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Main account, outdated

Ciao! I'm Red Anvil, on this wiki since the end of August 2017 and Battle Cats player since July 2017.

Second account, outdated

About myself

I'm 22 years old, Italian, female. I also know English (obviously), Spanish and some German. I have Discord, so you can contact me there if you have something to tell me. You can find me every day unless it's August. That's all.

Currently barely active due to work.

On this wiki

Here I mostly try to fix links, moderate content, add my own tips/strategies to pages and stuff like that.

Game Progress

Main Chapters

  • 100% completed with all treasures and outbreaks.

Legend Stages

  • Sol/UL all done.
  • All advent stages beaten uberless.
  • All duel, awakening, cyclone etc. stages beaten.
  • Heavenly Tower: beaten; hardest: floor 47.
  • Legend Quest: beaten; best with 106 stars left and 90 used (1.26 attempts per stage).
  • All Gauntlets completed.
  • Other special stages all beaten (except temporary stages that only appeared before I started playing).

My Cats (12 June 2021)

means that I make use of the cat / consider it one of the best (specifically at the level I have it at, specifically in endgame, not in general).

Normal Cats

Name Level
★ Mohawk Cat 20+90
Eraser Cat
Dark Cat
Macho Leg Cat
Lion Cat
Flying Cat
Island Cat
King Dragon Cat
Jamiera Cat

Special Cats (67 owned)

Name Level
Flying Ninja Cat 45
★ Riceball Cat
Pasrty Cat 30
Heavy Assault C.A.T.
Gato Amigo
Ultimate Bondage Cat 45
★ Dark Lazer 50
Dancer Cat 30
Beefcake Cat
Unicycle Cat 38
Loincloth Cat 30
Hyper Mr. 45
Brah Cats 30
Corrupted Moneko 35
Bombercat 30
Muscleman Cat
Value Meal Cat
Macho Coin Cat
Harvest Cat
Healer Cat CC
Merc & Cat CC
Titi Cat CC
Lovely Yuki Cat
Li'l Devil Homura
Heartful Happy 100
Li'l Sakura CC
Satori Hikami & Cat CC
Imoto CC
Moon Gendo & F. Cats
Moon Kaworu
Killer Nekokkuma
Strike Angel 35+20
Warrior King Cat
Infernal Cat
Old Guardian Cat
Heavenly Lord Jack
Shakurel Macho Cat 30
Chun-Li Cat CC
Genma Cat
★ Li'l Mohawk Cat 45+40
Li'l Eraser Cat 50+40
Li'l Dark Cat
Li'l Macho Legs Cat
Li'l Lion Cat
★ Li'l Flying Cat
Li'l Island Cat 45+40
Li'l King Dragon Cat
Li'l Jamiera Cat
Holy Valkirie Cat 40
★ A. Bahamut Cat
★ Cat God the Golden
Filibuster Cat Y
★ Awakened Ururun
Schoolbus Nyandam
★ Awakened Mina
★ Awakened Musashi
Ultimate Mecha-Bun
★ Idi:N2
Urs & Minka
Grandmaster Cat
Mystic Yulala
★ Mystic Uril

Rare Cats (114 owned)

