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Battle Cats Record

Chapters beaten: EoC Chapter 1, 2, 3, ITF Chapter 1, 2, 3, COTC Chapter 1

Sub-Chapters Beaten: 32/ 49 1 star, 18/49 2 star, 15/49 3 star, 4/49 4 star

Crazed Cats 9/9

Li'l Cats: 9/9

Normal Cats True formed: All!

SOL Units: 3/5

Grandon Mining Corps: 5/5

Cats in bold are True Formed

Not including Gacha/ Special Collabs Units, aside from Ubers.

Special Cats:

Ninja Cat,Sumo Cat,Samurai Cat, Zombie Cat, Cats in a Box, Boogie Cat, Bondage Cat, Dom Cat, Kung Fu Cat, Actress Cat, Tricycle Cat, Skirt Cat, Panties Cat, Mr., Moneko, Bean Cats, Flower Cat, Catburger, Coin Cat, Farmer Cat, Gacha Cat, Li'l Cat, Li'l Tank Cat, Li'l Axe Cat, Li'l Gross Cat, Li'l Cow Cat, Li'l Bird Cat, Li'l Fish Cat, Li'l Lizard Cat, Li'l Titan Cat, Valkyrie Cat, Bahamut Cat, Ururun Wolf, Li'l Nyandam, Red Riding Mina

Rare Cats:

Pogo Cat, Wheel Cat, Salon Cat, Jurassic Cat, Viking Cat, Pirate Cat, Thief Cat, Bishop Cat, Fortune Teller Cat, Shaman Cat, Witch Cat, Archer Cat, Swordsman Cat, Cat Gunslinger, Stilts Cat, Tin Cat, Rocker Cat, Mer-Cat, Psychocat, Onmyoji Cat, Gardener Cat, Welterweight Cat, Rover Cat, Matador Cat, Wushu Cat, Sports Day Cat, Salaryman Cat, Reindeer Fish Cat, Adult Cat, Evil Cat, Doll Cats, Maiden Cat, Koi Cat, Madam Bride, Vacation Queen, Vengeful Cat, Kung Fu Cat X, Marshmallow Cat, Cat Kart R, Pumpcat, A Gift of Cats, Awa-Odori Cat, Food Stall Cat, Killer Cat, Slug Jockey Cat, Bronze Cat, Space Cat, Rope Jump Cat, Clockwork Cat, Hoop Cat, Drumcorps Cat

Super Rare:

Hip Hop Cat, Sushi Cat, Nerd Cat, Sadako Cat,Apple Cat, Swimmer Cat, Bath Cat, Delinquent Cat, Bodhisattva Cat, Juliet Cat, Weightlifter Cat, Figure Skating Cats, Cat Toaster, Surfer Cat, Vaulter Cat, Fencer Cat, Nymph Cat, Gold Cat, Neneko, Gloomy Neneko, Driller Cat, Piledriver Cat, Cutter Cat, Backhoe Cat, Saw Cat, Crazed Cat, Crazed Tank, Crazed Axe, Crazed Gross, Crazed Cow, Crazed Bird, Crazed Fish, Crazed Lizard, Crazed Titan, Catornado, Cheerleader Cat

Uber Rare:

Lesser Demon Cat, Lasvoss, Oda Nobunaga, Date Masamune, Uesugi Kenshin, Springtime Kenshin, Imagawa Yoshimoto, Windy, Thundia, Spooky Thundia, Kuu, Waverider Kuu, Kai, Coppermine, Seabreeze Coppermine, Kalisa, Ganglion, Princess Kayuga, Kasa Jizo, Kintaro, Akira, Detective Vigler, Wrathful Poseidon, Hades the Punisher, Mighty Drednot, Mizli, Crazed Yuki, Mobius, Eva Unit-01, The 10th Angel, Shaman Khan, Zangief, Blanka, Hatsune Miku, Sea Maiden Ruri, Queen Reika, Asiluga, Kubiluga, Tecoluga, Pai-Pai, Shadow Gao

Legend rare:

High Lord Babel, Headmistress Jeanne

GAMATOTO helpers (ordered from when I first got them)

Helpers in BOLD are Bronze, Helpers in Italic are silver, Helpers both in BOLD and Italic are GOLD. Helpers with nothing are normal.

