aka The Visitor

  • I live in outside of the loop at the exact moment of expansion
  • I was born on October 2
  • My occupation is being looped | working on the (unintelligible) Theorem | Activating the beacon at the precise moment this timer reaches nothing
  • I am Male
  • Bio Intentions unknown. One of The Seven.
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Heya! I’m the new account of this guy, as I wanted to change my name but couldn’t, seeing as I already had. Well technically it’s not a new account, it’s actually my first (second? idk if it was before Piellager and am too lazy to check) account with a different name.

I have a YouTube channel, at, so check that out if you want, I guess.

My Steam friend code is 458208310. Other media I enjoy besides BC includes but is not limited to Terraria, Minecraft, Bloodborne, Dark Souls, BFDI/BFB, Stranger Things, and more.

I took a long break from the game, and so, on my new account that I started a while ago but, again, have not played on in a while, I am not very far at all, only having finished EoC and a bit of SoL, with no Crazeds.

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