Name Level & Talents
★ Jiangshi Cat 50+30 2/5
Chill Cat 45+17 1/5
Cyborg Cat 50+50 0/5
★ Catasaurus 45+22 2/5
★ Maximum the Fighter 50+43 0/5
Dread Pirate Catley 35+29 0/5
Goemon Cat 45+23 3/5
★ Sanzo Cat 3/5
Doctor Cat 35+18 0/5
Necro-Dancer Cat 35+20 0/5
Enchantress Cat 35+17 0/5
Cataur 40+21 0/5
Elemental Duelist Cat 45+35 0/5
Rodeo Cat 35+26 1/5
Acrobat Cats 35+17 0/5
Robocat 35+19 0/5
★ Ramen Cat 50+40 3/5
★ Cameraman Cat 50+51 5/5
Corrupted Psychocat 31+22 0/5
Thaumaturge Cat 0/5
Weedwacker Cat 31+22
Ectoweight Cat 31+36
★ Catellite 50+34
Flamenco Cat 31+13
★ Shigong Cat 50+22
Rampage Cats 33
Ritual Cat
Xmas Pudding Cat
Prisoner Cat
Gentleman Bros
Wrestling Cat
Kiss and Koi
Madam the Savannah 35
Call Center Cat
Kite Cat
Iron Claw X
Creepmallow 31
Cat Kart P
Cat O'Lantern
Cat's Gift
So-Ran Cat
Delivery Cat
True Killer Cat
Easter Cat
Quitzmaster Cat
Space Marine Cat
Noodle Cats 50
Puppetmaster & Charley 31
Hoopmaster Cat
Mochi Cat
★ Green Shell Cat 50
★ Curry Cat 31
★ Macho Crystal Cat
★ Tourist Cat 45
★ Modern Cat 50
★ Supercat
Twintail Medusa Cat 31
★ Jellycat 50
VodkaCat 45
★ Cadaver BearCat 50
Quarterback Cat 45
Miasma Cat 35
Boomerang Cat 31
Boulder Cat 45
★ Nono CC 50+3
Olga CC 31
Yoichi CC
Fuu CC
Takuya& Lovely Yuki 45
Redhead Lovely Yuki Cat 31
Kano & Souma & Cat 45
Li'l Ultimate Madoka
★ Tank Kyubey Cat
Magical Girl Madoka Cat
Magical Girl Homura Cat
Magical Girl Sayaka Cat
Magical Girl Mami Cat
Magical Girl Kyoko Cat
Li'l Shirou CC
Dreaming Sakura Cat
Mage Rin Cat
Akio & Gunder CC
Sairi Nijitani CC
Misaki Konno CC
Ren Katagiri CC
Karin Nekozuca CC
Mentori CC
Plug Suit Shinji Black
Giraffe Unit-02
Ayanami Cat (TBC)
Apron Asuka 33+2
Special Ops Mari 33+1
Moon Kaworu Cat 33
Pokota CC
Ovis CC
Coco CC
Black Betakkuma
Rampaging Yamato 45
Ryu Cat CC 33
Akuma Lion
Balrog Cat CC 33+1
Vega Cat CC
Sagat Cat CC
Miku Cat CC 33
Luka Cat CC 33+1
Rin Cat CC 33
Ranma Cat (F)
Akane Cat (Gi)

Super Rare Cats (65 owned)

Name Level & Talents
★ Can Can Cat 50+25 2/5
★ Roe Cat 46+13 1/5
★ Cyberpunk Cat 45+10 3/5
★ Octopus Cat 50+17 2/5
★ iCat 35+2 0/5
Fishman Cat 50+16 3/5
Luxury Bath Cat 35+2 0/5
Ultra Delinquent Cat 35+7 0/5
Tathagata Cat 0/5
Juliet the Maiko 35+3 0/5
★ Pizza Cat 50+22 4/5
★ Slapstick Cats 50+26 1/5
Catophone 35+8 0/5
Seafarer Cat 40+4 0/5
★ Houswife Cat 50+21 0/5
The Kitty of Liberty 35+1 0/5
★ Medalist Cat 50+5
★ Gold Macho Cat 40+1
★ Metal Macho 20
★ Miss NENEKO 35+1
Witchy Neneko 35
Seaside Neneko
New Year Neneko
Hoppity Neneko
Cat Base Ultra 35+1
★ Headmaster Cat Jobs 35+2
★ Richest Cat 35
★ Sniper the Deadeye
Power Driller Cat
Power Piledriver Cat 35+1
★ Power Cutter Cat 50+3
Power Backhoe Cat 35
Power Saw Cat 42+2
Bad-Luck Ebisu 35
★ Manic Mohawk Cat 45
★ Manic Eraser Cat 50
Manic Dark Cat 35
Manic Macho Legs 50
★ Manic Lion Cat
Manic Flying Cat 35
★ Manic Island Cat 50
Manic King Dragon 40
Manic Jamiera Cat 45
Time Traveller Cat 38
★ Catyphoon 45
★ Bullet Train Cat 50
Golfer Cat 35
★ Soba Cat 45
Rei CC 35
Alois CC
Hacker Geek Cat
Kyubey & Cat
Reckless Belial
Gilgamesh & Kotomine Cats
★ Baseball Mask α 45
★ Baseball Mask β 45+3
★ Baseball Mask γ 45
Plug Suit Mari
Captain Misato 36
First Officer Ritsuko
Beastly Nero 36+1
★ Ghost Alibaba 36
MEIKO & Cat CC 36+1
Kaito & Cat CC 36
Ukyo Kuonji