  • Pam
  • Jack
  • T-Bone
  • Imogen
  • Finn
  • Sybil
  • Ima
  • Baxter
  • Chip

Unit opinions



Mizil: Very good against Aliens, and can knock back aliens so you can attack the base.

Eva Unit-01: Good range, good health.

Octopus Cat: Amazing Wave Blocker.

High Lord Babel: Extremely good health, quite good damage, can tank a few Assassin Bears, pretty good movement, like one big meatshield.

Dark Lazer: Good against Kurosawah, keeps the Doge Darks at bay.

Shadow Gao: See his page for my opinion on him.

Kasa Jizo: Perfection.

Imagawa Yoshimoto: Great against high-damaging but slow-moving blacks. Only problem is that he has low health.

Psychocat: Fast damage dealer, easily stackable.

Backhoe cat: Metal enemies are super annoying, and he has a good critical chance.

Catornado: Same as Backhoe, also fun to use.



Le'noir: I don't know what's about him, I just really like him.

Project A: Same as Le'noir, I just really like him.

Elizabeth the LVIth: Good design, fun to fight against.

THE SLOTH: Not really a threat as it's slow.


Calamary: Looks weird and does it's job too well. At least it becomes less of a threat when you see it again.

Shy Boy: These ugly-ass redheads are too much of a pusher. Too fast and just plain ugly.

Sir Metal Seal: Why so much health? You aren't gonna win against this thing if you don't have criticals and freezers.

Bore: Very annoying, too fast attacks.

Gory Black: Fast, and ugly. Too much damage. 1 200% Gory Black and all of your meatshields are dead.

J.K Bun Bun: We all know Anti-red units usually have small range, and a Bun Bun can destroy them all. Also, very little knockbacks.

Bun Bun Black: Same as J.K Bun Bun.

Chickful A: Enchantments: Bane of Kasa Jizo II


Elder Sloth: Unlike his terrestrial relative, he's ugly as hell, a range longer than Michael Jordan's height, too fast, god when I see him again, I'm going all in on him.

Capy: Why so much health? Damage is too much.

Dark Otter: Stupid stupid stupid. Such a tank!

Angelic Sleipnir: Enchantments: Bane of Kasa Jizo IV

Super Metal Hippoe: The hardest part of Attack on Titanium. Has a lot of knockbacks, but it feels like he only has 1. Absurd damage, and I just hate Metal Enemies in general.


LeMurr: More ugly than Lucky Sloth, too fast, attacks as fast as a Cheetah, and I just hate him so much. When I see him in a level, I really have to take a deep breath before starting.


Literally got 8 normal and 2 rare tickets in one day.

Custom Enemy Descriptions

Time Limited Events

Firework Guys

Some of Those Guys decided to shoot fireworks all the time. Doesn't care about combat. Only cares about partying!

Angry Sun

Mess with any Doge, you get the Doge's greatest grandfather. Blinds people accidentally. Pretty lazy, so he doesn't move.

Birthday Cake

Some Doges decided to start a birthday business. Parties very strangely. Their business gets crazier with every party!

20 Million Cake

Congratulations to the Battle Cats! Been played by 20 million different people! Celebratiooon!

Package Doge

Doges are very thoughtful. Didn't make it into college, so did a delivery business. Fits the personality perfectly.

Lightsaber Guys

When Those Guys aren't fighting, they are going to concerts. Their favorite singer is Crazed Moneko.

Li'l Bore (Red)

Bore's father, turned small by a mad scientist. This happened on New years, so I guess it's a late Christmas present?

Monthly Events

Lione Hippoe

Hippoe went to a party and fell asleep. It's friends thought it would be funny to put marker all over it's face, so they did. Is faster as it's always running from the bullies.

Sister Lione

Mooth also went to a party, and his friends put an ugly mask on his face. Wasn't funny at all. Has to go in the shadows to avoid being made fun of.

Lucky Sloth

THE SLOTH's cousin from another country. Very lucky, but has shorter range as it's hurt from being attacked by thrown rotten tomatoes.

Lucky Dags (Black)

A Dagshund decided to try sushi, but it got stuck in the roll. Also got black food coloring all over itself. Still trying to eat it's way out.

