• PsychicCipher

    I had an idea of trying to create a new class of the original 9 cats, whose power could even surpass that of the Crazed Cats. This time, I focused on Literary and Mythopoetic references for a change.


    Agent Cat (Level 1 - 9)

    Smith Cat (Level 10 - 29)

    Neo Cat (Level 30+)


    - As fast as Crazed Cat (Manic Mohawk Cat in TF).

    - Deals 2x damage than Crazed Cat (Manic Mohawk Cat in TF).

    - Now has the ability to slow Non-Metal enemies for 1s with 10% chance (turned to freeze in TF).

    - Also has the new ability to knockback Non-Metal enemies for 10% chance.

    - Immune to Curse in True Form.

    - Now gains Area Attack.

    Tank Cat:

    Temple Cat (Level 1 - 9)

    Castle Cat (Level 10 - 29)

    Mausoleum Cat (Level 30+)


    - As fast and with high HP as Crazed Tank Cat (Manic …

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