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  • My occupation is I burn the candle at both ends; I think and be lazy. Such a hard life...
  • I am Nothing, but truly is anyone anything? Are we all just pawns in this mindless sociopathic game known as life? We may never know....
  • DukeOfDragonzz

    Jizo was alone in a ravaged city. It was the darkest, cloudiest, stormiest night yet to appear on this Earth. But the moonlight shone through the clouds, and it glimmered on Jizo's face, revealing his true determination. With every fiber of his being, he knew he had to complete his secret mission that he apparently has. It's so secret that even I don't know what it is.

    A Jizo's Tale!

    Part 1 of Who Knows if I'll make more of this?

    Jizo wandered through the once-prosperous city, looking at the ruins of buildings like, "A Bug's Death Exterminators", "Jurassic Pork", and especially the Thailand restaurant, "You Thai Now".

    Business names aside, Jizo heard a creepy laugh. He looked to his left, nothing there, nor to his right. The cackle sounded aga…

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  • DukeOfDragonzz

    Ignore this.

    April 19, 2016 by DukeOfDragonzz

    Do not go to visit these links

    For they will haunt your dreams

    These links, me thinks,

    As metal clinks,

    Will something something steams

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  • DukeOfDragonzz

    Hello. I have seen people making quizzes recently. And I thought I'd make one.

    No multiple choice. All are written. Type your answers in the comments!

    Just a warning: this quiz is very hard. The first few questions are easier, but they get harder. A lot harder.

    Question 1: What is the DPS of a Lv1 Greater Demon Cat?

    Question 2: In the Encyclopedia, what enemies are between Berserkory and Mr. Mole?

    Question 3: Name the combo that increases starting money using Crazed Axe.

    Question 4: What happens if you don't clear Moon 6 quick enough? Why is this bad?

    Question 5: Which item has the highest Cat Food Cost:Amount ratio?

    Here's the hard part.

    Question 6: Calculate the health of Bun Bun Black in 3-star Underground.

    Question 7: With no Cat Ticket stages, …

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  • DukeOfDragonzz

    Eyy pals. This just something I really wanted to do. What if the Battle Cats ACTUALLY EXISTED? That would be so cool. But it would be......


    So let's get started.

    So anyway, you just wake up, and you start brushing your teeth. It's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, but suddenly...

    You look outside and apparently a bunch of fat cats are just marching through your backyard. Why? Well, why not?

    You thought it was just that, but suddenly, there are a bunch of taller cats, cats with axes stuck in them, cats with highly disproportionate legs, and even cats that are apparently cows.

    Surprising? Yes, but even more surprising is that no one else really notices the "cat" legion marching across town.

    You are interested, …

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  • DukeOfDragonzz

    Hello fellow Battle Caters. I have beaten the new SoL chapter, and I have decided to rate the difficulties of them, and give you summaries. I'm basically the trailblazer.

    Here's how difficulties work:

    1: Don't need a strategy. Super easy. Ex: Earthshaker

    2: Very easy, but not the peak of easy. Ex: Catharsis' End

    3: Easy level, but still requires a strategy.

    4: Fairly easy.

    5: Moderate.

    6: Also moderate, but more leaning towards the hard side.

    7: Hard without a proper strategy.

    8: Not too many working strategies. Very hard.

    9: Extremely hard level. Very few good strategies. Satan's Bedroom

    10: The peak of challenging. Saint Red Fox

    So let's get started.

    Stage 1: Sunset's Howl Difficulty: 7

    Triple Berserkory. I had a rough time with it without a Rich Cat …

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