Audience Bears

Some Bears started acting as the audience in a terrible sitcom. Someone put wheels on the seats, so they go around pointing and laughing at everything.

Variety Bears (Red/ Alien/ Angel/ Black/ Zombie/ Floating)

An angel Bear got flying bleachers just to make Angel Fanboy feel bad.. Invited his friends over too. Angel Fanboy hates them with a passion.

Teacher A.

Master A's brother who became a teacher. Has more dating experience than his brother. Points at a pretend whiteboard all the time.

Ms. Madonna

Substitute teacher. Stole Teacher A's heart from Maiden Cat. She had to use shockwaves to keep the mischief makers at bay.

Samurai Doggy (Red/ Black)

A Doge Dark decided to take the bus home, little did he know he'd have to wait the rest of his life to get back, so he passed the time by becoming a samurai.

HaterBaa 2.0 (Metal)

A Baa Baa fell down a tree, and a leaf got stuck to it's back. Used his life's savings to live by becoming Metal. Likes the new tail.

Gory Groom (Black)

A very unlikely match. Probably didn't expect to see Gory and Madam Bride walking down the aisle. Can only communicate by grunting, but it somehow says so much.

Gorilliam (Alien)

Gory's oldest cousin from space, trying to steal Madam Bride's heart. With the recent break-up, he can go in for the kiss.


Oh my! This Bear went to the beach, but I think he got a little carried away. Parties a bit TOO hard if you ask me.

Sunny Celeboodle

This Celeboodle needed to get away from life for a week, so she went to Meowster Beach. Bigger than the average Celeboodle, so had to spend more money on a big umbrella.

Selena (Black)

The Celeboodle family's mother, went to the beach but got burnt by the hot sun. Had to get a wig to avoid her head from shame.

Lord Enma (Red)

These close friends decided to play pirates, but went into the hot sea and got as red as a lobster. The beard is fake too.


This person didn't go on as strict as a diet as the other guy, so he kept his legs. The diet consisted of: just cheese and fizzy drinks once a day.

Ecto Doge (Floating)

This Doge went full afterlife, other than Zoge, but didn't go to heaven, like Gabriel. Roams the world looking for biscuits.

Ecto Snache (Floating)

This Snache got into a fight with Dark Emperor Nyandam... let's just say he lost. Roams the world looking for birds and bees.

Ecto Baa Baa (Floating)

This Baa Ba fell down a tree, but didn't have the money to become Metal. Roams the world looking for half-empty ketchup bottles.

Le'saint (Angel)

The close friends finally met their match and got defeated by the Dread Pirate Catley. Uses a horn, but it doesn't signify anything, I think.

Mighty Gui Zuli

This Bear is a gym teacher. He takes his job a little TOO seriously. Feared by every student. Got hurt in his training days though.

Hermit Peng

Jackie Peng's father. Went out of the filming business as he's retired. Thinks he wears shorts, but they're actually boxers.

Master Da Xun

"I AM A MAN!" he says with his squeaky voice. Nice moustache. Crushes cats just buy hitting them with his face. Truly is a man.

The Red Malice (Red)

This Bear truly got hurt. Turned red from his super hard training. Even his bear cubs can destroy punching bags. Wrong idea of "bring you children to work day".

Pigge Back (Red)

This sports team is truly persistent. Carried the Pigge for miles. It's a win-win for the lazy Pigge. The Doges also have very strong throwing muscles .

Dead Donny Dash (Zombie)

This Leggsy wore a cursed wig. Was on sale with matching cursed shoes, so he couldn't resist. The shoes can change size at will.

Chief Peng

Always made fun of for looking like Parry Hotter (a famous book series) so he decided to put himself in charge. Cuts salary if you trash talk him.

CTO Seal (Red)

The Worker Revolution has to be stopped, so the boss of the company will destroy he riot. Freezes cats for a while.

Dark Emperor Santa (Red)

Nyandam tried to convince the authorities he was a good person, but his name proved them wrong. Forced to be a Santa substitute. Puts every kid on the naughty list. Freezes cats.

Galactic Emperor Santa (Alien)

Dark Emperor Santa retreated to space, where he gave to role of Santa to his relative. The hats makes him able to warp, despite not being starred.

Annual Events


Kory ditched his primitive Australian technology for a chocolate stick. Ate so much chocolate that his skin turned yellow.