Uber Rare (119 owned) and Legend Rare (4 owned) Cats

Name Level & Talents
D Ice Crystal Cat 30 0/5
Cat Machine Mk 3 37 Early game anti-wave
★ Balrog Cat 45 2/5 May fully boost him someday
Paladin Cat 30 0/5 Nice to have
★ Cats in the Cradle 50 2/5 Dojo and many hard stages
Heartful Nurse Cat 30 0/5
Cat Quest Heroes 30
★ Lasvoss Reborn 45 Good combo
V ★ Immortal Yukimura 50 3/5 Best anti-black in the game
Immortal Keiji 45 0/5
Immortal Masamune 30+1 0/5
Immortal Shingen 45+2 2/5 Used a lot in the past
Immortal Kenshin 36 0/5 May give her talents some day
Full-Bloom Kenshin 30
Immortal Kaihime


Divine Windy 30 0/5
Divine Thundia 35 0/5
Spooky Thundia, type β 30
Divine Kuu 30 0/5
Santa Kuu, type γ 30
★ Divine Kai 42 Floor 39, Floor 22 and few stages
Frosty Kai, type μ 30
Divine Kalisa 37 0/5
★ Divine Twinstars 50 Main anti-waves of blacks or aliens
Divine Myrcia 30


God-Emperor Megidora 34 0/5 Early game
God-Emperor Sodom 0/5 Relatively speaking...


God-Emperor Vars 30+1 0/5
God-Emperor Kamukura 30 0/5
God-Emperor Raiden 30+1
God-Emperor Dioramos 30 0/5
God-Emperor Gladios 30


★ The Peach Devils 30 0/5
The Chaos Moon 39 0/5 Early-mid game
Jizo's Mega Castle 45 No use for me
King Gamereon 34 0/5
Ultima Galaxy Cosmo 30 Hated getting the True Form
Kachiyama Assault Brigade 30 0/5
★ The One-Hit Wonders 45+2 Used in many zombie stages
Kinrangers GigaForce 31


Inferno Akira 30+1 0/5 Standard mediocre unit
Mission Control Mekako 30 0/5
Ultimate Catman 30
The Grey Fox 30 0/5
Mad Doctor Klay 45 0/5
Akuma Hayabusa 42 Combo material, metals
★ Section Chief Gravicci 30
Nighthunter Saki 45 Horrible compatibility
A Almighty Zeus 35 0/5 Would all be way better if I

invested in them

Almighty Anubis 30 0/5
★ Almighty Amaterasu 45+1 0/5
Almighty Ganesha 50+1 0/5
Almighty Poseidon 30+1 0/5
★ Almighty Chronos 50 0/5 OP


CAT-8 Behemoth 30 0/5
B.C.S. Tigerclaw 35 0/5
NEK-02 Air Citadel 30
Orbital A. Ragnarok 46
★ Subterra Sentinels 42


★ Bazibastra 35 0/5
Mizuririn 30 0/5
Aervanta 30
Gigavolta 41 Floor 34


Wyvern Cat 30
Revolutionary Hearscht CC
Mystica CC
Souma & Cat


★ Madoka & Cat 50 Farming stages
Sayaka & Cat 30
★ Mami & Cat 50 Main angel killer
Miracolous Mobius 30
Archer CC 40 Please bring collab back
E Eva Unit-00 & Cat 31
★ Eva Unit-01 & Cat 47+1 Generally good
★ Unit-02, Code 777 48
Toji & Kensuke Cats 30
NNN Wunder
Heavenly Herald Rei
★ 6th Angel Cat 50 Broken
9th Angel Cat 30
B Super S-Zeus
★ Head Rococo
Super D-Devil
Perfect Heracrist 45+1 Mistakes were made
All-Loving Shaman Khan 30


