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I’m only an early player plz no hate I’m trying to have a life plz

who hates doge dark a lot I hate them… also star ocean exist I’m mean these guys can get up to 60K hp

is there a peon that is that brutal on hp and damage is worse at 24K which peon dose that I hate so much

lets compare other doge peon firstly zoge 15K hp is nothing there too slow yes area but there a joke

not annoying just exist how about a other one like Gabriel or Angel doge yeah 13K hp with lots of knock backs and

it’s faster but the damage is lower yeah 2K damage is a joke but normally doge darks appear more in groups

now here’s “tips” that will help you against them

  1. pairs or cyborg. good range easily will keep them at bay but for me in stages like shrimp fonteir it’s long because of doge dark some times the are there to block you and I said how many knock backs are bad but Gabriel has to much and with less damage and with ramen in the beginning it makes it easier to get money. Doge darks some times will make you have to get more bigger attackers at the start because of there high damage for just a early game peon

Doge dark a piece of trash they have 2000 damage and 5K hp not bad right? WRONG it’s big amount of knock back and rebound attack makes me hate it a lot.