This Doge went to a pumpkin farm, and got stuck in a pumpkin. Doesn't actually know what they are called, so calls them "orange things".


An Owlbrow wore fancy clothes for a meeting, and everyone screamed when they saw him. Thought he was ugly, so he ran away to the dead lands. May knockback or slow cats.

Sa-Bat (Floating)

This Pigeon found a cave and resided there for a while. Turned into a bat, so when he came out he got blinded by the sun. Ran to the dead lands.

Blitzen (Red)

If you thought Rain D. was depressed around Christmas, think again, as this one needs therapy and cries immensely. May knockback cats.

Carny Otta

An Otta-Smack-U found a cool orb. The orb actually was ancient, and it gave him a special bandana. Was he the chosen one? No.

Drummer Doge

A Doge decided to steal Macho Cat's schtick, but he didn't realize the other Doges would get jealous and force him to play the drums 24/7. Freezes cats.

Chicka Fry

This Chick went to sell other Chicks. Hates everybody except itself. He was bullied as an egg, so he had no other choice. Might lower Cat's attack power.

Ms. Festival

This Ms. Sign welcomes every new Doge clan recruit to the army with a nice warm feeling. Welcomes the cats to their doom.


Le'Boin's great great great grandaddy. The "hairs" are actually hedgehog spikes from when he fought a giant hedgehog. There is powder on his feet so he gets powder everywhere. The shockwaves are actually just sneezes.

Icy Doge

This snow wall was made alive by a magic Doge. Very cold, so the other Doges use him as a mobile A/C. Sits down when he stops moving.


Who keeps throwing all these snowballs, you might ask. Well, it's actually a machine. Only attacks once, so needs to be defeated to get out of the way.

Easter Duche

This is one big Duche! Easter Bunny's loyal servant. Carries and hides eggs everywhere. Sometimes stomps on them. Multi-hits cats.

Easter Bunny

Bought a fancy top hat for a fancy dress party. The kids swarmed him, asking him for eggs. Retreated underground.


Looks like he's made of gold, but it's actually paint. The top hat is paper-mache, but the monocle is a pearl. Eats golden pizza.

Sir Hippoe

This Hippoe got shiny paint all over himself after he participated in a group project. Has a very curly and perfect moustache.

Golden R. Ost (Metal)

R. Ost was a pain before, but now he's a nightmare. Fell into liquid gold and had to pay to live by becoming a robot. Tough amour makes him only take 1 damage from each attack (but not critical hits).

Steel Snake (Metal)

An Ecto Snache possessed liquid steel and moulded it into a Snache. It's almost as if he was alive again. What is that thing on the top of his head?

Mercury Sloth (Metal)

An Ecto Baa Baa wanted to know what it was like to be THE SLOTH, so he possessed liquid steel, but couldn't fuse with it all the way.

Sluggy (Red)

This Sluggy got really hot in the races, so he turned red. Training for the Slug racing championships. Doesn't have any bones, so he can launch himself into cats.

Sluggy (Black)

This Sluggy spent so long in the darkness he turned black. Fastest of the Sluggies. Doesn't have any bones, so he can squeeze into small gaps.

Sluggy (Angel)

This Sluggy... well, let's just say he got salted. Slowest of the Sluggies due to that heavy halo. Doesn't have any bones, so he can curl around basically anything.

Gory Junior

Gory's little brother. Teaches how to gamble your life savings in a casino. Didn't get kicked out of the zoo due to the fact you can't see 90% of his face. Gets stronger at half health.

Victorious Pigge (Red)

This Pigge has been praised and cheered on when he caught a school attacker. He thought the attacker was just the janitor.


One of those Yanderes who would defeat others to win someone over. Nobody cares that she has a Nerf gun. Yes, it's a Nerf gun, but it still hurts.

