Divine Hatsune

Favorite uber

favorite game is the battle cats my 3ds friend code is 5344-3899-8101 plz friend me

* I am a broken soul my life never will mean anything nobody would care if I die even those who I had a positive impact on I don't care and when I talk about jizo it is ALWAYS ABOUT OPINION so have a good day

cat units that are not ubers that I think are over powered 

* can can there stats are ridicules hip hop sucks but can can is amazing * ramen at times ramen is just broken especially with talents if you have resist knockback max than it can beat angelic horse completely broken also if you stack them enough they have about 10 times awakened bahamuts dps * green shell cat it is just great staller also has good attack * ururun wolf/cat/awakened it just has a lot of dps * fishman cat it has good attack and deals a lot of damage aginst floating and 6 of the 9 bosses in the main game are floating * crazed wall it is just great high hp and high speed good staller * manic jamera fast strong attack and wave chance * octopus cat just the wave nullifier ability is enough * bahamut cat you know why.

friends and good members 

catguy1 he is just nice and funny

despey! my best friend on this wiki we talk a bit barely argue just chat around and have a good time he is the closest person I have ever had to a brother and latterly have a brother

these people are not friends but good people

dreamy cat ask him for advice he will help

hiff the temmie he will make your day he will be missed

2d bahamut smart guy

red anvil honestly I wanted to put her on here for awhile now but always forgot she is probably one of the nicest people on this wiki tries her best to help and overall is just kind as all can be also she gotten me my balrog avatar thx:)

Ariel: oh my lord this dude 10/10 he is a great member he knows what to do he is just smart I cannot explain he stops vandals does so much work on this wiki barely any drama (unless he is stopping it) perfection fun fact: he is similar to who I am in real life (in few ways) and the rest of the ways are how I want to be when I grow up.

notnoob1: he was a enemy now he is just chill he does a lot of debates and tricks but he does try to help in any way he can be a bit rude but mostly nice but he still feeds off attention. And harrasses me all the time

== people who I don't like with reason maybe not  ==

Chalkosis- a rude idiot, always takes the other person's side and puts the whole blame on me for anything

the worst in history 

ka$aj1zo he just gets on my nerves does not stop with jizo and does not care about anything except dps but he does not get dps is not everything yes this can be said for at least 10 other people but he is the worst in my opinion and is just a overall rude statistic crybaby and blames all his problems on other people yes I started a fight but afterwards I offered to be friends with him and pretend that did not happen then he was life get your ass off my page fuck you then I left him alone then he gets in my life and says it was 100% my fault I will take 50% hell even 60 or 70% my fault but not 100% also for whatever reason he hates MML and tries to say you need a babysitter and she is not gonna be it he just needs to calm down then he will get off this part it is not hard to be a nice person people also he deleted everything on my page and said that he is doing good and saying I am making alt accounts even though I do not please stop I don't wanna get you banned for annoying me for saying that I am a certain other user but it has gone to far, also he vandalized me around 5 times. Is ok sometimes, but he did too much

cats that are better then jizo with explanation of why 

1st off I have never liked kasa jizo ever it started as I just thought it looked stupid then it grew on me and I found many many reasons to hate it and I am just not gonna even like this guy

2nd if you are obsessed with jizo or are a person who is like it is just a game dude who cares if it is the best then don't read this and if you do and wanna prove me wrong then read this thoroughly then comment a point on my wall ok

miko mitama now it is simple she is very easy to stack in evolved form (stall by base then stack easier with Zamboni) then you obliterate the stage she also nearly perma slows the enemy also kasa is better against angels and blacks against anything else this is better and if you need more explaining xskull & dr skull has a video with more explaining and the conclusion is mitama is jizo just does his job better also .5 second attack animation

mighty lord gao ok now lets look at there stat comparison at level 30 ok so gao has 10 less range but more dps and is tankier against all traited enemies now lets look at mighty lord gao vs jizo's mega castle ok so less recharge slightly more money to deploy but not much more dps but less hp but he is better against all enemy's with traits except black and angel but he still is sometimes because jizo's mega castle misses a lot with his multi hit even previous form misses a lot also mighty lord gao just has better ability's then jizo like wave immunity and small crit chance so he is better

