aka Yifei Song

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on May 12
  • I am Male
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A pair of wise muscular legs 1

Who Am I

  • A male adolescent. (extremely dangerous)
  • A Year 8 student.
  • A Chinese who lives in Australia.
  • A nerd (apparently).
  •  ?

My Current Battle Cats Level

Empire of Cats chapter 1: 48/48

Empire of Cats chapter 2: 48/48

Empire of Cats chapter 3: 48/48

Into the future chapter 1: 48/48

Into the future chapter 2: 48/48

Into the future chapter 3: 33/48 (completed)

SoL (1 star): At Least I'm a Cat

My cats:

My Goal for Wikia

Make a good start: 1 edit

Easy Peasy: 10 edits

So Lucky: 13 edits

Getting Harder: 50 edits

Got to Hundred: 100 edits

Half-a-Grand: 500 edits

Sounds Hard: 1000 edits

Christmas At Home: 1225 edits

Takes ages: 2016 edits

Possible?: 7777 edits

Destination: 9999 edits


  • Finished Challenge battle with a score of 871,371,361 (currently ranked 62 out of 65,558 players).
  • Eraser Cat seems rather useless for me. I managed to Utopia is Over There without him. I also cleared 8 crazed stages and 5 cyclone stages without him.
  • I got Majestic Zeus by spending a Rare Cat Ticket.
  • I finished many tough levels like Absolute Defence using Super Galaxy Cosmos + Hit-Box Glitch.
  • I have now finished all Crazed cat levels.
  • I have now finished all Cyclone stage except for Black Hole Rising.
  • Only beat Vulcanizer, Lots O'lions and Forest Beasts so far.

Gamatoto Quotes (Enjoy!)

  • Gamatoto grew wings and flew away while falling from 30,000 ft. (To fly or to fall...)
  • Gamatoto folded 1,000 origami cranes at the top of Mt Fuji.
  • Gamatoto built his dream home with a Hippoe.
  • Gamatoto discovered a lost city at a crowded street bazaar. (Everyone is blind.)
  • Gamatoto had his identity stolen on the edge of a cliff. (Most certainly Thief Cat is to be blamed.)
  • Gamatoto made a police report at the hair salon.
  • Gamatoto fell in love in the gym sauna. (...)
  • Gamatoto bought a puppy during a job interview. (get fired!)
  • Gamatoto stole a pen with a childhood friend. (Why don't I get the pen?!!!)
  • Gamatoto nearly drowned after meeting Moneko. (Is she that beautiful?)
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