• My occupation is Fixing some stuff to make the wiki better and neater.
  • I am Male

Hello. I’m a... semi-active user, occasionally editing some pages to either correct something or just generally make it look prettier (grammar, spelling, etc.). I don’t do much even if I am one of the more active users, most of my *cough* ‘edits’ are actually me replying to threads as creating custom levels has basically become a hobby.

Progression(listed from the first things to the most recent):

EoC beaten

ItF Chapter 1 beaten

SoL Chapters 1-10 beaten

Aphrodite, Togeluga, and Tecoluga obtained

ItF Chapter 2 cleared

SoL Chapters 11-17 cleared

Ururun obtained

After days of grinding, Shishilan obtained

ItF Chapter 3 half cleared

Crazed Cat, Tank, Gross, and Axe obtained

SoL Chapters 19-30 cleared

Btw, f*ck Subterranean Stalker

Crazed Cow, Bird, Fish, Dragon, and Titan obtained

ItF Chapter 3 fully cleared after I forgot about it

Went back and got Lil’ Nyandam and Mina

EoC Ourbreaks cleared

Manic Mohawk, Eraser, Macho Legs, Dark, Lion, and Flying obtained

Cruel Angel Clionel beaten

W, R, B, and M Cyclones beaten

Manic King Dragon, and Island obtainded

SoL Chapters 31- 45 cleared

Lufalan, Cyberpunk, Manic Jamiera obtained

CotC Chapter 1 Cleared

SoL Chapters 46-47 cleared

Hannya, Daboo, Wah Wah, and Queen B beaten

Cosmic, Perfect, Zombie, and Divine Cyclones beaten

SoL Cleared

Musashi obtained (because I literally forgot to get him)

Heavenly Tower Floors 1- 29 cleared

Hermit obtained

CotC Chapter 2 cleared

Relic Bun Bun beaten

Uncany Legends Chapters 2-6 cleared

CotC Chapter 3 cleared

Primeval and Super Cosmic Cyclones beaten

Heavenly Tower Floors 31-39 cleared

Yulala obtained

UL Chapters 7-11 cleared

Dogumaru obtained

Li’l Cats True forms obtained

UL Chapters 12-16 cleared

Ururun, Musashi, and Mecha-Bun tfs obtained

Outbreaks for ItF cleared

UL Chapters 17-20 cleared
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