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Hello, I was originally going to make a fandom account specifically for the Battle Cats Wiki a while ago in about October of 2020, but procrastinated on it until December. I have seen a good portion of the wiki before I made this account because of that. The only other wiki you can find me active on is this one.

I started playing The Battle Cats in late December of 2019, quit for a few months because I completely forgot about the game, then picked it up again when the Evangelion Collab started, exact time frame was about August 2-3.

If I'm bad at editing then I might as well get better at it before coming back, probably through AWB. Not very active here anymore because of that reason, and I think it's becoming clear by now that my help is not needed.

This is outdated in case you were wondering.

Color Coding

Fully completed (Gold, #FFD700)
Currently fully completed (Metallic Gold, #D7BE69)
Zombie Outbreaks (Purple, #9A4EAE)
Timed Score Rewards (Teal, #21ADA8)

Story Mode

Chapter Stages & Treasures Zombie Outbreaks Timed Score Rewards
Empire of Cats The Battle Cats Rising 48/48 & 48/48 Superior 48/48 N/A
The Emperor of Darkness
Revival of Bahamut-Cat
Into the Future Time Enough For Cats 48/48 & 48/48 Superior 48/48 48/48
Alien Intrigue A Maiden's Revenge
The Ancients Arise: Take Back Earth!
Cats of the Cosmos Beyond the Exosphere 48/48 & 48/48 Superior N/A N/A
The Passion of Catgod
Even Stars Burn Out

Legend Stages


Sub-chapter Crown(s)
The Legend Begins ♛♛♛♛
Passion Land
Glucosamine Desert
Swimming Cats
Risqué Terrain
Western Street
Sea of Tuna
Bamboo Island
Squishy Cave
Volkanos Volcano
Neverending Cat Story
Castle of Fish
Sushi Island
The Scratching Post
Low Tide Beach
Jail Break Tunnel
Capone's Jail
Silk Road
Stairway to Darkness
Prince of Darkness
Dead End Night
Battle Royale
Scars of War
Sea Polluter
Body & Soul
Weak & Mildly Acidic
Intrepid Cats
Shadow Cosmopolis ♛♛♛
Kombu Cape
Axis of Evil
Suburbs of the Dead
Quarantine Isles
Walk of Fame
Cutpurse Coast
Above & Below
Windless Island
IT Catacombs
Grotesque Gallery
Area 22 ♛♛♛♛
Beyond the Savannah ♛♛♛
Blizzard Boulevard
Ends of the Earth
The Legend Ends
Laboratory of Relics


Sub-chapter Crown(s)
A New Legend
Here Be Dragons
The Endless Wood
Primeval Currents
Barking Bay
Abyss Gazers
Law of the Wildlands
Pararila Peninsula
Coup de Chat
Cherry Isles
Depths of My Heart
Ghost Sea
Exile's Resort
Roads of Torment
Heaven's Back Alley
Battle in the Bath
Ancient Mountains
Marine Ministry
The Devils' Academy
The Gelatin Mines
Drunken Foundry
Unearthed Artifacts

Heavenly Tower

Floor Clear(s)
Floor 1 1
Floor 2
Floor 3
Floor 4
Floor 5
Floor 6
Floor 7
Floor 8
Floor 9
Floor 10
Floor 11
Floor 12
Floor 13
Floor 14
Floor 15
Floor 16
Floor 17
Floor 18
Floor 19
Floor 20
Floor 21
Floor 22
Floor 23
Floor 24
Floor 25
Floor 26
Floor 27
Floor 28
Floor 29
Floor 30
Floor 31
Floor 32
Floor 33
Floor 34
Floor 35
Floor 36
Floor 37
Floor 38
Floor 39
Floor 40
Floor 41
Floor 42
Floor 43
Floor 44
Floor 45
Floor 46

Legend Quest

The names of the stages that are in parentheses is taken from the most recent time I have done Legend Quest.

