(The dragons then ended up beneath the magma and towards the core of the
planet. But in spite of all the hardships, Raiden still showed signs of

Raiden:      "You cannot defeat me! I am eternal!"

(Raiden reacted with a destruction beam from his mouth towards the two
dragons. Quickly, they retaliated with their own beams; they all clashed with
each other, with the two parties trying to bring the other one down.)

Crazed Dragon:        (thinking to himself) "Just... hang... on!"

(Several ripples formed in the beams, sending Raiden over to the other side of
the core in defeat. He brought himself up, but before he could do anything,
several dragon spirits appeared around him, all glowing an eerie purple aura.)

Raiden:      "What is this?"

(The spirits then flew towards Raiden with no signs of letting him escape.)

Raiden:      (frightened) "Noooooo!!!"

(Collectively, they all pulled him into the core, presumably killing him. Not
long after, the snake tether vanished from the dragons' necks. In spite of
that, the core started to break apart with an intense white flash, with the
rest of the planet following in quick succession. Both dragons landed on the
surface of the core.)

Megidora:       (regretfully) "Crazed Dragon, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."
Crazed Dragon:        "Don't be. It's over now."
Megidora:       "So this is it...?"

(The planet continued to break apart. While Megidora felt as if she had to accept
the destruction, Crazed Dragon stood their with his eyes closed, recollecting his

FoeKoe:      (appears as a spirit behind Crazed Dragon) "Crazed Dragon, when a dragon dies, he
              does not truly leave this world. His spirit lives on, binding
              itself with nature, offering hope for the future..."

(Crazed Dragon opened his eyes, now determined to take the words to heart.)

Crazed Dragon:        "I know what I need to do. Just get out of here, Megidora."
Megidora:       "Crazed Dragon, no... You don't have to do anything. Let's just go."
Crazed Dragon:        "Where, Megidora? There'll be nothing left! The world is breaking
              apart. But I think I can stop it. I think I'm meant to."

(A long paused happened as Megidora absorbed Crazed Dragon's words.)

Megidora:       "Then I'm with you..."

(Crazed Dragon looked on at her hopefully, before hovering above the ground to
concentrate the last of his strength. Much like FoeKoe's sacrifice before, his
body glowed white.)

Megidora:       (echoed whisper) "I love you..."

(A surge of white energy came out from the planet's depths. It then
concentrated itself around the planet, pulling the pieces back together one by
one. Back on the surface of the planet, everything was shown to be a group of
floating islands for now, but everything shone in the red light of dusk, with 
light particles falling down nearby. Sparx, Hunter and the other three 
guardians looked on at the scene ahead, before looking up towards the stars,
where the constellation of a dragon can be clearly seen. And so, the world was 
saved. Cue end credits.)
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