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Awesomepossum1211 Awesomepossum1211 16 August 2019

Evolution of Yukimura (Deadly)

Evolution of Yukimura (Deadly) is the only stage of The Fallen Angel. Beating this stage, players have a 30% chance to get Yukimura Cat

  • At the beginning of the battle, one Relic Doge spawns, 20 seconds later, another one spawns. After 50 seconds, another Relic Doge spawns, accompanied by Trolly Blogger. After that, one trolly blogger respawns infinitely every 30~50 seconds.
  • When the base is hit, Impassibilis Yukimura will spawn along with Kurosawah. 5 seconds after that, 3 ginger snache will spawn. After 10 seconds, 1 Brollow will appear and will respawn infinitely every 50 seconds.
  • If you take more than 30 minutes, 15 Gabriel will appear and will respawn every 40 seconds.

  • You need anti angel/Relic for this stage, because of the Impassibilis Y…

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Awesomepossum1211 Awesomepossum1211 16 August 2019

Impassibilis Yukimura (Relic/Angel)

This is not a official enemy

Impassibilis Yukimura is a enemy that appears in Evolution of Yukimura (Deadly)

  • Impassibilis Yukimura stays pretty safe against units. He can one shot a hypermaxed manic Eraser with one shot. Fortunately, he has 200 Knockbacks and 20s between attacks, so short ranged tanky units like Ramen cat enter his blind spot and destroy him (warning: his blind spot is very small)
  • Remember that this is a angel enemy, so forget about units like Shaman Cat as they will do no good. Instead, use Rodeo Cat (with talent) or other units like Ultra Delinquent Cat. Anti angel units like Acrobat Cats will also work. Just remeber, he has a small blind spot!

Yukimura has somehow been killed by a bun bun black, so his soul came back down t…

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Awesomepossum1211 Awesomepossum1211 15 June 2019

Enemies I hate the most

Hey there! These are enemies that I HATE the most.

  • 1 #10: Master A.
  • 2 #9: Gabriel
  • 3 #8: Le’boin
  • 4 #7: Angelic Gory
  • 5 #6: Ginger Snache
  • 6 #5: Bore
  • 7 #4: R.Ost
  • 8 #3: THE SLOTH
  • 9 #2: Angelic Sleipnir
  • 10 #1: SHADOW BOXER K
  • 11 Dark Otter

You’re probably wondering “why is he on this list” or “why is he THIS low”. Well, he has a TOTALLY underwhelming range of 451 (slightly higher than #3). This means he can reach your attackers easily. His attack and health isn’t THAT bad, but when he’s buffed, frick... Despite this, I usually use Oni Hayabusa against him, even though Master A’s range is 451 and Hayabusa’s range is 365. If Hayabusa dies, i’m fricked

You’re probably thinking “This isn’t hard, dumbhead, use common sense!”

Then, why do noobs still have to do this when they …

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Awesomepossum1211 Awesomepossum1211 28 April 2019

ZHE ZLOTH (Zombie)

ZHE ZLOTH doesn’t exist yet, and this is subject to change

ZHE ZLOTH (zuh-zloth) is a enemy that only appears in Uncanny legends

  • 1 Stats
  • 2 Enemy
  • 3 Strategy
  • 4 Trivia

Health: 500,000 Attack: 127,050 Knockbacks: 10 Time between attacks: 5.22 Type: Zombie Special abilities: Knockback, slow

ZHE ZLOTH is a very tanky variant of THE SLOTH, as it is able to obliterate various anti zombie units. Luckily, it has a very long time between attacks, plus it can’t burrow or revive, so use PROTECTED anti zombie units like Eva Unit-01 (Uber Rare Cat)]

Lineup: Jameria Cat, Metal Cat, zombie killer units such as Gardener Cat, and Eva Unit 01

Spam Metal cat until you get a knockback out of ZHE ZLOTH. After that, use your anti zombies and Jameria Cat, plus Eva Unit 01. But …

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