aka Cytaeri (Galactic)

  • I live in Hime hills
  • My occupation is Murrdering intruders
  • I am The Glastica
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Enemy Name: Party Sans Stamina: 800 Gatrillion DMG: 50000000 Decillion (Area ATK) Speed: 190 Range: 2700 Element: White Abilities: Creates LV 6000 Shockwave 100% Unaffected by abilities Immune to shockwaves Knocks back cat units to cat base 100% Attack increases by 9094948393% at 99% HP Weakens attack power to 0% for Unlimited Amounts of time (Cats dealing 0 damage) Good at castle destruction (Deals x9000000000 Damage to cat base) Attack rate increases by 90984847373% at 70% HP Knockbacks: 1 Pokémon: (This is my own pokemon fight) HP 1000/0 DMG: 399 SPEED: Always goes first ACURRACY: Always hits Evasion: Very high. 999 Moves: Glastical beam: Rainbow Bomb knives: Steel Confuse warp: Psychic Charger fist: Fire/fighting (Similar to titan cat's charged fist but charger fist now acts like a fisteroid)

Top 5 BC Players on the wiki. 1. Ethanlac: Extremely dank and op at battle cats. Super friendly and helpful. I would jump outta my window if he beat all manic stages cuz hes so dank and op. 2. BCA: Really wants to end Eat that pizza! #2. Well... Pretty cool and dank. Hes much much much (and I mean much) more ahead of me since I suck at battle cats. P.S. Can sloths type? 3. DOD: Pretty cool and... Dragon-ish. If only I was stronger than him at BC... If only... :'( 4. Heliskyoh: I mostly see him talking in... M-m-manga? So dank and op at BC. 5. Gamefreaks uhh something: He has good ideas of levels at my thread... Make your own levels or customize one!

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