grateful crane to make it simple form 1 anti all floating/angel cyclones except for prefect form 2 great crowd controller with long attack animation which can make him stack form 3 previous form just better if you want more things for me to say then fine look at it like this can jizo solo cyclone carnival no can crane yes there is latterly a video on youtube of tomcat beating one of the carnival stages with just crane and combos also cosmo can make some stages easy even without angel or floating of few of them like crazed tank stage he can make stages trivial even if they are very strong without stacking and without being trait targeted now jizo is mainly used to be stacked but if they are hit by wave then they dead and wasted money but cosmo will not be wasting as much money

piccolan aka god of debuffing he will always freeze and if in true form and weaken enemies for a decent amount of time and can make anything pretty easy relic Bun bun pushes fast and kill jizo (like he is good against a decent amount of relics anyways) then jizo is wasted money but piccolan weakens bun bun making him weak and not push much due to low ass damage also the freeze and be used to get a few more hits in on him also he will rarely be outranged by anything so he always has a use but jizo if you spawn him and he gets killed because something outranges him congrats you wasted yo money and if you stacked him before fighting that enemy then congrats you wasted even more money

Units that I want (top is what I want most bottom least) and evolved and true forms and abilities category money attack animation EXT 

* wheelchair cat cost 4000/6000/8000 animation jumps out of the wheelchair and kicks then falls down cries for about 2 seconds climbs back in dmg at level 1 1500 gains 10% each level low hp because he broke his leg no abilities 400 range 2nd form wheel gang a cat is pushing the wheelchair cat and 2 tall cats that look similar to dancer cat are on the back corners + 50% attack and 200% hp 450 range attacks by the 2 side cats kicking the enemy with opposite legs and having wheel chair cat jump like the first animation in perfect sync just the 2 catch him before they hit the ground all have sun glasses survives lethal strike 100% and strong against red, angel and black true form ultra wheelers adds 2 more cats in front which look stronger and all have death metal jackets wheelchair now has a skull on the side 3000% attack from 2nd form and 150% hp from 2nd form attacks by the back 2 hitting (1st hit 5% of damage) then the front 2 kicking(10% of damage) the pusher jumps over the wheelchair and kicks (5% of damage) then they all grab the broken cat jump up and all kick a 700 distance in front of them (80% of damage) has a 400 range (except the final hit) strong against red, black, angel and relic multi hit and long range on last hit(650-800) all have area attack and attack cooldown is 10 seconds deploy cooldown is 250 seconds <nowiki/>

the enemies that I hate 

* wall doge stop existing doges stop stealing ideas from the cats watch there is gonna be a axe doge then a gross doge then a cowdoge then a birdoge then a fishdoge then a lizardoge then a titandoge * R.ost if you fought this you already know why though can be fun at times * H.nah it in itself is not bad but they are hyena's so they are in bug packs which are deadly also learned to love end of story * master A you are probably thinking wtf dude but hear me out normally they are easy unless at like 2000% but later on they have highly buffed and have a lot of peons so your cats will be stalled and a bahamut is useless and don't use the other 2 they cannot even get in a hit and most of my cats that are fast enough requires them to be a higher level then I have them at or I just flat out don't have the or they just get stopped by the doges and those guys dis agree all you want I will always hate this thing * stacked bun buns you know why * you are in the levels where everything is gold even the doges you feel great then golden r.ost metal r.ost that makes a bahamut timing useless * dark otters they just take so many hits then they just break your defense I don;'t have flower cat true form yet I have fought tackey but I don't find it bad but still haven't fought henry yet

cat units that I think suck not like I dislike them just they are bad units 

kasa jizo honestly this is bad against anything threatening like razorback he is just flat out over rated

mr. lets be real here in early game when you should get him he is good mid-late game he is only deployed for some damage or stalling and is a research slave

actress cat it is just salon just worse

ultimate mecha bun ponos why the... fucking hell did you make the cat bun bun useless at least make a hypermaxed one beat the bun bun on moon and 180 range not 200 really

cats I think are under rated/bad from what I have seen and how I would improve them 

