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ZHE ZLOTH doesn’t exist yet, and this is subject to change

ZHE ZLOTH is a enemy that only appears in Uncanny legends

Yes, I made this


Health: 500,000 Attack: 127,050 Knockbacks: 10 Time between attacks: 5.22 Type: Zombie Special abilities: Knockback, slow


ZHE ZLOTH is a very tanky variant of THE SLOTH, as it is able to obliterate various anti zombie units. Luckily, it has a very long time between attacks, plus it can’t burrow or revive, so use PROTECTED anti zombie units like Eva Unit-01 (Uber Rare Cat)]


Lineup: Jameria Cat, Metal Cat, zombie killer units such as Gardener Cat, and Eva Unit 01

Spam Metal cat until you get a knockback out of ZHE ZLOTH. After that, use your anti zombies and Jameria Cat, plus Eva Unit 01. But whatever you do, KEEP ZHE ZLOTH AWAY FROM YOUR BASE AT ALL COSTS

I’m not careless, don’t use Bahamut as he will be easily killed


  • ZHE ZLOTH is currently the only zombie enemy that doesn’t burrow or revive
  • ZHE ZLOTH is similar to Big Sal (Zombie), slow speed, slow attack, but very high health and damage