aka 4321nosrePmodnaRemoS

  • I live in Planet Earth
  • I was born on July 30
  • My occupation is existing
  • I am a person

May 9, 2020 - 100 edits (only 2 days away from 1 year on the wiki!)

Anyways, hello :)

Note: I’m becoming sort of inactive because school is back and the holidays are over :( so if you don’t see me on too often, it’s because I have a lot of homework >:(

My favorite pages

  • Any page that hasn’t been horribly mangled by some new user

My Battle Cats progress

  • Mid-game player (I might be late-game?)
  • Started June 2018
  • EoC all chapters complete with all superior treasures :D
  • ItF all chapters complete, chapter 1 21/48 treasures, chapter 2 20/48 treasures, chapter 3 27/48 treasures
  • CotC - Chapter 1 (Corona O_O)
  • Crazed Cats: 9/9
  • Manic Cats: 2/9
  • Li’l Cats True Form: 1/9
  • A lot of True Forms
  • Beaten Blitz XP, Weekend Stage and XP Megablitz
  • Has Kasa Jizo :)
  • XP still insufficient :^ I now have 8 million XP! Hooray

My Battle Cats Goals

  • Get Red Riding Mina
  • Get Cyberpunk Cat (COMPLETE!)
  • Beat Heavenly Tower Floor 16 (COMPLETE!)
  • Beat Heavenly Tower Floor 17 (COMPLETE!)
  • Beat Heavenly Tower Floor 18
  • Get all treasures from all chapters
  • Get Manic Eraser Cat

My other occupations/hobbies

  • Likes to draw
  • Likes to read
  • Likes to play video games
  • Likes to watch people play video games
  • Likes to eat chips
  • Hates mushrooms
  • Lives on Earth
  • Doodling
  • Gaining weight
  • Doing random things

Some interesting facts about me

  • I live on Planet Earth.
  • I have OCD for spelling mistakes, making the bed and how the chips should be arranged in the bowl.
  • I like my popcorn with no butter, heavy salt.
  • I have not watched Endgame because I got spoilers as soon as it came out :(
  • I like making super-long stick figure comics with my friend (One of which was just a person walking for 8 whole A5 pages)
  • I dislike new users who think they’re smarter than everyone else and they think that they’re the admins of the wiki
    • I was just about to launch into a rant about new users but oh well

Where you can find me on the internet

YouTube: here

My Discord: n55555#1128 (maybe i can’t remember)

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