LEVEL Clear(s) Tries
LEVEL 1 (Sunset Blues) 1 1
LEVEL 2 (Hyaluronan Mountain)
LEVEL 3 (Mermaid Cove)
LEVEL 4 (Fisherman's Dilemma)
LEVEL 5 (Rodeo Night)
LEVEL 6 (Red Tuna Coast)
LEVEL 7 (Blue Ocean)
LEVEL 8 (Prickly Field)
LEVEL 9 (Fluffy Dark Weapon)
LEVEL 10 (Gentle Geyser)
LEVEL 11 (The Trial Deep)
LEVEL 12 (The Sea Whispers)
LEVEL 13 (Halibut Forest)
LEVEL 14 (Catnip Dream)
LEVEL 15 (Road of Eros)
LEVEL 16 (Parasol Field)
LEVEL 17 (Harry Tunnel)
LEVEL 18 (Sin and Punishment)
LEVEL 19 (Pig Swill)
LEVEL 20 (Outsider's Gate)
LEVEL 21 (Torture Room)
LEVEL 22 (Feast of Betrayal) 3
LEVEL 23 (Her Highness, Milk T.) 2
LEVEL 24 (Father's Back) 1
LEVEL 25 (Oil Platform) 2
LEVEL 26 (Cursed Blizzards)
LEVEL 27 (Cat Catharsis) 1
LEVEL 28 (Beautiful Finale) 6
LEVEL 29 (Hungry Forest) 4
LEVEL 30 (Surviving Herd) 3
LEVEL 31 (Iberian Plains) 2
LEVEL 32 (Celestial Seas) 3
LEVEL 33 (Merciless Onslaught) 2
LEVEL 34 (The Infected King)
LEVEL 35 (The Haunted 1LDK) 1
LEVEL 36 (Lovechild Lane) 8
LEVEL 37 (Gossip Rags) 1
LEVEL 38 (Steamed to Death) 2
LEVEL 39 (Narrow Docks)
LEVEL 40 (Gulag of Love) 1
LEVEL 41 (Gouache Ghouls)
LEVEL 42 (Adamski Type) 2
LEVEL 43 (The Noble Tribe) 3
LEVEL 44 (Shiver Junction) 1
LEVEL 45 (Haunted Genome) 3
LEVEL 46 (Ultimate Shrine) 2
LEVEL 47 (Apocalypse Temple) 1
LAST LEVEL (Eldritch Forces) 4


Regular/Event/Collab Stage # Clear(s)
Regular Baron Seal Strikes Red Alert Lv.1~20 1
Red Alert Lv.21~40
Red Alert Lv.41~60
Event A Colossal New Year! Year of the Ox Lv.1~10
Collab Electric Diva Strikes! Electric Diva Strikes! Lv.1~20

Gamatoto & Ototo

Gamatoto/Ototo Helpers/Area/Cannon Cat Shrine
Gamatoto Expedition
Gamatoto & Helpers Gamatoto (76) Cat Shrine (10)
Pearl (Underling)
Denny (Assistant)
Myra (Underling)
Inga (Underling)
Otto (Underling)
Manuel (Underling)
Jordan (Assistant)
Jonny (Lackey)
Ziggy (Underling)
Loki (Underling)
Area Mellow Fields
Shaolin Kingdom
Dusty Desert
Facility 999
Caracara Marsh
Tomb of Gold
Eagle Fields
Traitor's Trench
Mt. Parabola
Pacific Waves
Kotatsu Tundra
Hidden Armory
Rattlin' Caves
Ototo Development Team
Ototo & Helpers Ototo
Engineer #1
Engineer #2
Engineer #3
Engineer #4
Engineer #5
Cat Bases/Cannons
Cat Base (8)
Slow Beam (6)
Iron Wall (4)
Thunderbolt (8)
Waterblast (3)
Holy Blast (1)
Breakerblast (6)
Curseblast (1)

Battle Cats Officers' Club

6410 User Rank
76 Meow Medals
900 Hours
200 Units
183 Enemies
Chronos3 Card.png
This section was last updated May 9th 2021, while the image was last updated April 21st 2021.

Meow Medal Gallery

Builder of Empires

Builder of Empires 2

Builder of Empires 3

Undead Slayer

Undead Slayer 2

Undead Slayer 3

The Future Is Ours

The Future Is Ours 2

The Future Is Ours 3

...And Stay Dead

...And Stay Dead 2

...And Stay Dead 3

Cosmos Conquistador

Cosmos Conquistador 2

Cosmos Conquistador 3

No More Worlds To Conquer?

I Am Legend

I Am Legend 2

I Am Legend 3

I Am Legend 4

Elder Annihilator

Red Horizon

Dark Skies

White Winds

Holy Squall

Storm of Steel

Alien Weather

Perfect Threat

Typhoon Z

Dimensional Rift

Ancient Tempest

Angel's Cruelty

Charon's Crossing


The Big Z


Time to Wake Up

Comet Celeb

Murky Details

Road to Ruin


Vox Deus

Ancient Dynasty

Cosmic Wanwan

Angel of Undeath

Helping Out

Crazy Enough to Work

Manic Episodes

Frenzied Family

Your Own Size

Another Year

Ritually Speaking


Young Love

Ambition's End

Man and Wife?