Now this is a story all about how my life got flip turned upside-down

Back story!1111!!11 yay!!1111111


So I got a tablet a few years ago

It broke ;(


I had games that I did lots progress on there

Battle cats? Only got to Pea bird, also got uber (the boat from the frontline assualt, mighty dreadNOT)


So for krima 2018 I get brand SPANKING new tabulet

AT FIRST the only games I were go have were PVZ2 and Bad Piggies


I was watch battle cats youtubers (mainly Mattshea) so I got it

ANd that is teh storie

GAMATOTO adventures

The first

Jack fell in love at the baggage claim

Jack felt confident with a bicycle thief

GAMATOTO became a vegetarian after gaining mutant powers

GAMATOTO got deported at the top of Mt. Fuji

Jack reached enlightenment with B-list actor

GAMATOTO saw something suspicious at a three-star restaurant

GAMATOTO bought some cheap colonge in the enemy base

GAMATOTO met their soulmate at an office birthday party

GAMATOTO drank some bad milk at a local flea market

Jack drank some bad milk in an unmarked black sedan

GAMATOTO got deported while firing the cat cannon

Pam dropped their ice cream at a posh nightclub

GAMATOTO swore off gluten during a double typhoon

GAMATOTO saw something suspicious after an awful breakup

GAMATOTO stole a pen at his piano recital

Pam thought they might die while leading a revolution

GAMATOTO los a tooth in a bug-infested jungle

Pam bought some cheap colonge at a child's birthday party

GAMATOTO was rejected while texting and driving

GAMATOTO felt some relief after a deep trauma

Jack published a zine after making a 3-point shot

Pam smushed a weird bug at Nyardvard University

GAMATOTO, Jack and Pam finally returned from Dusty Desert

Short Story

Pam wept furiously after losing their tour group

GAMATOTO enjoyed some hot soup during a job interview

Pam avoided eye contact on a sinking ship

GAMATOTO felt old for the first time at the scene of the crime

GAMATOTO got food poisoning while looking at the stars

GAMATOTO, Jack (didn't do anything) and Pam finally returned from dusty desert

The devil's trap

Pam shaved his legs after suffering vertigo

GAMATOTO swore off gluten while falling from 30,000ft

Pam avoided eye contact during an exorcism

GAMATOTO suspected their best friend while making casserole

Jack completely flipped out in a gated community

jack bought a newsuit during a press conference

GAMATOTO wept furiously while writing a love letter

Pam visited grandma after winning the Itarod

Jack forgot where they were going in Jizo's Moving Castle

GAMATOTO impressed their longtime hero with a feisty old guy.

GAMATOTO stepped in something gross due to family circumstances

Pam was sold life insurance with the Cat God

Jack decided to sue during a slumber party

GAMATOTO lost consciousness at Silicon Valley

GAMATOTO went all in on a bet while lost in a forest

Pam nodded off for a moment at Silicon Valley

Pam trembeled in fear on the last day of summer

Jack fell in love at the centre of the earth

GAMATOTO threw away some old undies thanks to a pyramid scheme

Pam shaved his legs in the 9th circle of hell

Jack folded 1000 origami cranes at the doctor's office

GAMATOTO nodded of for a moment while writing a love letter

Pam got lost in thought at Bondi Beach

Pam became a vegitarian at the base of tapei 101

GAMATOTO was beaten to a pulp while making a cute face

GAMATOTO got an amazing hug at a Maid Cafe

GAMATOTO had to use the toilet with Hippoe. Ew.

GAMATOTO, Jack and Pam returned from Dusty Desert.

Also, on the mission, I got 7 Cat Food, and 666 EXP.

Short Story 2

Jack gave it all up for love at a speed-dating party

Pam got 201 XP

GAMATOTO flipped a table without understanding why

GAMATOTO got food poisoning with a B-List actor

GAMATOTO realized his destiny on an aircraft carrier

GAMATOTO, Jack and Pam finally returned from Dusty Desert

I want revenge

Pam became a vegetarian while still in Kindergarten

GAMATOTO felt deeply nostalgic while in a dirty taxicab.