cyborg how often do you see a mid game player using this instead of paris cyborg has about 170% attack and immune to weaken most of the time people get this late game just give it talents cost down is best but survive lethal strike and attack up after 33% is also great and should be given

grey fox ponos why you did knockback and weaken why that is horrible you made it worse just do as little as knockback slow and freeze is infinity better and is good just kb slow for say 5 seconds and freeze for 3 seconds hey look now it is a good unit

date masamune

why do people say he is bad me and jack (jth studios) are always defending him I argue that he is better then megadora early game and late game go to his page to see why anyhow I would give him talents what talents would I give him simple wave, crit, target whatever, attack up, hp up this will make him better then megadora because he has better chance to make waves like I want this to be known as good I know why this is good stop shitting on this good unit ya assholes

the units that I want talents 


units I want to exist that require you to beat a stage 

li'l crazed cats just take the average between the crazed and li'l cats just change the abilities and stages the normal stage is just a hard and easier then the crazed stages like the crazed li'l cat is crazed li'l cat croco and gorys then the awakening stage is a expert stage and crazed li'l Mohawk is crazed li'l mohawk with kroxo and gory blacks ponos please

collabs I want with cat and enemy units 

plants vs zombies day 5 reward is sunflower cat it moves slowely and hits softly but every 10 seconds it drops sun from his face and gives you $50 and the stage is 8 same as street fighter easy normal and hard versions the plants are peashooter which does not move at all but has single target strong attack and shoots every 2 seconds sun flower just spawns a peashooter every 50 seconds repeater it is peashooter just attacks every second potato mine it waits 300range infront of the unit and when attacked it blows up dealing massive damage to all cats in 500 to -500 range immune to waves melon pult doesn't move and every 3 seconds launches a single target splash attack it is like wave just unblockable hits 300 range farther heavy damage snow pea shooter it deals less damage but slows for ever attacks every 4 seconds 7th is cornpult it will shoot a weak ear of corn 20% chance of some butter that freezes for 3 seconds and then 3%explosive corn cob it is the same as potato mine 500 to -500 on the 3rd one in front (so if there are 5 normal cats it will hit the 3rd one in line) then dr. zomboss it stands still spawns zombies normal is 500% doge conehead 1000% doge and buckethead has 9k hp and 1k damage all have 10 movement speed 250 range zomboss has 100k hp and attacks by launching a missile at the cat on 1st hit splash single target 400 range 2nd is a fire ball 5 speed and attacks and goes until it takes 4k hp infinite damage does not hit base then secret stage is cattail and it does 500k damage and has the highest hp in the game at 100% at 15000000 hp (15m hp) it attacks with single target and attacks every .1 second then you get peashooter cat it is weaker version of peashooter and ubers are the ones that I mentioned just weaker and you will get cattail just for day 10 the only free uber

some things you should/should not do in real life and some facts 

1 if you uninstall the battle cats you made a mistake

2 being nice is good but trust me if you are to nice you could get bullied in school ganged up on in public and people will take advantage of you not for everyone of course but if you are nice maybe take fighting lessons just so you can fight back

3 remember one thing first off sorry for the lord-knows-how-many people who's feelings will be hurt by this but you human are not that smart Einstein only could use about 30% of his brain and he is smart as all can be when he was alive but us normal non-brainy people like me aka about the average only use about 20% of our brain think at least 5 times before doing anything it may be your end if you act like you can use more then 40% of your brain then you are just wrong and only use about 5% of it sorry about everyone who I hurt again but still trust me it hurts my soul to put this up but there are so many idiots in this world most drive and blame everyone else my soul hurts right now as I am writing this

my favorite cats that I have 

# kalisa if that was not already obvious my 1st uber and my most used one # Yukimura honestly is just awakened bahamut just cheaper but worse unless you have a lot of talents or against blacks and I have cheesed sweet exp insane many times just by having yuki hitting the base then bahamut hitting triggering bun bun black then just having bahamut glitch through # awakened bahamut he is very good he has saved my ass so many times # Musashi Miyamoto my 1st legend rare and it is very useful helps against many blacks and with meatshields solos stages very fun to use <code>__FORCETOC__


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