aka Big Brain Elephant

  • I live in In a Tropic Zone
  • My occupation is The Devourer of Cat Souls
  • I am A Big Brain Demon Elephant

Achievements in the Game

Beat Ch.3 of CotC

Beat all of 1-Star SoL

Beat all of 2-Star SoL

Beat all of 3-Star SoL

4-Starred SoL levels from "The Legend Begins all the way to "Ends of the Earth"(I beat all current 4-Star for 9.6)

Beat all the current Uncanny Legends Levels.

Got All Manics

Cleared Heavenly Tower

Got all Awakened Li'l Cats

Beat all Deadly Advent Stages and their Revenge Stages

Cleared Legend Quest

Cleared Baron Seal Strikes!!!

Cleared Big Brain Time!!!(Le'Grim Strikes!!!)

Beat the current Merciless Advents that have been released in English version(Still no Z-Onel and White Bakoo for EN coz PONOS is so late with Advents in EN)

Got all Awakened SoL Legends and got Slapstick Cats and Ultra Delinquent (Took a hell of a time farming for Elder Fruit but it's worth it.)

Some things about Me...

I am mostly dead to the wiki. (I shall rest in pepperonis)

If you judge it from my Username, I was from Clash Royale Wikia.

Stages/Levels I hate(Not in any order in particular)

Growing Strange: The Fact I can only beat the Black, Floating, and Zombie 2nd lvls make it difficult for me to farm Elder Catfruit. No longer a problem to me due to nerfs and me obtaining Chronos. Still hate it due to bad memories.

No Return Flights : I do not need to explain myself on this one.

Caliban's Keeper : Buffed R.Ost is always a pain to deal with for one who doesn't have Shadow Gao. Henry just makes it worse.

Leaky Tunnel : Stupid level with three Project A.s, some 200% Tackeys, and a Croakley. Doge Darks get in the way of your rushers. It's a joke once u got all Starred Alien Gem Treasures in CotC Chapters 1 and 2. But back when CotC Ch.2 wasn't out yet, this level was cancer.

Heaven's Oasis : Winged Pigge + Buffed R.Ost is cancer.

Boiling Spring: If you lack a strong Anti-Red Uber, then you'll be in for a bad time here. I literally struggled to beat this in 1-Star to 3-Star. I get Ice Cat after beating this 3-Star(RNG being a bitch to me)

Floor 34: RNG sometimes screws me.

March to Death: Clash of Steel + Daboo. Seriously, who's the drug user who designed this horseshit!?

Floor 43: You have no money so you have to use Rich Cat. Even that may not help you since Dread Bore just spawns so early, giving you little time to build a proc stack against it.

Floor 47: Fuck that stage

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