GAMATOTO ywaned because of the Illuminati

Jack fought off a dozen pirates with the school nurse

Pam couldn't get rid of hiccups thanks to Camelle

Jack realized his destiny on the street in manila

Jack hit a a home run at his piano recital

GAMATOTO worried about going bald at his ancestor's grave

GAMATOTO flipped a table at a a hot-spring resort

GAMATOTO played hide-and-seek during a thrilling chase

GAMATOTO learned to juggle during a sudden blizzard

GAMATOTO trembled in fear while stuck in Purgatory

GAMATOTO was filled with regret at seinor prom

GAMATOTO treated themselves after appearing on TV

GAMATOTO stole candy from a baby while in the bath

Jack burped after joining the army

GAMATOTO met their soulmate at the Cyber academy

GAMATOTO "borrowed" a hotel towel at a condemned warehouse

GAMATOTO went on a rampage during a carnival

Jack got a phone number in an underground vault

Jack learned the meaning of life after dueling with a vajira

Pam got 236 and 209 XP at dusty desert

Jack got stalked with a famous actress

GAMATOTO swore vengeance witha a wandering hobo

GAMATOTO made a fool of themselves with a awandering hobo

Pam was arrested in Jizo's Moving castle

GAMATOTO, Jack and Pam finally returned from Dusty Desert.

All work, no play

Pam refused to pay sales tax during a sudden blizzard

Pam got XP+248 at Dusty Desert

Pam got Cat Foodx2 at Dusty Desert

Jack got Cat Food x2 at Dusty Desert

Jack got XP+181 at Dusty Desert

Pam got Cat Food x2 at Dusty Desert

GAMATOTO shaved his legs at Yankee Stadium

Jack founded a charity at the bus stop

Pam wasn't impressed while under anaesthesia

Pam got stalked at an Arctic Research Base

GAMATOTO geeked out at a frozen lake

GAMATOTO was really just joking after getting to Heaven

Jack drank too much in Mekako's workshop

Pam got Cat Foodx1 at Dusty Desert

Jack mastered the somersault while being buried alive

GAMATOTO suspected their best friend at the doctor's office

Jack got XP+176 at Dusty Desert

Jack exploded on Leg Day

Jack got XP+183 at Dusty Desert

GAMATOTO got XP+205 at Dusty Desert

Jack got XP+237 at Dusty Desert

GAMATOTO got XP+238 at Dusty Desert

Pam got XP+178 at Dusty Desert

GAMATOTO got XP+229 at Dusty Desert

GAMATOTO got XP+243 at Dusty Desert

GAMATOTO got XP+232 at Dusty Deser

GAMATOTO finally woke up while under anaesthesia

Jack got XP+215 at Dusty Desert

Pam repaid a lifelong debt at a hidden library

Jack picked their nose at a death metal show

Pam shed a single tear on Leg Day

GAMATOTO snapped out of it at the Cyber Academy

GAMATOTO met their soulmate at a death metal show

Pam got XP+191 at Dusty Desert

GAMATOTO got XP+190 at Dusty Desert

Gamatoto steeled their resolve at the hair salon

GAMATOTO, Jack and Pam finally returned from Dusty Desert.

