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This is not a official enemy

Impassibilis Yukimura is a enemy that appears in Evolution of Yukimura (Deadly)



  • Impassibilis Yukimura stays pretty safe against units. He can one shot a hypermaxed manic Eraser with one shot. Fortunately, he has 200 Knockbacks and 20s between attacks, so short ranged tanky units like Ramen cat enter his blind spot and destroy him (warning: his blind spot is very small)
  • Remember that this is a angel enemy, so forget about units like Shaman Cat as they will do no good. Instead, use Rodeo Cat (with talent) or other units like Ultra Delinquent Cat. Anti angel units like Acrobat Cats will also work. Just remeber, he has a small blind spot!


Yukimura has somehow been killed by a bun bun black, so his soul came back down to earth. Has a blind spot, but can Curse cats!

Impassibilis Yukimura
Health Attack Power Attack Range Attack Frequency Movement Speed Knockback Attack Animation
2,000,000 HP 80,000 damage 400 (Area Attack) 20s 35 200 times what does this even mean
Special Ability Attribute
Long Distance (Effective range: 200~400) 100% chance to curse cats for 20f Relic,Angel