Holidays in the Sun

Who You Gonna Call?

Respect Your Elders

Work Up a Sweat

On Strike

A Catsmas Miracle

Rites of Spring

Song of Summer

Feast of Fall

Dance of Winter


Floor 30

Floor 40

Floor 50

A True Master

Making Money

Making Money 2

Nouveau Riche

Nouveau Riche 2

One Percenter

One Percenter 2

World Traveller



May I Assist You?

Forest Child

Tiny Nemesis

Under the Hood

Ronin's Redemption

Buns of Steel

Heart of Clay

Clan Urs

Color Coding

Max Level for that specific Cat Unit (Crimson, #B80F0A)
Level 50 and above (Gold, #FFD700)
Level 40~49 (Metallic Gold, #D7BE69)
Level 30~39 (Purple, #9A4EAE)
Level 20~29 (Teal, #21ADA8)
Level 10~19 (Dark Pink, #E75480)
Level 1~9 (Pastel, #FFDBE9)

Normal Cats

Cat names are displayed in the most advanced form I have them in.

Name Level Note(s) Talents
Empire of Cats Drop Mohawk Cat 20+42 Nothing special here. N/A
Eraser Cat 20+54 Needs no further introduction.
Dark Cat 20+66 At least he looks cool.
Macho Leg Cat 20+44 Never really used him for Alien enemies due to having much better options.
Lion Cat 20+50 He was my first Normal Cat True Form. Otherwise nothing special.
The Flying Cat 20+61 Trash.
Island Cat 20+36 Slightly underrated due to Manic Island's existence.
King Dragon Cat 20+50 Overrated.
Jamiera Cat 20+42 Such is the fate of powercreep.

Special Cats

Name Level Note(s) Talents
Purchaseable Flying Ninja Cat 30 He was good in Empire of Cats I guess. 0/5
Riceball Cat Was useful for Li'l Jamiera.
Pastry Cat No usage.
Skelecat Combos.
Heavy Assault C.A.T. Heard he can be used for rushing down Master As in early-game.
Gato Amigo 40 Don't ask why he's level 40, I can't remember.
Ultimate Bondage Cat Makes Wrath of Carnage a lot easier. 1/5 (Dodge Attack Lv.5)
Dark Lazer Used to be my favorite Special Cat. 0/5
Dancer Cat 30 Another unit basically only used for Li'l Jamiera.
Beefcake Cat The Evolved Form is interesting.
Miscellaneous Unicycle Cat Remember when this was supposed to be good? I don't. N/A
Purchaseable Loincloth Cat Used to be your only restriction Barrier Breaker. 0/5
Lollycat Slightly better than Unicycle Cat.
Hyper Mr. Can snipe Zamelle I guess.
Empire of Cats Drop Brah Cats 20 Useful if you don't have Pirate Cat. N/A
Miss MONEKO 30 The inconsistency between her Normal Form's name not being capitalized bugs me.
Crazed/Manic Crazed Moneko Arguably on the same level as Waitress.
Miscellaneous Bombercat 31 The bomb heretic.
Celebration Value Meal Cat 30 Normal Form for the win.
Macho Coin Cat I like his attack animation.
Harvest Cat 10 Could be used as a Thief Cat alternative in Empire of Cats.
Collab Healer Cat CC 30 Cheese god.
Merc & Cat CC :weet:
Titi Cat CC Insert epic funny joke about her name here.
Meowla Meowla 10 Normal Form looks nicer to be honest.
Heartful Happy 100 This was a collab? I don't remember because its so forgettable.
Moon Gendo & Fuyutsuki Cats Very long name.
Moon Kaworu 20 Could potentially be useful against Black enemies.
Rosary Angel 5+2 Just use Thaumaturge.
Warrior King Cat 4+8 Just use Pizza Cat.
Infernal Cat 5+5 Got his name changed.
Nekonosuke 5+3 Just use Rover.
Heavenly Lord Jack 6+4 A level 30 Goemon outclasses this easily.
Chun-Li Cat CC 10 Just use other critters.
Li'l Li'l Mohawk Cat 30+11 That recharge time does not justify the lowered cost.
Li'l Eraser Cat 48+8 Arguably best 4♛ meatshield.
Li'l Dark Cat 30+7 Looks slightly less cool than the normal counterpart.
Li'l Macho Legs Cat 30+6 Used him a lot in Cats of the Cosmos.
Li'l Cow Cat 30+9 Is promising, but still has a lot of flaws.
Li'l Flying Cat 30+7 Good for Zombie enemies. Not the best, but could be worse.
Li'l Island Cat 30+5 Don't really think the improved Critical Hit chance really does anything.
Li'l King Dragon Cat 30+11 I find it funny that PONOS didn't even change one stat about him.
Li'l Jamiera Cat 30+10 Take Jamiera Cat, but lower almost every stat.
Legend Holy Valkyrie Cat 30 Only useful for her freeze. Even then, its only a 35% chance.
Awakened Bahamut Cat 40 A true legend.
Cat God the Great 30 There are a total of three Cat God Special Cats. Three.
Filibuster Cat Y Good thing they kept his attack animation accurate to the enemy version.
Awakened Ururun DPS. Also my favorite Special Cat.
Schoolbus Nyandam Range.
Awakened Mina Long Distance. Also cool bazooka.
Awakened Musashi Anwar.
Ultimate Mecha-Bun Primitive Souls.
Doguemon Actually pretty nice anti-Traitless tanker.
Urs & Minka Dual Ururuns.
Grandmaster Cat 4♛ wave unit.
Mystic Yulala I guess PONOS wanted to make a 4♛ Long Distance rusher, but it didn't work out.