Kage 33 Probably won't invest in him
★ Chun-Li 45
Zangief 30
★ Blanka 45 Him + Lumina are lethal toghether
Ken CC 30
E. Honda
Balrog 35
Vega 30 Saved me twice in Legend Quest
M. Bison


Hatsune Miku CC
Sakura Miku CC
Megurine Luka CC
Tokyo Miku CC I have enough wave blockers
Snow Miku CC 2021


★ Ranma Saotome (F)
Ryoga Hibiki


Fox Queen Himeyuri
Eternal Reika
Jester Queen Deale
Opulent Verbena
L Ultralan Pasalan 30+1 0/5
Assassinlan Pasalan 30 0/5
★ E. Kubilan Pasalan 35 Metals, Combos etc.
★ Lufalan Pasalan 50+1 Amazing for many boss-based stages
Shishilan Pasalan 45
Papalan Pasalan 30 Had him for months, somehow forgot
B Pai-Pai Z 50 Great, but no LD
★ Flight Unit R.E.I. 48
F ★ Diabolic Gao 50
Meow-sketeer Better unevolved
★ Valiant D'arktanyan Main anti-traitless
Ritual Saint Kasli 45 Not very useful, since I have D.Kasli
★ Kasli, Daughter of Chaos 50 ★★ MVP ★★
Wargod Miyamoto 30 Rubbish
★ Luminalia 45 Makes Horrorpotamus easy
★ True Kyosaka Nanaho Game changer, but in few stages
★ Dark Lord Zeus Discount D'ark, but good

Cat Cannons

Name Level
Cat Cannon 20 Do not recommend
Slow Beam 30 Situational
Iron Wall Bad
Thunderbolt Underrated
Waterblast Never used
Holy Blast Very good
Breakerblast Best
Curseblast Worst

Current Goals

  • Completing all uber sets (Ultra Souls, Crash Fever, F.A.I.L. and Bikkuriman done).
  • Bringing all cannons to max level.
  • Having all Cats at base level 40 minimum (well, except Metal Cat).
  • Getting 10 legendary Gamatoto helpers (3/10).

My dojo records

Mola Mola 2% ???
Merc Storia 1% 205450 Pts.
Miku 1% 256417 Pts.
The Dead from Space 2% 177578 Pts.
Six Years Strong 1% 208144 Pts.
Tearful Tournament 2% 156485 Pts.
Street Fighter 1% 135604 Pts.
Tales of Honour 1% 192018 Pts.
Shadow Trial (EX-RR only) 1% 156046 Pts.

I wanted to try out this awesome game in a different way, with other cats etc, so I made this, but also to improve the pages for some SOL stages as I go trough them (which is something I did not do). Date of creation: 18/07/2018 or something like that.

Game Progress

Main Chapters

  • 100% completed with all treasures and outbreak.

Legend Stages

  • Sol/UL all done.
  • All advent stages beaten.
  • All duel, awakening, cyclone etc. stages beaten.
  • Heavenly Tower: beaten; hardest: floor 47.
  • Legend Quest: beaten.
  • All Gauntlets completed.
  • Other special stages all beaten (except temporary stages that only appeared before I started playing).
  • Growing Strange
    • Attempts: 20 (CoB:5, FoF:1, HoD:1, HW:3, CoS:2, GT:6, SoD:2).
    • Victories: 18 (CoB:4, FoF:1, HoD:0, HW:3, CoS:2, GT:6, SoD:2).

My Ubers and Legends (29 August 2021)

means that I make use of the cat / consider it one of the best (specifically at the level I have it at, specifically in endgame, not in general).

Name Level
D Ice Crystal Cat 30
★ Greater Balrog Cat
★ Paladin Cat Used in some metal stages
★ Cats in the Cradle 50 Dojo, Clionel and more
Joyful Nurse Cat 30
Cat Quest Heroes Early-mid game LD support
V ★ Immortal Yukimura 50 Very good overall
Immortal Masamune 30
★ Immortal Yoshimoto 45 Legit best anti-Black Uber


Divine Kuu 30
Santa Kuu, type γ
Waverider Kuu, type γ
★ Divine Kai 45 Great combo, great usage
Seashore Kai, type μ 30
Divine Coppermine First Uber
Sb. Coppermine, type κ
★ Divine Twinstars 40 Good overall
★ S.A. Twinstars, type Φ


