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Hi! Im Matejbozic, and by reading my profile, you have just made a contract with the devil! Hooray! But eh, thats no big deal. I play battle cats often, and im sometimes seen in the forums (of this wiki), so you may see me often...or not?

My progress in the game so far

EoC - Clear! +All treasures!!!

ITF - Clear! +Almost all treasures

CotC - Mars (Chapter 1)

Legend Stages: Stories of Legend - Utopia is Over There (Silk Road)

Things i want to do

Get a True Form - Complete

Get All True Forms - Incomplete (5/9)

Get a Crazed Cat - Complete

Get Crazed Tank - Complete

Get Crazed Axe - Complete

Get Crazed Gross - Complete

Get Crazed Cow - Complete

Get Crazed Bird - Complete

Get Crazed Fish - Complete

Get Crazed Lizard - Complete

Get Crazed Titan - Complete

Get all Crazed Cats - Complete (9/9)

Get Awakened Bahamut - Complete

Get Manic Mohawk - Incomplete

Get Lil Nyandam - Incomplete

Get Mina - Incomplete

Get Miyamoku Musashi - Incomplete

Finish 20 SoL subchapters - Incomplete (20/20)

Finish 30 SoL Subchapters - Incomplete (20/30)

Finish 40 SoL Subchapters - Incomplete (20/40)

Beat SoL - Incomplete (20/48)

Current Ubers i have

Ubers that are in bold have been true formed. Hypermaxed ubers (Lvl 40) are in bold.

Splendid Ganesha - Level 27. (My First Uber. He is like a second bahamut)

Anubis the Protector - Level 4.

Wrathful Poseidon - Level 1. (I'll decide when to upgrade him)

Radiant Aphrodite - Level 28 (JUSTICE!!! JUSTICE!!!)

Seashore Kai - Level 4. (I plan on using her a lot once i get to zombie stages in SoL, but i think shes still nice)

Momotaro - Level 13. (Got it from a rare cat ticket in uberfest xd) Thundia - Level 30. (Planning on tf) Nurse Cat - Level 3. (Sure i guess)

Thundia - Level 30. (Very good anti-red)

Nurse Cat - Level 3. (Sure i guess)

Enemies i like the most

  • Mooth - Generally the best money bag out there. He appears in many SoL stages, and is easy to beat (IMO he is way easier to beat than enemies like One Horn)
  • Kang Roo - I was deciding between Mooth and Kang Roo as the best money bag, but Mooth barely made the cut. Still, Mr. Roo is a useful enemy in tough battles.
  • Bore - I used to DESPISE this enemy, but now i grew to like him. He is fun to fight against and is a nice challenge. However, i HATE 150% or MORE buffed Bores, and i HATE fighting 2+ Bores at the same time. Also, now that i have Momotaro, i can just freeze him to death.
  • One Horn - Another money bag. Though he is at number 4 cause he is generally harder and tougher.
  • The Face - I like him because he is generally in very high buffs, and there is just something satisfying about seeing your main attackers build up and start just massacring enemies with hundreds of thousands of Hp. Also, he gives the mother of all moneys when he dies.

Enemies i hate the most (swear word warning)

  • R. Ost - No...just no.
  • Rain D. - I hate this enemy because HE NEVER SEEMS TO DIE. The knockbacks are so annoying. Just watching my cats attack him, and him just fucking bouncing around like a fucking beach ball, it pisses me off.
  • Dark Otter - The only real defense against this guy is pizza cat. Even then, he pushes insanely hard, which is stupidly annoying. Also, without pizza cat and in groups, this guy is grade A cancer.

Favorite Stages

  • Beached Mammals - its a challenge, alright, but its a damn fun one. Its not a stage you just steamroll, but its not an absolute shitfest either. If you have the right cats, it can be a fun challenge.
  • Hot Bath Rock - its basically a test of how well you can tank the Camelle. Slow, but fun, as long as the camelle isnt on your base.
  • Jailer in the Morgue - The Dober PD isnt too bad if your timings are correct. In fact, if you dont spam meatshields too much, but not too little, this can be a pretty fun challenge where you juggle the support enemies and the Dober.