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Hello, I'm Meca, a BC player for about 4 years now. I joined this wiki in order to help with pages, that being correcting wrong information, adding strategies, filling in info, making new pages for new content, provide images or videos of units/enemies (as much as I can anyway lol).

Since I'm lazy, I'll give you the most basic of the basics: Stage wise, I have beaten pretty much everything there is to beat, including the most recent advent stage and Uncanny Legends subchapter. Units wise, I have every cat unit that can be obtained, excluding some exclusives and a few collab units.

My play style usually revolves around not using any Ubers in stages, unless they're ones meant to be farmed (like Orb stages or Catfruit stages) or Barons.

I make BCU stages that try to resemble mostly late UL, advent or Heavenly Tower level of difficulty and then love watching people suffer on them.

Celes: The main person who got me into actually working on the wiki and taught me most of the stuff I know, she's been a really long time friend and is genuinely just very cool and nice :sunglasses:

Gao: Primarily met on Discord, they're nice and cool to talk to
AA: Probably one of the first people I interacted with here, is an alright and cool lad
Toes: Same as Gao and also primarily met on Discord (also funny mecamum)
Deet: Funny gamer, stop playing GD

Anvil: Even if we barely interacted here, their work really shows and they seem like a cool person

  • I probably won't be communicating much or commenting on stuff but if you need advice/help on certain BC related stuff or just wanna chit-chat, hmu!
  • I'm not really the best at Wikia formatting and all that, so I'd suggest asking someone else about that stuff. I'll try and help with anything though.
  • To be honest, I don't see the points in debates and it only feels like a really loud way to say "Look, I'm smarter than you!" and I hardly talk about my opinions about the game unless it's on Discord. But if that makes you happy, have fun with it.

Some personal notes to keep track of stuff.


  • Update and keep up to date Monthly Event stages;
  • Clear out Stub articles;
  • Make new pages/update old ones with recent information whenever a new update drops.

  • Add information to Stubs and Articles needing strategies or delete them if they hadn't been deleted properly;

  • Adding all removed Removed Combos;
  • Updating all old code for Cat Combo page;
  • Created/updated Collab templates;
  • Update remaining Collaboration Stages.

  • Other places you can find me: