My progress(BCEN)

EoC: done

ITF: done

CotC: done


1 star: done

2 star: 43/49

3 star: 31/49

4 star: 21/49

UL: Battle in the Bath - Steamworks ltd.

Heavenly Tower: Done

Normals TF: 9/9

Crazeds: 9/9

Manics: 9/9

Li'ls: 9/9

Li'ls TF: 9/9

Cyclones: 10/10

Deadly Bosses: 7/7

Mercilless Bosses: 3/8

Rares: all from gacha except ones from collabs

Super rares: i don't have neneko variants and collabs super rares

Uber super rares: 31

Legend Rares: 2


stop playing on this account

EOC: Done

ITF: Done

COTC: Chapter 1

SOL: Jail break tunnel - The great escaper

UL: -

Heavenly Tower: Floor 14

Normals TF: 2/9

Crazeds: 7/9

Manics: 0/9

Lil's: 4/9

Li'ls TF: 0/9

Cyclones: 3/10

Deadly Bosses: 0/6

Ubers: 8

My Ubers


#-I don't like this uber

+- i like this uber

BCEN Ubers

Megidora # - My First Uber, I don't use it since beached mammals

Poseidon - He help me to beat all metal stages and zyclone

Tecoluga *+ - i don't use him anymore, but i still like him

Mekako - help me with ITF and some alien stages

Jizo + - My best spammable attacker, I use him almost always

Yukimura *+ - A. Bahamut v2

Raiden # - ehhhh..

Lesser Demon- overrated

Momotaro - better icat

Aer - The best barrier breaker imo

Armageddon - bootleg gao?

Windy * - Waifu

Aphrodite + - The best LD, 2nd waifu

Bora - Best elemental pixie imo

Shishilan *+ - My first GOOD anti-shockwave(musashi is shit imo)

Kai *+ - WAIFU, also my first tanky uber

Himeyuri - only good for combo(research L), also waifu

Urashima Taro - TANK

Sarukani+ - my first good zombie killer

Vigler - i don't think he have use on this part of game.

Cat Machine - i think i need his TF to make him uselful

Catman - I wanted him so yay

Ice Cat - idk what to think about her

Nekoluga - hmm....

Baby cat - another tanky uber

Archer - aphrodite v2

Warlock&Pierre - cheese

Kalisa - rusher

Kuu(rwa) - this joke is funny in polsih

Mami Tomoe+ - best waifu, not only in BC. It's just the best waifu. Another Aphrodite

Sayaka - meh

Homura - bomber cat is better

Babel# - Useless

Kyosaka Nanaho+ - one of the best critters

Eva 02 - Another Aphrodite

Eva 01+ - Great generalist

AAA Wunder# - MEH

Bikiniluga - Lmao

BCJP Ubers

Cosmo -





Kamukura - First uber that I GOT on this account, this account isn't mine, I just got it from someone

Ganglion - Gang of lions

Gilgamesh - 1 rare ticket



Stages I hate

10. No hope ranch - 2 m.ost is cancer

9. Procrastinator Parade - R.ost Spam

8. Multiversal Studios - i didn't have any good zombie killer

7. Learned to love - f*ck you h.nah

6. Feast of Betrayal - give me back my 90cf

5. False Resurrection - henry, mr. mole, angry dolphin, frog+li'l bun bun and ass ass in bear? this is cancer

4. Floor 40 - Yulala why

3. Panic Tower - Cadaver Bears are fucking zombie assasin bears

2. No return Flights - do I have to explain it?

I1I. An ancient curse - CYBERPUNK STACK - THE GAME

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