Rare Cats

Name Level Note(s) Talents
Regular Gacha Jiangshi Cat 30+8 I remember when I was in early mid-game and late early-game where I used to use this guy all the time. 1/5 (Move Speed Up Lv.5)
Chill Cat 30+2 Only started leveling him up and True Formed him after beating both all of Cats of the Cosmos and Puffsley's Comet. 0/5
Cyborg Cat 39+4 Everybody in early-game thinks this is one of the best cats in the game, I was not exempt from this. N/A
Catasaurus 30+10 My highest + leveled Rare gacha currently. Also very nice critter. 0/5
Maximum the Fighter 35+5 Was my last anti-Red non-Uber gacha True Form. N/A
Dread Pirate Catley 30+2 Bullies Berserkory in 4♛, especially with talents. 0/5
Goemon Cat Might invest in them fully sometime soon.
Sanzo Cat 30+4 Imagine never getting the Angel Target talent because of Kintaro.
Doctor Cat 30+2 For Li'l Flying Cat.
Necro-Dancer Cat 30+5 For Mecha-Bun.
Enchantress Cat 30+2 For Bakoo Wrath.
Cataur 30+5 Insert unfunny Archer Cat joke here.
Elemental Duelist Cat 33+2 Good for taking out One Horns.
Rodeo Cat 30+1 Saving up for the Relic Target talent.
Acrobat Cats 30+3 May be useful when talented in Extinction's Vortex.
Robocat 30+2 Choco Gauntlet.
Ramen Cat 45+5 ★★BOOSTED★★ 1/5 (Defense Buff Lv.1)
Cameraman Cat 50+5 My first level 50. And for good reason too. 1/5 (Critical)
Corrupted Psychocat 30+5 Very reliable anti-Alien crowd-controller. 1/5 (Slow Lv.1)
Thaumaturge Cat 30+1 I don't know what I would do without this against R.Ost. N/A
Weedwacker Cat 30+3 Zyclone dies.
Ectoweight Cat 30+1 Big Sal dies. 0/5
Catellite 33+3 I hate how when he is near a base in his True Form he obstructs the view of the base health. N/A
Flamenco Cat 6+4 Just use a talented Ultimate Bondage Cat.
Sifu Cat 30+5 Good for tanking Zamelle hits.
Monthly Event Rampage Cats 30 A decent ranged meatshield.
Ritual Cat His cost is oddly specific.
Xmas Pudding Cat Bento Special.
Prisoner Cat 40 Used to use a lot more in 4♛ before I got Rugby Cat.
Gentleman Bros. 30 In 1-3♛ he is outclassed by iCat and in 4♛ he is outclassed by Catley.
Nyalladin Why even have a wave if it is only level 1?
Wrestling Cat Stronk up combos.
Kite Cat Worst 4♛ Long Distance unit.
Iron Claw X Single Target and overly expensive.
Celebration Creepmallow 10 Gross!!!
Cat Kart R 3 Mario.
Cat O'Lantern 30 Him in his Normal Form used to be my YouTube and Discord profile picture in October.
Cat's Gift One of the only reasons I defeated Clionel.
Awa-Odori Cat 3 Smooth moves.
Delivery Cat 30 Decent for Angel enemies, when he's not outranged of course.
True Killer Cat PONOS thinks adding whiskers is Evolved Form worthy.
Easter Cat :moyai:
Cyclone Quizmaster Cat Who ever used him outside of maybe the Metal Cyclone at Floor 38.
Space Marine Cat Just use Catasaurus.
Noodle Cats Just use Modern Cat (even though I don't have them)
Puppetmaster & Charley The slow is surprisingly long.
Hoopmaster Cat Only really ever found use for him against Sir Metal Seals.
Mochi Cat Again, really only useful against Sir Metal Seal.
Advent Zamboney Cat 50 Really good extra layer of defense for almost any lineup.
Cyclone Curry Cat 30 The slow can really only be useful when they are being stacked.
Advent Macho Crystal Cat Why did I level him up to 30? I don't know.
Tourist Cat Very good against Traitless and is packed with abilities.
Supercat Bad wave blocker, good anti-Traitless.
Twintail Medusa Cat Haven't actually used yet.
Jellycat 50 SHLOIME
Cadaver BearCat 40 Kind of like a Dark Heroes Uber, except Rare instead.
Quarterback Cat 30 Good Long Distance for 4♛, underrated.
Boomerang Cat Come on PONOS, at least give him curse to all traits.
Boulder Cat "Cringicci bad unit bad waifu bad husbando cringe cringe cringe stone cat is better" - Chalkosis, 2/21/2021.
Collab Plug Suit Shinji Black 20 Extremely low range.
Giraffe Unit-02 10 Surviving a lethal strike is the only thing going for him.
Asuka Cat 3 Just use Maximum the Fighter or Elemental Duelist.
Prince Yamato Just use Bullet Train.
Ryu Cat CC 10 Just use Bombercat.
Akuma Lion 30 Just use literally any other anti-Traitless.
Balrog Cat 3+1 Just use Cyborg or any other decent spammable area attacker.
Sagat Cat 3 Just use Sanzo.
Miku Cat CC 10 Why does she attack with a leek?
Luka Cat 3 Why does she hold a fish in her Evolved Form?