GAMATOTO, the attention-hog

Jack got Cat Foodx1 at Facility 999

GAMATOTO got XP+496 at Facility 999

GAMATOTO felt shy during a hockey game

GAMATOTO got Cat Foodx1 at Facility 999

Jack got XP+407 at Facility 999

Jack skydived to safety at a run-down theme park

GAMATOTO joined an acapella group at the bus stop

Jack swore off gluten with Teacher Bun-Bun

GAMATOTO finally spoke up at a Milanese Cafe

Pam went on a bender in a dirty taxicab

Pam saw a spooky ghost at airport security

Jack got XP+480 at Facility 999

Jack yawned at a kebab stand

GAMATOTO got XP+389 at Facility 999

GAMATOTO was captured under a cloudless sky

GAMATOTO admired their own booty with the kid from next door

GAMATOTO nearly choked to death on the street in Manila

GAMATOTO repaid a lifelong debt at a Texas rodeo

GAMATOTO realized his destiny on a packed train in summer

Jack ate food off the ground in the 9th circle of hell

GAMATOTO drew a comic while enduring intense pain

GAMATOTO nearly drowned during a daring heist

GAMATOTO got XP+442 at Facility 999

GAMATOTO followed their true passion at a broadway show

GAMATOTO got XP+485 at Facility 999

GAMATOTO was arrested at a three-star restaurant

Pam got XP+458 at Facility 999

GAMATOTO got hit by a mouse after a round of karaoke

GAMATOTO got stalked while dreaming of senpai

GAMATOTO got XP+447 at Facility 999

Pam became confused at the World Cup

GAMATOTO suspected their best friend after joining a boy band

Jack got XP+371 at Facility 999

GAMATOTO got XP+428 at Facility 999

GAMATOTO took a new job while filing out paperwork

GAMATOTO caught the real criminal during a slumber party

GAMATOTO, Jack and Pam finally returned from Facility 999

HeY We fOuNd An EnGiNeEr

The new guys

Jack resisted arrest during his school reunion

Jack grew wings and flew away while hiding in a dumpster

GAMATOTO was reborn during a thrilling chase

Pam went delightfully mad while in the bath

Jack scraped their knee during interrogation

Imogen (new helper) was taken to the hospital after eating a whole cake

GAMATOTO reached enlightenment at a mall food court

Pam danced 'til they dropped while still in kindergarten

Jack got food poisoning in the women's locker room

T-Bone (new helper) revealed a conspiracy inside a public toilet

GAMATOTO wished they could play piano at a posh nightclub

Pam exploded in a bamboo grove

GAMATOTO ate the best burger ever in a bamboo grove

GAMATOTO predicted the future at the hair salon

Pam found a weird groth during an exorcism

GAMTOTO lost their house key after unexpected betrayal!

Pam broke a world record on leg day

GAMATOTO created homemade BBQ sauce as he watched a sad TV show

GAMATOTO escaped captivity while flying a helicopter

GAMATOTO joined an acapella group at an abandoned hospital

Imogen thought they might die during a vision quest

GAMATOTO caught an incurable disease at a scummy dive bar

Jack broke a world under the cherry blossoms

GAMATOTO snapped out of it in front of their scary boss

GAMATOTO, Jack, Pam, T-Bone and Imogen returned from Facility 999

More new guys

GAMATOTO got Cat Foodx2 at Caracara Marsh

Jack got XP+498 at Caracara Marsh

GAMATOTO repeated the question at his retirement party

Imogen got XP+569 at Caracara Marsh

GAMATOTO was taken to the hospital with a lewd kappa

Sybil (New) sent the wrong text to HER with the school nurse

Jack wasn't impressed at a fast-food restaurant

GAMATOTO got XP+536 at Caracara Marsh

GAMATOTO knew true heartbreak while on the verge of death.

GAMATOTO got Cat Foodx1 at Caracara Marsh

T-Bone got XP+536 at Caracara Marsh

GAMATOTO was hit on by a stranger at a scummy dive bar

GAMATOTO entered a parallel universe while looking at the stars

GAMATOTO got hit by a mouse at the movie theatre

GAMATOTO got XP+626 at Caracara Marsh

Imogen dropped their ice cream with the kid from next door

GAMATOTO got XP+610 at Caracara Marsh

GAMATOTO did a sick wheelie due to heartstroke

GAMATOTO got XP+505 at Caracara Marsh

Pam got a tattoo on an Alaskan fishing boat

GAMATOTO squealed withc joy while leading a revolution

Jack lost a tooth on an Alaskan fishing boat

GAMATOTO knew true heartbreak and realized they're not a Cat

Finn (New) pretended to work hard while hiding in a dumpster

GAMATOTO nearly died of shame while watching the clock

GAMATOTO camped at the spawn point at an office birthday party

GAMATOTO swore vengeance during Carnival

GAMATOTO nearly died of shame while leading a revolution

GAMATOTO got Cat Foodx2 at Caracara Marsh

GAMATOTO camped at the spawn point with a mysterious stranger

GAMATOTO was truly miserable while on the verge of death

GAMATOTO forgot why they were angry after meeting Moneko

GAMATOTO got XP+580 at Caracara Marsh

GAMATOTO attended a conference at a fast-food restaurant

Imogen got XP+591 at Caracara Marsh

GAMATOTO, Pam, Jack, T-Bone, Imogen, Finn and Sybil finally returned from Caracara Marsh

More Things

I just found this comment on how to beat EOC Chapter 3 moon.

SBK Icon2.png

Sorry but I don’t have Valkyrie, could I use awakened Bahamut instead?

There are 2 things wrong with this

1) You WOULD have Valkyrie because to get to chapter 3 you need to beat chapter 2, and beating chapter 2 gives Valkyrie.

2) To use A. Bahamut you need normal bahamut, which is unlocked by beating EOC chapter 3.


Google translated Hotel Mario

Princess Nice is invited to eat a picnic to make Luigi