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Evolution of Yukimura (Deadly) is the only stage of The Fallen Angel. Beating this stage, players have a 30% chance to get Yukimura Cat


  • At the beginning of the battle, one Relic Doge spawns, 20 seconds later, another one spawns. After 50 seconds, another Relic Doge spawns, accompanied by Trolly Blogger. After that, one trolly blogger respawns infinitely every 30~50 seconds.
  • When the base is hit, Impassibilis Yukimura will spawn along with Kurosawah. 5 seconds after that, 3 ginger snache will spawn. After 10 seconds, 1 Brollow will appear and will respawn infinitely every 50 seconds.
  • If you take more than 30 minutes, 15 Gabriel will appear and will respawn every 40 seconds.


  • You need anti angel/Relic for this stage, because of the Impassibilis Yukimura. Kurosawah is not a threat if the player is prepared. Use 3-5 meatshields, Ramen, and Rodeo (with talents) and you are good to go. Stilts Cat (true form) can also help because it can knock away Yukimura easily.


This is the only basic Deadly boss level with Relic enemies