In-Game Progress

Story Mode:

  • Completed EoC with all Treasures and Outbreaks.
  • Completed with all Treasures and only the Outbreaks from Ch.1 and Ch.2
  • Completed CotC Ch.1 and Ch.2 with all Treasures. Missing Treasures from Ch.3

Legend Stages:

Special Stages:

  • Defeated 7/7 Deadly Bosses.
    • Awakened 6/6 Cats.
  • Defeated 4/5 Merciless Bosses. Missing Everlord Wanwan.
  • Defeated 11/11 Cyclones.
    • Awakened 9/9 Cats.
  • Completed 3/3 Dual Fight Cyclone Stages.
  • Completed 1/3 Deadly Carnivals
  • Completed 6/6 Daily Stages.
    • Completed 5/5 Blitz Daily Stages.
  • Completed 8/8 Catfruit Guerrilla Stages.
  • Completed 4/4 XP Guerrilla Stages.
  • Completed 4/4 Cat Ticket Guerrilla Stages.
  • Completed 3/3 Materials Guerrilla Stages.
  • Defeated 9/9 Crazed Cats.
  • Defeated 9/9 Manic Cats.

Stories of Legend:

  • Completed 49/49 ★ Star Stages.
  • Completed 33/49 ★★ Star Stages.
  • Completed 31/49 ★★★ Star Stages.
  • Completed 21/46 ★★★★ Star Stages.
  • Recieved 5/5 Special Cats.

Uncanny Legends:

Stuck in Primitive Souls.

Cat Claw Dojo:

Current Score: 122831 Pts.

Favourite Stages

Eldritch Forces

One of the most unique stages on the entire game, including unique Boss, unique music, unique background and unique base look.

Unkept Promises

Can't do much here and it is the most energy wasting stage in Legend Stages but i like the mechanic of the stage.

An Elder Secret

A really good stage with a good mix of traited enemies. I use this stage to test my Ubers.

Color of Blood

I love using Eva Unit-02's True form here, she's just super destructive :3

Challenge Battle

Boring. But i use it to test my units' stats and to do stacks.

The Noble Tribe

Awesome stage, i love fighting those who i defeated earlier but came back at level 1200 (?) to take revenge.

Enemies I Hate The Most


1 KB + High Health + Weaken + Insane DPS + Revive Ability = This Monstrosity. It's just an extremely annoying enemy, specialy in Stories of Legend where it gets a very high buff and appears in swarms. It has too high stats for a peon.

Zir Zeal

For a zombie, it can destroy all of your cats in seconds with his extreme DPS and Freeze ability, combined with his long burry, he can make you lose very easily without the correct units.


First time, it wasn't a problem, but now it became a terrifying support enemy with huge damage. Being my Talented Pizza Cat the only one in my army that can take him down, i gonna time him very well to avoid him from being knockbacked (Pizza Cat's speed is slow enough for allowing Tackey to keep knocking him back) which turns him into a very dangerous enemy for me.

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