage. I guess thats why I beat Nyandam so easily. Despite what others say, she is very good. I have her true form now, and she's in almost all my loadouts. I'd recommend her to anyone who has her. She's awesome!

Aphrodite- After an unsucsessful non guarentee Almighties event, I did a guarentee and got her AND Ameterasu in the same draw! I was so happy. Aphro is great, she carried me through ItF, and she is amazing. Anyone who has her should use her, and just so you know, I'm not going to say that about every single uber in here. 

Amateratsu- An okay uber. She really hasn't done too much for me late game, and I dont think that she will. She can be a great asset to you earlier, but really, not the best thing you want when crusing through the Uncanny legends.  

The White Rabbit- Well, here's a Regit story for you. I got White Rabbit from a Dark Heros 11-draw, and I wasn't happy. I wanted Catman. She didn't do too much, although that might be due to the minimal amount of XP I put into her. I stopped using her, substituting the helpful Spoon Boi. But then, when the Platinum Tickets rolled around again, guess who popped up instead of the one and true and amazing and beautiful Shadow Gao? That's right. I was very sad, because I could have put those 8 dollars to my Apple Music subscription.  

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