Super Rare Cats

Name Level Note(s) Talents
Regular Gacha Can Can Cat 48+2 Absolute epic gamer. 3/5 (Money Up, Attack Buff Lv.1, Move Speed Up Lv.7)
Sushi Cat 37+6 Very good Red enemy tanker. 1/5 (Resist Slow Lv.10)
Cyberpunk Cat 31+1 Endless slow. 1/5 (Slow Lv.5)
Octopus Cat 50+1 KOTATSU CAT? 0/5
iCat 30 Bores and Berserkories beware.
Fishman Cat 30+2 Should honestly be level 40 by now.
Luxury Bath Cat 30+1 King Dragon but for Red enemies.
Ultra Delinquent Cat 30+2 Good against Oldhorn and not much else.
Bodhisattva Cat Successfully pronounce the name of the Evolved Form without looking it up.
Juliet the Maiko 30+5 Mrs. Foreswing.
Pizza Cat 30+2 This is better than Seafarer, yes, I said it. 1/5 (Wave Attack Lv.8)
Slapstick Cats 35+2 Spammable area attacker for Relic enemies. Pretty good. 0/5
Catophone 30+2 I have never used this once before.
Seafarer Cat 37+3 Good for freezing Alien enemies due to high DPS and survivability.
Housewife Cat 30+2 Waiting for her talents. N/A
The Kitty of Liberty 30+6 100% chance to break barriers is no joke. 0/5
Medalist Cat 9+1 Probably should level her up more because I heard she was good. N/A
Neneko Variants Miss NENEKO 10 Sister Act.
Seaside Neneko 25 CyberFace stops existing.
New Year Neneko 20 Area Attack.
Grandon Mining Corps Power Cutter Cat 30 Good general rusher and is the best Grandon.
Power Backhoe Cat 10 Weird combination of abilities.
Power Saw Cat 30 Can basically solo Into the Future Ch. 1 Moon and is a very good general anti-Alien unit.
Crazed/Manic Manic Mohawk Cat The third go-to general meatshield other than Eraser and Manic Eraser.
Manic Eraser Cat 50 You all know who he is.
Manic Dark Cat 30 Looks the coolest out of the three.
Manic Macho Legs Great general wave unit. Not much more to be said here.
Manic Lion Cat So satisfying to use in Thorny Dialogue and The Sauna Crew.
Manic Flying Cat 40 Low range, but massive spammable DPS.
Manic Island Cat Broken.
Manic King Dragon 34 His True Form's description says he can do Critical Hits. Yes, I am not lying.
Manic Jamiera Cat 30 For Daboo.
Advent Drone Cat Not using until I get the True Form.
Cyclone Catyphoon 36 Makes Metal Doges return to the hell from whence they came.
Advent Bullet Train Cat 50 TRAIN
Golfer Cat 30 Is acquired from Queen B, and acts a little like Queen B.
Cyclone Soba Cat Misses often.
Collab First Officer Ritsuko 15 My only Evangelion Super Rare.

