aka Fawf bro fawf fawfully doo bruh sa fbai

  • I live in your trash bin. Don't be afraid, I don't bite!
  • My occupation is Ruling the world with an iron fist...and chortles!
  • I am A gigantic loser who plays way too many video games.

Hey there, it's me, WhyDoIHaveToBeABean. But you can just call me Bean or Beanie. I just do whatever here.

Mighty Lord Gao appreciation post


he exist

Hi, it's Bean with Sham-Gao. Are traited enemies buttfucking you? Do you need an Uber than can output great damage against the enemies? Look no further, Gao has you covered. You can kiss those Shy Boys and Shadow Boxer Ks goodbye~ Now if only he had Zombie Killer...
He sit on chair

he s i t t

The enemies I hate the most (as of right now)

  • Winged Pigge
  • Mr. Mole
  • Henry
  • Othom
  • Practically every single Li'l True Form that exists (except Li'l Macho Legs. He's fine.)
  • R E L I C B U N - B U N
  • King Wah-Wah
  • Zombies (on our lawn)
  • Sir Metal Seal (I will obliterate the peanut-brained fuck that thought this level was a good idea.)


  • Empire of Cats: ALL TREASURE ACQUIRED!
  • Into the Future: ALL TREASURE ACQUIRED!
  • Cats of the Cosmos: ALL TREASURE ACQUIRED!

Why I hate the enemies I hate

  • R. Ost: Why the fuck does this long neck motherfucker have critical hits? WHY?!?
  • Winged Pigge: Calamary's destructive weaken ability with Omni-Strike...yeah, you can see why I hate this enemy.
  • Mr. Mole: 100% knockback with long distance ability. WHY?
  • Henry: Permanent freeze. Need I say more?
  • Li'l True Forms: These would be fine if not for the restrictions. I guess you could say that dealing with them was nothing short of chaos and calamity. Hah!
  • R E L I C B U N - B U N: -300~300 Omnistrike with huge DPS? DO NOT WANT!
  • King Wah-Wah: ewwwww, dumb restrictions, go away
  • Zombie enemies. general: Piss off, River Acheron.

Friends (People I like)

  • A Normal Zoge: Just a very cool dude in general
  • Ka$aJ1zo: He's the type of guy who's not only likable, but he also knows his shit
  • GoodyGamer: Very creative, his creativity shines in the Enemy Maker thread
  • Ionic777: Like Zoge, an awesome dude in general

To all of these people, I hope that whatever tough times may be plaguing you at the moment, you get through them with ease.

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