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The Haunted 1LDK/Pilaf Field

Ultimate examples of updating infoboxes for SoL/UL stages

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Legend Stages#Star Difficulty


Currently doing:

  • CotC: Removing pipes for enemies in infobox, pluralising battlegrounds, making reference better

My goals for editing currently are:

  • Update infoboxes/battlegrounds for every page (need to do Heavenly Tower, Catfruit/XP stages, Awakens stages)
  • Standardise all Stage Structures (layout of infobox, format of battlegrounds, all videos used are uploaded and in a table rather than a link)
  • Make sure all references go to the specific article of the page (especially for main chapters), apart from where broken like Toasty Turnpike and Pulling Hair

    (will do CotC next).

  • Fix all outdated classifications (will have to temporarily edit Template:Job with if statements)
  • Go to every single Collab and do stuff.

This is stuff I do for grammar/formatting that I write down for some reason.

  • Differentiating between the inverted comma and the apostrophe (’ and ' respectively). The former is for quotes etc. and the latter is for possession/contraction. I think this is more of a personal convention than a standard one, but it's not too difficult to understand.
  • Differentiating between the hyphen, minus sign, en dash, and em dash (-, −, – and — respectively). If you don't know which one to use look it up.
  • Making sure that i.e. and e.g. have the full stops between them and the first letter is capitalised if at the start of a sentence. Also, i.e. means "that is"—i.e. it gives a better/more specific explanation of something written down—and e.g. means "for example", which is something else of note.
  • In fact, just any point where you're abbreviating a word you should use a full stop, e.g. in A. Bahamut. An exception is when pluralising, e.g. Rain Ds instead of Rain D.s.

  • Format is * for the reference, without a space between the asterisk and the h.
  • Doing Ctrl+F and replacing every _ and %20 with a blank space (i.e. " "). Can't do replace all with _ in case of external links this would break.

  • These are the wiki users I consider the coolest (?)

    • Obviously all Mods/Admins because they wouldn't have gotten to their position without actively contributing to the community as a whole. Especially SnowyCeleste because she's Celeste. I think it would probably have taken years before anybody else on this wiki would even start to actually use tabbers if she hadn't.
    • God
    • JackTheArtist: Good editor, cool person.
    • HappyFacerPlayz: Epik gaemer. Also founder of the Battle Doges wiki.

    These users are those who are very notable, but aren't as prominent on the wiki as the Epic users

    If you see yourself on here, take it with a grain of salt. Or try and improve on the flaws I outline here.

    • SUPER4geditTANK: Doesn't seem to understand the concept of "If it ain't broke don't fix it". Has made some good edits, but they are the exception.
    • Agnunez: Makes edits that aren't really important and sometimes illegible.