• I live in The same place where carpet beetles do.
  • My occupation is Eating up your carpets.
  • I am Evil
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  • To add a pros and cons to every cat.
  • Make a strategy to defeat each enemy.
  • Show where you find each SoL enemy and show their magnification on that level.



Ya see all that stuff there well SCREW THAT IT'S TIME FOR ART!

All Treasures Cleared!!!

On Out of Despair in SoL chapters.
Kasa Jizo Attack Animation


#1 Goal as of now:

Draw a picture for every big contributor of this wiki: ACCOMPISHED

(May be forgetting some people)


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Ubers I have:

Megidora- So powerful: Pretty good range, great ability, and is getting a TF 10/10

Kamukura- Ehhhh: I think he's one of the best Dragon Emperors but for someone reason I don't like him...idk why 4/10

The Death Moon- Ok: Pretty meh for an ultra soul. It's ability isn't too great 5/10

Guardian Gamereon- One of my favorite ubers in the game. Tank'in for days 9/10

The Grateful Crane- I don't use him much but I think he has lots of potential 8/10

Akira- Haven't used him yet but he's getting a TF so that must mean something 6/10

Nekoluga- ITS A LUGA ?/10

Kubiluga- ITS A LUGA ?/10

Balaluga- ITS A LUGA ?/10

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