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Hello, person!

This is my profile page, the below is about me.

About me

I am catguy the 1st a.k.a the cat general. I am here to learn more about battle cats! I am undercover from Cat God, for he hates this website as it brings out how easy it is to defeat him. And I am keeping how I use genetic mutation to create new cats to myself thank you.

I began playing battle cats on 16th May 2019.

My moto is "lets see some more effort, it makes you more attractive, show me what you've got.."

My aim is to get every cat in battle cats up to max level and help others.

And for some reason I quite like slime cat.

I like to true form cats even if they are terrible.

I believe that I am decent at the game, but not the best. But I don't uber carry.

My current friends are:

  • all of the below have earned a spot on this infamous wall of no fame
  • Lemoncakedude - helped me start off battle cats
  • Marcsalve - very nice friend
  • Despey - quite cheerful and funny
  • Momotarooo - helps a lot with levels
SmartSelect 20200520-134816 Chrome
  • Chalkosis - very smart about the legend stages
  • Notnoob - quite funny but gives useful advice
  • Argofox (Abluecellofficial)- likes to help me and is very fun
  • Mightyrekoncorps - very friendly
  • Okbattlecat- a fun enthusiast.
  • 7catsinmyroom - a positive person who managed to get crazed titan first out of the crazed cats...

My achievements on battle cats are:

  • Beating dark emperor nyandam with no ubers.
  • Having 13 ubers (1 true formed).
  • Finding another way to beat facing danger, sort of...
  • Having good luck with rare tickets.

Some of my favourite cats

  • Windy- first uber
  • Island cat - first true form
  • Buhamut cat -duh
  • Pirate cat - just very useful and helpful
  • Catalite- very good anti-alien
  • Aer- anti-alien uber
  • Ururun wolf- useful, probably worth doing that level.
  • Surfer cat - just brilliant.
  • Lasvoss - wow, does he have some abilities!

My Ubers are:

There are a total of 16:

  • Windy
  • Oda Nabunga
  • Nurse cat
  • Mighty bomburr
  • Hayabusa
  • Aer
  • Katchi-katchi
  • Momotaru
  • Date Masamune
  • Uesugi Kenshin
  • Raiden
  • Hatsune Miku
  • Mekako Saionj
  • Lasvoss
  • Kintaro
  • Sea maiden ruri

My least favourite enemies

  • Bore - just super annoying, as well as its other variants
  • R.ost - yet again, annoying
  • Ururun wolf- boss of my (no longer)current stage
  • Sir metal seal - feels like one of the 4 horsemen
  • Cyberhorn - like some sort of wall in battle which kills my army
  • Assassin bear- when you want to cry, and then he appears
  • Any black enemy- even though I have oda nabunga

If you see me around, please say hi!

Thank you for visiting my page! Just a quick note:

I'm reserving the name "the cat general " for me for when PvP comes out.

For more "inspiring" quotes, go here:

See you at the cat base.

The Cat general.

P.s font forget to add something to my message wall!


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