God-Emperor Megidora 30
God-Emperor Kamukura
Everbloom Kamukura
Dragonslayer Raiden
Ganglion the Unleashed


★ The Peach Angels
The Chaos Moon
Jizo's Moving Castle 35 Never needed it
Guardian Gamereon 30
The Grateful Crane 8 ★ NEW ★
Fire Squad Kachiyama 27 ★ NEW ★
The One-Hit Wonders 43
Kinranger RoboForce 16 ★ NEW ★


Shadow Akira 30
Mission Control Mekako
Ultimate Catman 36
Dark Merchant Babil 38
Disciple Psychoduck 35
★ Section Chief Gravicci 30 Great combo
★ Aquabuster Saki 45 Way better than the original
A Almighty Zeus 30+1
Almighty Anubis 30
★ Almighty Aphrodite 45 Good for her range
Chocoladite 30
★ Almighty Amaterasu 50+1 ★★ MVP ★★
Exalted Ganesha 50
★ Almighty Poseidon 35 Always welcome against metals
★ Almighty Chronos 50
★ Almighty Hades 41


CAT-6 Siege Engine 30
NEK-02 Air Citadel
Orbital A. Ragnarok Since I have Amaterasu...
★ Subterra Sentinels 45 Great for zombies
Atlantis Logistix 40


★ Bazibastra 45 CotC, Floor 47
Aervanta 30
Gravolo ★ NEW ★


Wyvern Cat
★ Naptime Michelia CC Used against many floating foes
Todomeki CC


Mystery Catgirl Yuki
Crazed Catgirl Yuki
Lost World Catgirl Yuki
Miraculous Mobius
E Eva Unit-00
Eva Unit-01 38
★ Eva Unit-02 & Cat 50
Eva Unit-08 & Cat 30
Toji & Kensuke Cat
4th Angel Cat 35
★ 6th Angel Cat 50
9th Angel Cat 39
★ 10th Angel Cat 45
B Super D-Devil 30
Perfect Heracrist 45


★ Kage 45 Very helpful in the past
★ Chun-Li CC 50 Main carry until endgame
Zangief CC 30+1
★ Blanka CC 50 Second best anti-alien
Dhalsim CC 30
M. Bison CC


Hatsune Miku CC
Sakura Miku CC
Kaganime Rin & Len CC
Megurine Luka CC 36
Tokyo Miku CC
Snow Miku CC 2021 35


Ranma Saotome (F)
Akane Tendo (Gi) 45
Shampoo 35


Mer-Queen Ruri 38
Jester Queen Deale 30
Swashbuckler Kanna 44
L Ultralan Pasalan 30
Bikinilan Pasalan
★ Lufalan Pasalan 45
Piccolan Pasalan 30
Shishilan Pasalan 45
Mystican Pasalan 30
B Pai-Pai Z
★ Afterschool Sakura Main anti-metal, combo
F Empress Cat ★ NEW ★
Mighty Lord Gao 39 unnecessary
★ Mitama the Oracle 37 Some hard stages here and there
Gothic Mitama Cyberpunk is better
★ Valiant D'arktanyan 45
Colossal Benkei 30 ★ NEW ★
★ Professor Abyss 36 Drew 11G on her set by accident
Gaia the Supreme 45 Amaterasu is way better
Luminalia 30 ★ NEW ★
★ Akuma CC 41 I was way happier to see Blanka

Opinions on cats

Best Special Cats

  1. Bahamut
  2. A. Mina
  3. Dark Lazer

Best Rare Cats

  1. Camera
  2. Jiangshi
  3. Ramen

Best Super Rares:

  1. Cat Jobs (best combo)
  2. Pizza
  3. Bullet Train

Best Ubers (owned only)

  1. Kasli the Bane
  2. Chronos
  3. Amaterasu

Best Legend Rares (owned only)

  1. Lumina
  2. Kyosaka Nanaho
  3. Akuma

Best Uber from (almost) each set

Cradle, Yukimura, Twinstars, Raiden, Sarukani, Catman, Chronos, Subterra, Bora, Lufalan, Mobius (amongst all sets with 1 uber), Eva02, 6th Angel, Madoka, Chun-Li, Juvens, Megurine Luka, Mystery Girl Yuki, Heracrist, Sea Maiden Ruri, Miko Mitama, Kasli the Bane, Seashore Kai, Snow Angel Twinstars, Chocoladite.