Uber Rare Cats

Name Level Note(s) Talents
The Dynamites Ultimate Lasvoss 16 Never getting this guy's True Form. N/A
Halloween Capsules Hallowindy, type α The last time I remembered using her was in Electrosafari.
Dragon Emperors God-Emperor Raiden 30 Probably my best specifically anti-Red Uber.
Ganglion the Unleashed Mafialion is god.
Ultra Souls Kachi-Kachi 1 Great. 0/5
The One-Hit Wonders 30 Amazing unit, debatably better than Kintaro in my eyes. N/A
Kinrangers GigaForce The Long Distance combined with multi-hit and slow against Angel enemies makes for a nasty combo.
Dark Heroes Ultimate Catman 30+1 He deserves the praise he gets. One of the old Ubers that still holds up today.
Section Chief Gravicci 30 What the Heavenly Tower Catfruit does to you.
The Almighties Almighty Chronos 30 Feels like only A+ but maybe that's just me. 0/5
Iron Legion Orbital Annihilator Ragnarok Fast attack rate but is also Mr. Foreswing. N/A
Subterra Sentinels 30+1 PONOS really out here giving him 600 more DPS and calling it a day.
Elemental Pixies Bazibastra 40 ★★BAZIBOISTRA★★ 0/5
Mizuririn ★★MEASLES★★
Aervanta ★★FLOOF★★ N/A
Evangelion First Strike Eva Unit-00 & Cat 30 Good wave blocker, I feel he is a bit underrated but that's probably just me.
NERV Moon 16 The last time I used him I think was in The Great Escaper.
Bikkuriman Gacha All-Powerful Super Zeus Up there with Pastry Cat in being one of the worst anti-everything units.
Street Fighter Gacha Chun-Li CC 30 Red anvil moment.
Zangief CC 20 He has dodge. That's it.
Hatsune Miku Gacha Hatsune Miku CC 16 Jack of all trades, master of none.
Girls & Monsters Sea Mistress Ruri Just use Roe.
Tales of the Nekoluga Kubilan Pasalan 10 Should probably True Form him soon for Koronium.
Air Busters Flight Unit R.E.I. 30 Actually really good against Floating in True Form. Other forms, not as much.
UBERFEST Kasli the Scourge 1 Posh trash normie tea drinker.
EPICFEST Kasli, Daughter of Chaos 50 Dark supremacy.

Legend Rare Cats

Name Level Note(s) Talents
Iron Legion Doom Engine Pandora 30 My first Legend Rare. He is excellent against any Zombie foes. N/A
Elemental Pixies Luminalia 30 ★★BEST★★

Favorite Cats

Name #
Lumina / Luminalia #1
Bora / Bazibon / Bazibastra #2
Mighty Kristul Muu / Doom Engine Pandora #3
Voli / Volta / Gigavolta #4
Kasli the Bane / Kasli, Daughter of Chaos #5
Ururun Wolf / Ururun Cat / Awakened Ururun #6
Mizli / Marinmizu / Mizuririn #7
Gravi / Gravolo #8
Dark Catman / Ultimate Catman #9
Ultra Delinquent Cat #10
Figure Skating Cats / Slapstick Cats #11
Manic Flying Cat #12
Catasaurus #13
Ganglion the Unleashed #14
Slime Cat #15

Most of the people in this category I consider to be friends and all of them I consider to be the best people on this wiki in my opinion.

All of the people in this category are some of the lesser known users on the wiki, but still deserve to be mentioned here, if not anywhere else.

Ordered from first priority to least priority as of now. These are only protaining to this wiki.


  • Update every enemy page with the most up-to-date Encounters format.
  • Add spritesheets to all relevant pages.


There are more, but the ones that are not in this mini tabber are unnecessary to put here.


They are the greatest.