Worst Uber from (almost) each set

Lasvoss, Masamune, Myrcia, Kamukura, Urashima Taro, The White Rabbit, Zeus, Bomburr, Mizli, Papalan, Mola King (amongst all sets with 1 uber), Moon Operators, 4th Angel, Homura, Guile, Eyewaltz, Hatsune Miku, Crazed Yuki, Deale, Super Zeus, D'art, Gothic Mitama, Summerluga, Yuletide Nurse, First Love Myrcia.

Underrated Ubers

(in no specific order)

Overrated Ubers

(in no specific order)

Cats in the Cradle Works well in many cases, you can even use them to hit the base and trigger a boss wave, while delivering lots of damage immediately.

It's just amazing.

Kasa Jizo Very replaceable and... basic; hard to describe in few words. By far the most overrated uber in the entire game.
Twinstars Very aggressive, but never clip into enemies, they are amazing at holding the line against shorter ranged enemies. Greater Balrog Needs way too many resources (levels and talents) just to become viable.
Chronos Having her makes a massive difference. She's well liked, but I feel like it's not enough. More valuable than Mitama and Kasli. R.S. Kasli Good, but not amongst the top dogs. Besides the DPS and situational ability, there is little more.
Chun-Li I may be the only one to see her as one of the best Ubers in the game, but I think she deserves it. Broken good in many stages and very usable overall. Gao Too expensive in evolved form, great but replaceable unevolved. Still quite good overall, just not one of the best.
Kachi-Kachi Not great, but decent anyway. Weaken is great to support Ramen or Rover, while the strength in true form compensates for the stats. Not the worst Ultra Soul for sure. Gaia Misses too often, dies too easily. Best Legend? No. Worst? Not as inaccurate, but also no. Only good early on.
6th Angel One of the best Ubers out there. Not just fun to use, actually super effective in a fight. Not massive DPS, but with that reach... Night Oracle Rei Assassinlan, but with damage and a different way of attacking/staying alive. Looks are deceiving, this is nowhere near Mitama.

Opinions on things

I never make strats with ubers, as I share this wiki's "ideology" on the matter. I am, however, not at all against playing with excessive ubercarry; you play games to have fun, yet I've heard that some people will hate you or call you a noob if you use your ubers, which is stupid.

Almost all Talent Orbs belong to the NP recycling bin.

I use leadership only to farm Siege of Hippoe, as I believe it would be a waste to use it for anything but tickets. The exchange rate is amazing: after having spent the 1050 saved up energy, just use a leadership to get that 250 leftover to 1300, that's 3 more silver tickets for 30 catfood worth of leadership, so it's basically a rare ticket per 100 CF.

If, in places like this wiki, there are people who like to insult people for petty reasons or do things that irritate others for the heck of it, I believe it's best to just ignore them. You are the one who gives weight to others' words, not those who write them, if someone writes dumb stuff and you join them, I will not see you as any better.

I do not like mobile games, I am fed up with all those pay to win, watch ads to get stuff or shameless works of plagiarism, there may be some good ones that I do not know about, but this seems to be the norm. I must give props to PONOS, for having made this game they way they did, in terms of ads and payment options, and for putting so much love in their game. I never spent any money on this game, yet I am not forced to give up on the best units, nor am I forced to advance at a snail's pace; the simple fact that I felt the need to write this should say a lot.

I dislike the idea of using exploits such as "seed tracking" or "save scumming", as it is cheating and I believe it would remove most of the fun and challenge. I don't, however, see it as bad, nor will I judge or criticize those who use such things. I mean, it's a single player game after all, so do what you want.

"Classifications", in this wiki, are a massive waste of time and nothing more.

Games that I currently play, follow or for which I'm somewhat active on Fandom/Discord

  • Battle Cats (since 2017)
  • CrossCode (since launch)
  • Galaxy Life Reborn (since 2020 + original)
  • Minecraft (since version 1.7)

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